83 Targeted! (2)

In the private room of the restaurant, the conspiracy continued.

“We’ll carry out the plan.”

Cheng Ba’s suggestion was unanimously approved by his brothers.

When these people came out of the restaurant, they did not notice a black car parked in the corner.
Boss Liu looked at their backs and smiled.

“Boss, can these people really do it?” The driver asked.

Boss Liu sneered and mocked, “Don’t underestimate these hooligans, especially when they’re addicted to gambling.”

People who were addicted to gambling could do anything.
He was only providing these people with a shortcut.

“Let’s just go back and wait for the news.
There’s no need to pay attention to these people!”

The driver, Liu Xiaosan, said hesitantly, “Boss, the higher-ups are rushing us.
They’re asking about what kind of goods we have to trade?”

Liu Tiancheng said impatiently, “Let them wait.
This item is very valuable.
We have to wait patiently!”

“Alright, I understand!” Liu Sanshan replied.

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Then, the car drove away without attracting anyone’s attention.

Now that people’s living conditions were good, there were many people who had cars.
Who would pay attention to an ordinary black car?

… .

Just as Gu Qingming was about to rest and sleep, her phone rang.

“Wenwen, what’s wrong?” Gu Qingming asked in confusion.

On the other end of the phone, Gao Wenwen shouted anxiously, “Wretched girl, did you offend someone in your home?”

Who can I offend now?” Gu Qingming frowned and said in confusion.

“And you say no? Then why would anyone be prepared to kidnap you?”

As soon as she heard the news reported by her subordinates, Gao Wenwen was instantly furious at those bold bastards.
Then, she called Gu Qingming anxiously.

“Someone is preparing to kidnap me?” Gu Qingming was not surprised.

Forget it.
From tomorrow onwards, oh no, from now on, stay at your grandmother’s house and don’t go out,” Gao Wenwen instructed anxiously.
“I’ll rush to your place immediately.”

Hearing that Gao Wenwen was about to come over, Gu Qingming immediately stopped her.
“Wenwen, listen to me.
Don’t be anxious.
I’ll be fine!”

Gao Wenwen’s involvement was not in her plans.
It was also very dangerous.

She would not put Gao Wenwen in danger at all.

Gao Wenwen was worried about Gu Qingming and could not calm down.

She said anxiously, “Wretched girl, what are you talking about? Do you know how dangerous it is for you now? I’ll rush over immediately and arrange for a few bodyguards to protect you.
Don’t worry, I’ll hire two female bodyguards this time.”

Gu Qingming rubbed the space between her eyebrows and said, “Wenwen, you really don’t have to worry about me.
I know what to do.
Besides, if I really need a bodyguard, I’ll definitely get my own bodyguards to come over, right? My bodyguards are more familiar with me.”


Back then, she should not have asked Wenwen to monitor Boss Liu.

Now, the person monitoring him had probably suspected something was amiss.
That was why he reported to Gao Wenwen.

With Gao Wenwen’s fiery temperament, she would definitely not calm down and wait.

She had to appease Wenwen as soon as possible.

Gao Wenwen had never disregarded Gu Qingming’s safety.

Gao Wenwen said firmly, “Since you don’t want to use my bodyguards, quickly get your bodyguards to come over.
Otherwise, I’ll call Uncle Gu immediately.
Also, Gu Qingming, I don’t care what your plan is, but I have to go to your place!”


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