Money was not omnipotent, but it was impossible for one to live without money.

Lei Wenjun loved money to the extreme.
He used money to make his bed and pillow when he slept.
He slept with the pillow in his arms.

He engaged in such dark transactions to earn more money and build houses with it.

Hua San knew Lei Wenjun very well, so he used money to bait Lei Wenjun.

Hua San continued, “Brother, no matter how skilled this woman is, can she be better than you? Isn’t it easy to catch this woman behind you?”

Li Zhengming could not take it anymore.

He roared in fear and uneasiness, “Hua San, if you want to die, go ahead and die yourself.
Why do you have to drag us down with you? Even if Big Brother has skills, can he nab her in minutes? If we delay like this, we can just wait for the police to capture us.”

With the shameful deals they had made, their outcome would definitely not be good if they were caught.

He looked at Lei Wenjun and said anxiously, “Brother, let’s escape quickly.
This woman came over so casually and is blocking the door calmly.
She must be stalling for time.
We shouldn’t fall for her trap!”

Hua San’s mind was filled with hatred and resentment.
He simply wanted to capture Gu Qingming.

Hua San said, “Brother, we have an escape tool.
Even if we’re a little late, nothing will happen.”

Then, he scolded Li Zhengming angrily, “Mingzi, you usually look so mighty and brave.
Why are you dragging us down at the critical moment of earning money?”

Li Zhengming paced up and down anxiously.
He said, “I don’t want to argue with you.
Big Brother, our lives are more important.
Let’s escape quickly.
Although we have an escape tool, it is not an immortal artifact that can bring us away instantly.”

Lei Wenjun let his two subordinates argue.
There was no expression on his face.
He only shot a sharp gaze at Gu Qingming.

When they had an internal strife, Gu Qingming had been invisible at the side.

Just as Li Zhengming had said, she was stalling for time.

With her skills, she might be able to defeat them.

However, she was pregnant.
If it was possible, she would not touch him unless it was absolutely necessary.

Now that they had an argument, she would delay it for as long as possible.

Receiving Lei Wenjun’s sharp gaze, Gu Qingming raised her eyebrows and said with a disdainful smile, “You’re a big man, but you’re actually kidnapping women.
Aren’t you afraid that you won’t have any descendants in the future?!”

The moment she said it, it was infuriating.

Lei Wenjun was unmoved.
Li Zhengming was livid.

He said angrily, “B*tch, I think you’re tired of living.
How dare you scold my brother and say that he can’t have any descendants?”

Gu Qingming looked at him and snorted.
“Hmph, not only would I scold him for having no descendants, I also curse you for having no descendants!”

Li Zhengming was speechless.

Didn’t she have any other ways of insulting him?

Other than having no descendants, couldn’t she curse about other things?

Lei Wenjun glanced at Gu Qingming with his sharp eyes and said in a dignified manner, “Let’s go!”

Money was important, but life was even more important!

Hua San was dumbfounded.

Li Zhengming was pleased.

Hua San said anxiously, “Brother, are we leaving just like that? Are we letting this b*tch off just like that?”

Lei Wenjun’s sharp gaze swept past him, and then he said indifferently, “Escaping is more important!”

Hua San followed unwillingly.

However, before they could reach the house, they heard a tearing sound coming from inside.

This sound…

The three of them immediately had a bad feeling and rushed into the room.

When they saw the scene in the room, they felt dizzy.

They only had one thought: Oh no!

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