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To be honest, Gu Qingming was really curious about how lively this Market Day in the countryside was.

In the past, when she went shopping, she would go to shopping malls.
Even large shopping malls were also crowded, especially during holidays.
It was crowded and busy.

Of course, people like her mainly shopped at branded shops.

However, the men and women shopping in the mall had dressed up meticulously.
The women were beautiful, and the men were handsome.
When they walked on the streets, they looked good.

There was a certain distance between Stoneback Village and Shahe Town.

Although the cement road was built, the mountain road was relatively rugged.
It looked like the mountain road had eighteen turns.
Of course, these were small turns, not big ones.

The cement road had been built for a certain period of time.
Some parts of the road were worn and bumpy.

In the past, when traveling was inconvenient, they could only walk to Market Day.
This walk took more than half a day.

Now, the standard of living was better.
Basically, every family had a form of transportation, such as cars, motorcycles, or electric cars.
It didn’t take long for them to arrive.

Of course, these were all means of transportation for younger people.

Some elderly people did not know how to use these things.
They either walked or took the shuttle bus.

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This bus was only available on Market Day.
There was only one round trip a day.

In order to catch the bus, many people came early and strolled around.
After buying what they wanted, they rushed to catch the bus again.

In the past, it could be lively until 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

Now it was bustling until past ten in the morning.
There were not many people on the streets.

However, the people who set up stalls would not close their stalls so early.
As long as the items were not sold out, they would usually close their stalls later in the afternoon, while some would close in the evening.

Usually, the car ride could take more than ten minutes.

In order to take care of the pregnant Gu Qingming, Shi Yaoqing’s speed was a little slow.
That would take about half an hour.

Gu Qingming’s three uncles all had a form of transport, such as a tricycle.
Of course, there were definitely convenient motorcycles and electric cars at home.

Well, apart from the children and the two elders, everyone basically had a car.

Many people in their family had cars.
Their ability to spend on transportation made the villagers a little envious.

Gu Qingming was sitting in the car.
On both sides were her chaperones for the past few days, Shi Jiahao and Shi Junxuan.
They were each carried by their mother.

Grandmother was sitting in the front passenger seat.

The small car that the five of them were in was a little overloaded.
However, that was how they rode in the countryside.

“Auntie, haven’t you gone to Market Day before?” Little Junxuan asked curiously.

“Aunt, you’ve grown up.
You’re an adult now.
Why haven’t you been there before?” Little Jiahao asked in confusion.

They had been to Market Day countless times at such a young age.
It was unbelievable that their aunt, who was already so old, had not gone to Market Day.

The two brats looked at Gu Qingming with incredulous and pitiful expressions.

Gu Qingming was speechless.

Why did she receive waves of sympathy and pity from the two little radish heads every day after coming here?

The eldest sister-in-law hugged Shi Jiahao with both hands and said in amusement, “You smelly brat, what do you know? Your aunt has never been to Market Day before because the place she lives in isn’t like ours.
Aunt lives in a big city.
The mall in a big city is like a Market Day that takes place every day.”

Shi Jiahao seemed to understand and asked, “Is… is that so? Mom, what’s a mall? Why is it a Market Day there every day?”

Shi Junxuan also asked in confusion, “Why is there only a mall in the big city where Aunt lives? Can you buy toys in the mall and rides?”

Eldest Sister-in-law was speechless.

The children had too many questions and she could not handle them.

Ever since these two children could speak, they had a lot of questions.

Looking at his urine, he would ask, “Mom, is my urine made of water?”

“Mom, why are there stars in the sky?”

“Mom, why are we calling you Mom and not something else?”

“Mom, why are we eating?”

Eldest Sister-in-law and Third Sister-in-law were confronted with questions every day and almost broke down.

Sometimes, they wanted to go to the bookstore and buy an encyclopedia.
They wanted to read them immediately so that they could answer them.

However, the 100,000 answers in the book would probably result in another round of 100,000 questions.

Later, when the children asked why, they would try their best to answer what they knew.
What they could not answer, they would only try their best to let them study hard in the future and find the answers themselves.

Gu Qingming looked at her two little nephews’ cute appearances and couldn’t help but laugh.
“Sister-in-law, the children are really cute!”

The two nephews were sensible and obedient, but as children, they loved to play.
As long as it was fun, they could play for most of the day.

Half an hour later, they arrived in town.

The Shi family went to look for a parking place.

Not far from the town, there was a parking lot that used to be a driving school.
Later, after driving schools were regulated, that driving school was abolished and became a parking lot.

The moment Gu Qingming got out of the car, she noticed a small restaurant not far from the parking lot.

At the entrance of the restaurant, many people were huddled together and chatting.

Grandma took a look and said, “Someone is holding a wedding.”

This restaurant was quite famous in town.
The food was not bad.
Many people were willing to book here for their engagements and marriages.

“Oh!” Gu Qingming nodded.

However, after taking two steps, she noticed that the road there was not smooth.
It was really bumpy.
Moreover, there were many pedestrians and cars.
When they ran into other vehicles or pedestrians, they just had to negotiate with one another.

Gu Qingming did not mind.
She only frowned slightly and walked carefully to avoid bumping into others.

Gu Qingming was fair and beautiful, and she was tall.
As soon as she stood there, she was in stark contrast with these dark villagers.

In addition, her three sisters-in-law were not bad-looking.
With some light makeup, they looked out of place among these pedestrians.

The three aunts used the skincare products given by their sister-in-law.
Although they did not often put on makeup, they knew how to take care of their skin.
They looked fairer and younger than ordinary people of the same age.

When this group of people got out of the car and stood together, they immediately attracted the attention of other pedestrians.

“These people are so beautiful.
Are they from the city?”

In their impression, only the people in the city dressed up cleanly and beautifully.

“That girl is so beautiful.
Is she wearing makeup?”

They were referring to Gu Qingming.

“She must have put on makeup.
How can she be so fair and beautiful without makeup?”

The beautiful women they had seen had all put on makeup.

Moreover, Gu Qingming was so outstandingly beautiful.

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