f other friends, but she would not be so wary of this friend who had protected her since she was young.

Gao Wenwen was indeed thirsty.

Anyone who had not eaten or drunk for almost a day would be hungry and thirsty.

She gulped down the water.

As she drank, she smiled and said, “Girl, am I about to die? Otherwise, why do I feel that your water is so sweet? It tastes better than sugar!”

Gu Qingming fed Gao Wenwen water while guarding Lei Wenjun’s counterattack.

After hearing Gao Wenwen’s words, she said angrily, “You have a long life.
How can you die so easily?”

It was unknown if it was Gao Wenwen’s imagination or if it was the effect of drinking water.

She felt that as soon as she drank the water, the strength in her body slowly recovered.
Then, her consciousness seemed to gradually become clear.

Gao Wenwen was puzzled.

Did water have the effect of nourishing one’s spirit?

After Gu Qingming fed Gao Wenwen with the spiritual spring water, she felt more relieved.

She was terrified that Wenwen would die if she were late.
It would be useless for her to use the spiritual spring water then.

Now, after Gao Wenwen drank this water, as long as nothing unexpected happened, she would be fine.

She handed it to Gao Wenwen and said, “Alright, drink it yourself!”

Gao Wenwen was speechless.

Did Gu Mingming forget that she was an injured person? How could she let her drink it herself?

However, her gaze landed on Lei Wenjun, who had already gotten up from the ground.

Well, she shut up the next moment.

After Lei Wenjun got up from the ground, he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.
He looked at Gu Qingming and sneered.
“I, Lei Wenjun, have traversed the underworld for more than ten years.
I’ve been through a hail of bullets.
I didn’t expect it to fail in your hands today.
Hehe, very good, very good!”

Gu Qingming stood in front of Gao Wenwen with a cold aura.
She shot a sharp gaze at the other party and said coldly and mockingly, “This is your outcome for looking down on women!”

Lei Wenjun’s expression changed, becoming cold and emotionless.

He said coldly, “Hmph, I’ll tell you today that women are women.
Women are born to obey men.”

Then, he raised his head slightly and said coldly and arrogantly, “Hmph, you two women have aroused my interest.
I’ve taken a fancy to you two.”

“We sisters don’t like you!” Gu Qingming sized him up with disdain and said coldly, “You’re about to become a stray dog.
Hmph, you’re not worthy!”

“B*tch, looks like you won’t cry until you see the coffin.
Hmph, when I catch you later, you’ll know if I’m worthy!”

“Hmph, what an arrogant tone!” Gao Wenwen said mockingly.
“I’m not worthy of you.
What are you going to do?”

Gu Qingming was speechless.
Why was she scolding herself?

“Oh, is that so?” Lei Wenjun did not take it to heart.
Then, he slowly took out something from his pocket.

When Gu Qingming and Gao Wenwen saw this thing, their pupils could not help but constrict.
Their eyes widened in surprise.

“A gun?”

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