78 Market Day

Three days passed in a flash.

After Gu Qingming left Gao Wenwen, she had been wandering around the village for the past three days.
Her two little nephews accompanied her, and she had a cousin as her bodyguard every day.

On the way, Gu Qingming met the villagers who greeted them with a smile again.

“Little Gu, where do you want to go again?”

Gu Qingming smiled and said, “I want to go to the pond to pick a few lotus pods to eat!”

Fresh-baked lotus seedpods were crispy and sweet to eat.
She liked the taste.

She looked at the woman who was obviously wearing new clothes.
She was holding a basket with some eggs in it and asked curiously, “Auntie, what are you going to do?”

The auntie smiled and said, “Oh, I’m going to Market Day! The chicken at home has laid a few eggs.
We have to sell them quickly.
Otherwise, the weather will be too hot.
It will probably spoil after a few days.”

“Market Day?” Gu Qingming looked at her third brother in confusion.
“Third Brother, what is Market Day?”

“Market Day is like a marketplace.
The entire Shahe Town’s village is selling their own things or buying things on this day!” Shi Yaoqing said, “Many people in the countryside trade on Market Day.”

Then, Shi Yaoqing continued to explain, “Markey Day happens on specific dates.
Shahe Town’s Market Day is the 2nd, 5th, and 8th day of the lunar calendar.
There are 9 days dedicated to Market Day each month.
Take Huping Town next door for example.
The Market Day there is on 1st, 4th, 7th, and…”

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Gu Qingming’s eyes lit up.

She asked curiously and in surprise, “Third Brother, is Market Day fun? I want to take a look!”

Shi Yaoqing looked at his younger sister, who oved cleanliness, and said truthfully, “It’s fun and lively on Market Day, but some lively places are very dirty, and there are many people.
Can you stand it?”

Shi Yaoqing looked at Gu Qingming skeptically, then looked up at the sun in the sky and continued, “Besides, the weather is very hot.
you can smell others around you.
Can you tolerate this?”

Hearing Third Brother’s words, Gu Qingming’s expression immediately became hesitant.

Although she was not a clean freak, she still loved cleanliness.
She could not stand the smell of people, especially their odor after sweating.
It was simply unbearable.

The two nephews looked at Gu Qingming’s hesitant expression and their eyes darted around.

Shi Junxuan said, “Auntie, you don’t know, but it’s very fun during Market Day.
There are so many people and so many toys!”

“Yes, Aunt.
We want to go to Market Day.
Take us there.”

“You two little brats!” Shi Yaoqing gave them a knock on the head and said speechlessly, “You instigated your aunt to go to the Market Day, but in fact, you wanted to go and play.”

Shi Junxuan stuck out his tongue and said with a smile, “Third Uncle, there are many toys in the milk powder shop.
There’s also a rocking car ride to play with.
Take us there.”

Shi Jiahao also argued, “I want to go to Market Day, I want to go to Market Day.
There’s a rocking car there, I want to ride it!”

It was the nature of children to seek play; they couldn’t help but make a fuss.

The milk powder shop in town had many toys and rides.
They were very attractive to children.

“Aunt, can you take us there?” Shi Jiahao blinked and looked at Gu Qingming expectantly.

Seeing such a gaze, Gu Qingming nodded and said, “Alright, Aunt will bring you to Market Day!”

She just wanted to take a look.
If she really couldn’t take it anymore, she could just come back.

Shi Yaoqing listened to Gu Qingming’s decision and thought for a moment before nodding.
“Alright, let’s go to Market Day.
However, I’ll call Second Brother and Third Brother over and go together!”

They would never forget that their cousin wanted to use herself as bait to lure Boss Liu out.

His cousin had already asked her friend to snatch Boss Liu’s business.
They did not know if Boss Liu would choose to take revenge or when he would take revenge.
These were not things they could gamble on.

Therefore, they had to be careful wherever they went.
They had to follow her to ensure her safety!

Shi Yaoqing thought about it again and made a call.
He called his eldest sister-in-law, second sister-in-law, and fourth sister-in-law over.
If they went with him, the men would not need to tag along.

The more the merrier.
As long as they took care of each other, it would be difficult for the bad guys to attack.

Besides, there were people coming and going everywhere on Market Day.
As long as they did not walk in too remote a place, safety was not a problem.

“Ah, Mingming is going to Market Day? That’s good.
Let’s go together!”

The three sisters-in-law also tidied themselves up.
They were wearing beautiful clothes and light makeup.

The three daughters-in-law of the Shi family had a good foundation and were beautiful.
When they dressed up, their charm was obvious.

Previously, they looked like ordinary farmers’ wives.
Now, they looked like city girls.
They were fashionable and beautiful.
When they walked on the road, the number of heads turning was quite high.

Now, with the addition of Gu Qingming, who did not need to dress up to look beautiful and eye-catching, it was simply a 100% turnout.

Third Sister-in-law looked at Gu Qingming and said enviously, “Sister, you’re really beautiful.
You’re just casually dressed, but you can attract people’s attention at a glance.”

“Sister is beautiful, to begin with.
When she stands with us, we’ll become foils!” The eldest sister-in-law covered her smile and said, “No matter how we dress up, we can’t compare to you.
When we walk with you, we feel a little inferior.”

Her sister-in-law said this casually and did not have any bad intentions.

Second Sister-in-law also smiled and echoed, “Haha, now that Sister-in-law has said so, I don’t even dare to shop together with Sister.”

Third Sister-in-law entered after her.
She was curious and respectful to Gu Qingming, her sister-in-law.

At the moment, she still couldn’t let go and joke with Gu Qingming.

However, she still said, “Sister is even prettier than the famous celebrities on television.”

At this moment, Eldest Aunt came over and asked, “Are you guys not done yet? Come, let’s go together.”

The aunts heard from the two children that Gu Qingming wanted to go to Market Day.
They thought about it.
This was the first time Gu Qingming had come to such a rural place, so they wanted to accompany the children.

Besides, the more the merrier.
They planned to shop together.

Eldest Sister-in-law smiled and asked, “Mom, are you going to Market Day too?”

“Yes, let’s go together.
Your second aunt, third aunt, and your grandmother will go together!” Eldest Aunt smiled and said, “It’s more lively with more people.”

The three sisters-in-law were instantly happy.
They said, “Alright, the more people there are, the more fun it will be!”

Eldest Aunt nodded and said, “Our women have been busy recently.
It’s been a long time since we went to Market Day together.
This time, we can eat whatever we want and buy whatever we want! We don’t have to worry about anything!”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Ming’er, it will be crowded.
When you’re on the streets, you must be with your sisters-in-law.
Don’t get separated,” Eldest Aunt instructed.

“Yes, I understand, Aunt!” Gu Qingming replied.


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