88 Searching for Clues

“A fruit shop?” Lei Wenjun’s fierce face revealed a cold smile.
He said sharply, “Then do you know how big her fruit shop is?”

“How… how big?” Li Zhengming stuttered in panic.

“They have at least one branch in every city.
How many cities do you think there are in China?”

He only found out about it from a friend when he noticed that something was wrong.

“Ah… That big a scale?” Li Zhengming said in disbelief, “Is… Is she that rich?”

“Rich?” Lei Wenjun said coldly, “Then do you know who her father is?”

“Who… who is it?” Li Zhengming stuttered again.

The more he asked, the more nervous he became.

The more nervous he was, the more he stuttered!

“Gao Yang from Heng Yang Group!”

“The real estate tycoon of Sea City, Gao Yang?” Li Zhengming was shocked.

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“That’s right, it’s him!” Lei Wenjun snorted coldly.
“Hmph, only a rich and powerful person can attract the help of various forces.
But you guys didn’t even investigate the person’s identity and background before kidnapping her.
Have you lived too long?”

In their line of work, they would never attack people with status and background.
They were afraid that they would cause big trouble like now.

Lei Wenjun asked in confusion, “No, who asked you to kidnap Gao Yang’s daughter?”

At the mention of this, Li Zhengming said indignantly, “It’s Liu Tiancheng!”

“Liu Tiancheng?” Lei Wenjun was puzzled.
“Isn’t he in Pingyang County now? He said that he found a beautiful item and is waiting for an opportunity to make a move.
Then why did he ask you to kidnap her?”

Li Zhengming said, “Liu Tiancheng said that his business in Stoneback Village was robbed by this woman.
He wants us to teach her a lesson.”

“So, he asked you to teach her a lesson and you kidnapped her?” Lei Wenjun asked with a dark expression.

These incompetent and troublemaking fellows were really useless!

“Isn’t that so? Isn’t it the best lesson to kidnap her and…” Li Zhengming said with a puzzled expression, “This way, we can teach this woman a lesson and we can get money.
A beautiful woman like her must be worth more.”

In their line of work, money was the only thing they cared about.


Lei Wenjun gave Li Zhengming a tight slap on the face.
He immediately vomited blood.
Two of his teeth were covered in red blood, and half of his face was instantly swollen like a pig’s head.

It could be seen how ruthless Lei Wenjun was.

“Trash!” Lei Wenjun scolded angrily.
“Who asked you to act on your own? Do you know how much trouble you’ve brought us because of your actions!”

Li Zhengming did not dare to make a sound.
After being slapped to the ground, he quickly got up again.
He did not even dare to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth.
He was afraid.

However, Lei Wenjun was not appeased.
When he thought about how everyone outside was searching for this woman, he felt a wave of panic and anger.

Then, he kicked Li Zhengming’s waist with the same force.
Li Zhengming didn’t even dare to dodge and accepted the kick.

He was kicked to the ground and let out a muffled groan.

Lei Wenjun punched and kicked him to vent his anger.

The other person saw Li Zhengming curl up like a shrimp after being beaten by his boss.
He spat out blood from the corner of his mouth and his face turned pale.

He was afraid that Li Zhengming would be beaten to death, so he immediately advised, “Boss, I know you’re angry now, but it has already happened.
Even if you beat him to death, it’s useless.
The most important thing now is how can we extricate ourselves.”

Lei Wenjun, who was in a fit of anger, finally calmed down after venting his anger.

He kicked Li Zhengming’s leg again and said coldly, “I’ll let you off for now.
If you cause trouble for me again, I’ll feed you to the fish I’ve been raising in the river!”

“Thank you, Boss!” Enduring the pain in his body, he got up and knelt in front of him to thank him.

… .

“Big Brother, what should we do with this woman now?” Hua San asked.

“Hmph, what can we do?” Lei Wenjun snorted.
“The security ou there is so tight now.
We can’t bring anyone out at all!”

When he realized that something was wrong, he used a diversion tactic to throw the woman’s car and phone into the abandoned warehouse.

Then, they secretly brought her to this mountain village.

Of course, that was the suburbs.
They could not use gas transportation.
Otherwise, it would be easy to find them through these traces.

Gao Yang followed the police to Zhuji’s warehouse in the suburbs.

He heard the police say, “Mr.
Gao, your daughter was kidnapped by the kidnappers and stayed here.
However, the kidnappers were very good at counter-investigation.
They realized that something was wrong here and transferred your daughter away.”

Gao Yang’s heart tightened.
He frowned and asked anxiously, “Then where will they move her to? Can’t they find any other clues?”

“Other than the wheel marks left behind by the kidnappers and the phone, we can’t find any fingerprints here.
Therefore, we can only rely on footprints, but the other party is very cunning.
Their height and weight don’t match the footprints.”

“What do you mean?” Gao Yang took a deep breath, hiding his panic and anger.

“They’re cunning.
They’re wearing shoes that don’t match their feet.
Most importantly, they seem to have left in some special way, and without a trace!”

“How could this be? What kind of special method did they use to not leave any traces?” Gao Yang asked anxiously.

“Maybe they left in a hot air balloon!”

“Isn’t that a good lead?” Gao Yang asked.
“Doesn’t a private purchase of a hot air balloon require registration?”

Gao is right.
Perhaps this is a clue.
However, we suspect that since the kidnappers were able to use the hot air balloon to leave arrogantly, they might have bought it overseas or it might have been homemade.
Either way, it will increase the difficulty of our investigation.”

Hearing this, Gao Yang almost broke down.

If that was the case, how long would it take to find out?

With every little delay, his daughter would be in more danger.

… .

Gu Qingming was sitting in the car and communicating with the little fairy telepathically.

“Master, don’t be anxious.
Your friend will definitely be fine.” Feeling her master’s anxiety, the little fairy kept comforting her.

Gu Qingming said, “Little fairy, do you have any way to find Wenwen?”

The spatial fairy thought for a moment and said, “Yes, but it’s a little risky.”

Gu Qingming said, “As long as we can find Wenwen, we’ll take the risk!”

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