“Big Brother, let me catch this woman!” Li Zhengming looked at Gu Qingming’s beautiful face and was tempted!

It must be beautiful to hold such a beautiful woman in your arms.

What was even more beautiful was that they were playing a game of cat and mouse.
It must be very interesting to tease such a peerless beauty.

Lei Wenjun glanced at Li Zhengming with his sharp eyes.
He could tell what Li Zhengming was thinking at a glance.

He said, “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking.
Let me tell you, don’t think about all that nonsense.
Hurry up and get down to business.
Little San, go! You come with me!”

With that, the two of them returned to the room and prepared to escape.

Hua San looked at the seemingly frail woman in front of him and said with a smile, “Beauty, I advise you to be obedient to avoid physical pain.
Otherwise, if we really hit you, your soft and tender skin will hurt and my heart will ache.”

As he spoke, he walked towards Gu Qingming.

Gu Qingming was not in a hurry.
She sneered calmly and mocked, “Hmph, you’re a man with both hands and feet.
You don’t want to contribute to the country but you’re bullying a woman.
Aren’t you ashamed?”

“Hehe, there are so many people in the country.
There are many great people who have contributed to the country.
I’m just a small figure.
I won’t join in the fun.”

Hua San would not be angered at all.

He continued to approach and said with a smile, “I’m just a small fry.
My lifelong wish is to eat, drink, and have fun.
It’s enough to have a beauty by my side.
Beauty, why don’t you follow me in the future? I promise to treat you well.
If you want the stars and moon in the sky, I’ll pluck them for you.
How about that?”

Gu Qingming sized him up with her sharp gaze.
Then, she revealed a mocking expression and said disdainfully, “You think you’re worthy? Pfft! Even if all the men in the world are dead, I won’t follow you.
Stop dreaming!”

This time, Hua San was angered by Gu Qingming’s words.

He shouted angrily, “B*tch, you refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit! Hmph, in a while, I’ll make you beg for mercy under me!”

With that, he grabbed one of Gu Qingming’s arms.
Unexpectedly, just as he rushed over and was about to grab her, the other party quickly turned around and raised her leg to kick Hua San’s lower body fiercely.


Hua San was caught off guard and was kicked to the ground by Gu Qingming.
He covered his lower body with both hands.
His face was pale and covered in cold sweat.

He endured the pain and looked at Gu Qingming as if he wanted to eat her alive.

He roared at Gu Qingming, “B*tch!”

Gu Qingming shot him a sharp gaze and said coldly, “This is the consequence of looking down on women!”

With that, she raised her leg and kicked Hua San’s chest.

This time, Hua San was prepared.
Seeing her kick, he quickly took a few steps back and narrowly dodged Gu Qingming’s attack.

Hua San endured the pain in his injured area.
He arched his body and glared fiercely at Gu Qingming.
He shouted angrily, “B*tch, when I catch you, I’ll make you beg for mercy!”

He had been careless and underestimated this woman just now.

Now, he would never let this woman off!

After capturing this woman, he would definitely humiliate her ruthlessly.
After extorting money from her father, he would sell her.
Only then could he vent his hatred for the humiliation just now.

Gu Qingming stood in front of him with her arms crossed and said sharply, “That depends on whether you have the ability!”

With that, she took the initiative to attack Hua San!


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