Revenge (2)

“Since I can give it to you, I can also take it back!”

Lan Ruomei glared at Gu Qingming with a venomous.
Suddenly, she thought of something and laughed.

“Haha, Gu Qingming, have you forgotten that you’re married to Haotian now? As long as you don’t divorce Lin Haotian, so what if you’re the heir of the Gu Corporation? Lin Haotian is still your husband.”

She wanted to disgust Gu Qingming now.

Gu Qingming ignored her and looked at Lin Haotian.
She said coldly, “Lin Haotian, I’m definitely divorcing you.
It’s best if you’re willing to sign the papers.
If you’re not, don’t blame me for being rude.”

“No, I won’t divorce you!” Lin Haotian shook his head and said, “Gu Qingming, as long as I don’t agree to the divorce, you can’t force it!”

“Then try it!” Gu Qingming said fiercely.

Lin Haotian’s face turned pale.

However, Lan Ruomei continued to say in disgust, “Gu Qingming, everyone around knows that Haotian dotes on you.
The two of you are very kind to each other.
Even if you go to court, the court won’t sentence you to divorce.”

She counted on that.
In the past three years, Lin Haotian and Lan Ruomei have been too good at acting.

In front of everyone, Lin Haotian appeared to be a good husband who loved his wife very much.
After being married for so many years, he couldn’t even bear to let her wash dishes.
Usually, Lin Haotian would ask about her well-being.
If she had a headache or fever, her husband would immediately appear in front of her.

boxn ovel.

He was good in the hall and in the kitchen.
He was handsome and knew how to dote on his wife.
He was simply the ideal husband for all women.

Therefore, if Gu Qingming wanted to divorce Lin Haotian, most people would react by scolding Gu Qingming for not being content.

“Oh, is that so?” Gu Qingming’s voice was indifferent.
She didn’t take the matter to heart at all.

Then, she instructed the bodyguards, “Take off this woman’s clothes and pull her to the community square.
Let everyone see how shameless woman is.”

Lan Ruomei’s heart trembled.
Then she shouted in panic, “No, you can’t do that.
It’s illegal.”

Lin Haotian immediately stepped in front of Lan Ruomei and asked Gu Qingming with a serious and ugly expression, “Gu Qingming, you vicious woman, how can you do this? Are you trying to completely destroy Mei’er? Are you still human?”

Gu Qingming stared at Lin Haotian calmly for a moment, then smiled and said, “Oh, you’re wrong.
I’m not just trying to destroy her.
Take off their clothes and throw them on the street.
If you throw them in the neighborhood, don’t dirty the eyes of those uncles and aunties!”

Most of the uncles and aunties in the neighborhood were still very friendly to her.

“Yes, my lady!”

Lin Haotian and Lan Ruomei hugged each other tightly, revealing terrified expressions.

Lan Ruomei almost broke down.
“Gu Qingming, what right do you have to do this? What right do you have to do this? Haotian and I are clearly in love.
If it weren’t for you, we would be a married couple.
You’re the mistress!”

“Oh, you reminded me,” Gu Qingming said with a casual smile.
“No matter how much you two loved each other in the past or how much you like each other now, the name on the spouse column is me, Gu Qingming, the first wife.
So, you’re the mistress now.
Shouldn’t a mistress be taught a lesson for being so arrogant?”

“Oh, and you.
Since you love her so much, go through thick and thin together.
I believe the two of you will love each other even more in the future.
A scumbag and a slut are a perfect match! Do it!”

Her instructions were sharp and decisive!

“Ah, let go.
Gu Qingming, you will die a horrible death.
You will definitely suffer retribution!”

“Gu Qingming, you bitch!”

… .

Lan Ruomei and Lin Haotian had already been pulled onto the busy street by the two bodyguards, who quickly took off their clothes and threw them onto the street.

A bodyguard looked at everyone and said, “This man is my eldest lady’s husband, and this woman is a mistress.
Not only were they caught in the act by my lady, but they were also secretly plotting to harm my lady.
Therefore, we’re teaching them a lesson!”

With that, one of the bodyguards took out a video recording.

They were doing this for Gu Qingming’s reputation, of course.

From today onwards, Gu Qingming would return to the Gu family and inherit the Gu Corporation.

As the future head of the Gu Corporation, any action would be closely associated with the Gu Corporation.

“Damn you, mistress!” a woman shouted angrily.

“A mistress should be hated by everyone!”

“A homewrecker, dammit!”

“And this scumbag.
He’s really disgusting.
She didn’t even marry him in disdain, but he’s secretly scheming for her assets!”

Vegetable leaves and rotten eggs were thrown at the two of them.

The two of them hugged each other, furious but embarrassed!

Gu Qingming looked at the crowd for a while before turning to leave.

A moment later her phone rang.

She picked up the phone and looked at it.
The tears she had been holding back instantly flowed.

She put the phone to her ear, her voice trembling with longing and guilt.

After a moment of silence, the other man said, “Come back, child.
Your mother misses you!”

“Boohoo… Daddy…”

Gu Qingming held the phone as she walked.

That was when her pupils contracted.

A four- or five-year-old kid went to pick up a ball in the middle of the road.
A small car pulled up.

Without thinking, Gu Qingming rushed forward and pushed the child to the side.



“Ah, I bumped into someone!”

There was a crash and a screech of brakes.
People shouted and quickly intertwined.
There was chaos!

A cell phone lay quietly on the road.

There was also an anxious and frightened voice.

“Child, baby, what’s wrong? Say something.”

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