74 Little Farce! (3)

When Shi Zuoliang heard these villagers’ words, his face turned green, red, and white from anger.

He was a lazy person.
How could he do something like picking watermelons to sell?

If anyone wanted to sell them, it should be his wife and child!

However, now that there was a boss who bought watermelons at a high price, he didn’t know if there would be a better opportunity for ripping her off.

It was the same for the people in the village.
This Gao Wenwen was clearly an outsider.
He was the one who lived in the village.

They were all siding with an outsider.

What good would it do them if he couldn’t sell his watermelons?

All they knew was to accuse him.

Hmph, his watermelons.
Gao Wenwen must accept it, or else…

Yes, what else would he do? Throwing a tantrum and rolling around, begging for retribution?

He couldn’t do it as a man, but he still had a wife at home.

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Shi Zuoliang straightened his neck and said loudly, “Do you want to see me suffer? What’s wrong with me begging others to collect watermelons now? Is that wrong?”

Then, he gave his wife a look.

The woman received her husband’s hint and avoided eye contact.
She couldn’t bring herself to do such an embarrassing thing.
Usually, she was meek and rarely spoke to anyone.

Shi Zuoliang lowered his head and said into her ear, “Think about it.
Our son is almost 30 years old and hasn’t gotten married yet.
Why? Isn’t it because he doesn’t have money? If we sell these watermelons, we will definitely have some money.
There will be some money for me to drink and play cards and some for you to save for your son to get married in the future!”

A mother should be firm!

Thinking of his son who was still unable to get a wife at the age of 30, Yuan Chunhua gritted her teeth and knelt down in front of Gao Wenwen.

“Boss Gao, can you just take our watermelons? My son is already in his thirties and hasn’t gotten married yet.
My parents-in-law are extremely anxious.
Just take it that you pity our family and take the watermelons in our fields, okay?”

Be it Gao Wenwen, Gu Qingming, or the villagers of Stoneback Village, they were all shocked by the actions of Shi Zuoliang’s wife.

Seeing this, Gu Qingming’s grandfather and three uncles immediately stood in front of the two girls.

Shi Lichun frowned tightly and suppressed his anger.
He asked coldly, “Yuan Chunhua, what are you doing? Are you trying to force a child?”

Shi Tietou also said with an extremely ugly expression, “Shi Zuoliang, I told you, with me around, don’t think about pestering a little girl.
Yuan Chunhua, you usually seem sensible and honest.
I didn’t expect you to actually do something to force a child.”

Yuan Chunhua wiped her tears and cried, “Uncle, I have no choice.
If Boss Gao doesn’t accept my watermelons, my watermelons will be useless.
My child is already 30 years old and hasn’t married yet.
I’m anxious.”

After saying that, she kowtowed in Gao Wenwen’s direction and said, “Boss Gao, you’re beautiful and must be kind-hearted.
Just take it that you pity my family and take our watermelons.
Our family doesn’t have many watermelons.
It’s really not much.
For you, it’s just a little money.”

The Shi family were so angry that their faces turned ashen.

If it had been a man, they would have stepped forward and beaten him up.

They had never seen such a shameless person who treated others as fools.

Shi Zuoliang was a scoundrel.
Yuan Chunhua was usually honest and kept to herself.
Unexpectedly, she did not even care about her dignity for the sake of money.
She seemed even worse than Shi Zuoliang.

No wonder they said that if people weren’t family, they wouldn’t enter the same house.

In their case, one scoundrel had entered the house of another!

“Ming’er, take Wenwen home first.
Let us deal with this!”

Shi Tietou looked at Gu Qingming.

Gu Qingming nodded and said, “Alright.
Wenwen, let’s go!”

It was more convenient for the people in the village to deal with them.

Gao Wenwen nodded.
“Okay, let’s go.”

However, after taking two steps, she frowned and thought for a moment before walking up to Yuan Chunhua.

Her expression was cold as she said indifferently, “Auntie, I also sympathize with your family’s situation.
After all, your son is 30 years old and hasn’t married.
I can understand your anxiety.

“But, Auntie, I didn’t cause your family’s suffering.”

“So, I won’t be this sucker.
It’s impossible for me to pay for your family.”

“I can’t possibly want your watermelons.
Even if I donate money to send children to school in poor mountainous areas, it’s impossible for me to pity your poverty because you’re lazy!”

With that, she looked at the watermelons in Shi Zuoliang’s field.

Then, she said, “Auntie, if you really want your watermelons to sell for some money, listen to the villagers and choose a few good watermelons to sell in the town or county.”

Yuan Chunhua was stunned by Gao Wenwen’s words.

Then, Gao Wenwen said to Shi Zuoliang, “Uncle, I’m not a fool or a philanthropist.
I’m just a businesswoman.”

“People in business have always been particular about benefits! I can’t make an exception and accept your watermelons just because your family is poor and suffering and your son is unable to get married.”

She paused and narrowed her beautiful big eyes.
Then she said,

“You wouldn’t know that my dozens of tons of watermelons were all wasted because two or three of them were detected as substandard.
Dozens of tons of watermelons are worth millions.”

“If I accepted your watermelons because I pity and sympathize with you, I could spend millions to pay the bill.”

“Integrity is what we emphasize in business! I have to be responsible to every client!”


Many people were shocked when they heard Gao Wenwen’s words!

Dozens of tons of watermelons were all wasted because of a few substandard watermelons.
Was it that serious?

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