76 Got It, Nosey-Parker

Gu Qingming had tears welling up in her eyes.
So, this was what it felt like to be truly best friends.
This was completely different from the friendship that Lan Ruomei had schemed against.

No wonder Gao Wenwen had never liked Lan Ruomei.

“Thank you, Wenwen!” Gu Qingming was very touched.
She stared at Gao Wenwen seriously and said, “Speaking of which, you’re only three months younger than me.
Don’t you want to have a boyfriend?”

Gao Wenwen’s eyes flashed, then she said without conviction, “Who says there are no boyfriends? I’ll show you how many boyfriends there are on my phone.
Don’t worry about me.”

Gu Qingming said incredulously, “So, are you planning to cheat?”

Gao Wenwen said guiltily.
“Who said I was going to be two-timing? I just haven’t locked onto a target yet.”

Gu Qingming rubbed her glabella and advised, “Wenwen, don’t always flirt with those unmarried men and women.
Be careful not to get into trouble.”

How many men could resist such a beautiful girl like Wenwen?

She was really worried that one day when Wenwen disappeared, she would be kidnapped and imprisoned by one of the men she had flirted with.

Gao Wenwen shrugged and said indifferently, “I’ve blocked and deleted those who can’t be flirted with.”

She just liked to flirt with handsome men, but she didn’t like to date them.

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Her ideal love was like Zixia Fairy.

My lover is a peerless hero.
One day, he will marry me in golden armor under the gaze of everyone.

Gu Qingming recalled her previous life.
When Gao Wenwen severed ties with her, had she ever dated any man?

But now that she thought about it, it seemed that after cutting ties with Wenwen in her previous life, she had no information about her at all.

In an instant, Gu Qingming felt so regretful that she wanted to slap herself twice.

She regretted it countless times.

For such an ulterior motive, she really disowned her family.

“Hey, girl, what kind of expression is that?” Seeing the regretful expression on Gu Qingming’s face, Gao Wenwen was immediately shocked.
“Is it really such a blow to you that I don’t date?”

“Pfft!” Gu Qingming smiled through her tears and said, “Damn you.
I’m just thinking about something.”

Gao Wenwen patted his chest and said dangerously, “I thought you were going to force me into a relationship.
You scared me to death!”

She was now focused on her career and flirting with handsome men.

She didn’t want to be bound to a man.
How boring would that be?

The two of them chatted for a while before Gao Wenwen’s phone suddenly rang.

After Gao Wenwen picked up the phone, her expression was a little serious.

After the call ended, she asked cautiously, “Girl, who exactly is the person you asked me to send someone to monitor?”

Gu Qingming frowned slightly and asked in confusion, “What’s wrong? Is there a situation?”

She planned to be the bait and let Boss Liu hook her.
But she was not a god and did not know how to plan.

She had to protect her personal safety.

Before informing Gao Wenwen to come to Stoneback Village, she asked her to bring two people over to monitor someone.

Therefore, what Boss Liu did not know was that as soon as he left Stoneback Village, he was being monitored.

The person who was calling Gao Wenwen now was one of the people who had been sent to monitor Boss Liu.

Gao Wenwen frowned and said, “There’s nothing wrong now.
It’s just that after leaving here, they went straight to Pingyang County.
Then that person treated his lackeys to the most famous restaurant in the county and took them to the KTV.”

She looked at Gu Qingming suspiciously and asked, “Girl, tell me, who is the person you wanted to monitor?”

Gu Qingming smiled and said, “It’s just a watermelon vendor!”

She didn’t want Gao Wenwen to worry now.
She had no intention of revealing her plan.

If Gao Wenwen found out, she would definitely not let her do this.

It was more likely that Gao Wenwen would vie to do it in her place.

But it was more dangerous for Gao Wenwen to stand in for her.
She wasn’t sure if Gao Wenwen had any life-saving methods.

Gao Wenwen stared at Gu Qingming in disbelief.
She sized her up sharply and shouted coldly, “Gu Qingming, how can I not understand you? It’s absolutely impossible for you to monitor someone all of a sudden.
I advise you to tell me the truth.
Otherwise, I’ll personally meet that person.”

Gu Qingming’s pupils were constricted.

Gao Wenwen was a stubborn person like her.

She had to do what she had to do.

So she had to know what she wanted to know.

Otherwise, she would do as she said!

Gu Qingming said helplessly, “Alright.
Let me tell you, I suspect that Boss Liu is a human trafficker.
He goes to the countryside every year to buy watermelons.
But his goal is to find a target.”

Gao Wenwen looked shocked.
“How is that possible? Are you sure? Did you call the police?”

Gu Qingming shook her head and said, “I’ve already called the police.
The higher-ups will send the relevant staff to investigate.”

Gao Wenwen frowned and was a little puzzled.
“Since you’ve already called the police, we’ll just leave everything to the police.
Why are you still monitoring him?”

Gu Qingming said, “I suspect he has many accomplices.
If we don’t monitor him now, what if he escapes?”

Gao Wenwen nodded.
“That’s true!”

At this point, she looked out of the window at the stars in the sky and continued, “None of these criminals can escape!”

When some vicious villains took revenge, they were inhumane and extremely cruel.

Because they were rich, they had been targeted by kidnappers since they were young.

How many times had they fought the kidnappers?

How many times had they brushed past death?

Gao Wenwen turned to look at Gu Qingming.
Her beautiful eyes narrowed as she instructed, “Gu Qingming, you can’t do anything dangerous, understand?”

“Got it, nosey parker!” Gu Qingming said with a smile.

The two best friends from childhood seemed to have endless things to say.

Unknowingly, it was already midnight.

The pregnant Gu Qingming was already sleepy.

Gao Wenwen saw this and said, “If you’re tired, go to sleep?”

“What about you? You’re not staying here for the night?” Gu Qingming asked.

“No.” Gao Wenwen shook his head and said, “I have to transport these watermelons back early and do another spot check.
After that, I’ll distribute these watermelons.”

When it came to fruits, it was a case of the fresher the better.

Watermelons that were fresh were sweet, crisp, and juicy!

Gu Qingming said, “You’re still talking about me.
You have to rest well too.
When girls run around all the time and stay up late, not only will they easily age, but it will also affect their health! If you can leave work to others, leave it to others.
Otherwise, why would you hire them with a high salary?”

Gao Wenwen smiled and said, “I understand, nosey parker! I’ll take note in the future!”

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