68 The Villagers’ Discussion

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the weather was still hot!

The farmers could go out and work at this time.

All the melon farmers in Stoneback Village were looking forward to it and waiting in the melon field.

They all hoped that their watermelons could really be sold for a good price.

At least a higher price than 35 cents!

“It’s so late.
Don’t tell me the boss who bought the watermelons isn’t coming?”

“I don’t think so!” Shi Bangliang said confidently.
“I heard that Shi Lichun’s niece is a businesswoman.
A businessman needs to be honest!”

“But the problem is that she’s not buying the watermelons.
She’s saying that her friend is buying them!”

“If she said that, it means she believes in her friend.”

“What if that watermelon boss doesn’t want our watermelons?” A watermelon farmer said worriedly, “We just offended Boss Liu not long ago.”

As soon as he said this, the villagers with watermelons at home were immediately worried.

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This worry immediately made them a little short-tempered.

“What can we do? We’ll definitely sell it to Shi Lichun.
Who asked his niece to promise others randomly?”

“Shi Zuoliang, you have to speak with your conscience!” Someone immediately retorted.
“She said that as long as your watermelons are delicious, she will definitely accept them.
It’s normal for them to look down on the crooked watermelons in your fields.”

Shi Zuoliang straightened his neck and retorted, “Who said that my watermelons are crooked? They’re clearly so good-looking and delicious.
Hmph, how much does Shi Lichun’s watermelon sell for? My watermelon will definitely sell for that much money.”

“Hehe, it’s not even dark yet, but people are already dreaming!” A villager immediately mocked.

“The watermelons of Shi Lichun’s three brothers are carefully cultivated.
They don’t use pesticides.
When insects come, they catch them manually.”

“Without artificial fertilizers, all that was poured into the soil was fermented farm fertilizer and the dregs of squeezed peanuts.
Therefore, their watermelons are good-looking and delicious.

Look at your family again.
You only cultivate such watermelons.
You didn’t spend much on this farm fertilizer, let alone the expensive peanut dregs.
It’s already not bad that your family’s fields can produce watermelons, but you still want to sell them for a high price.
Are you sure you are looking for a buyer? You’re looking for a sucker.”

“That’s right.
Isn’t it normal for the boss not to want those watermelons in your field? Do you still want to cause trouble at Shi Lichun’s house? How are you going to cause trouble? Get someone to compensate you with watermelons?” Someone asked with a smile.

Shi Zuoliang blushed at these villagers’ words.

He said indignantly, “Hmph, she clearly said that she would bring that friend over to take a look in the afternoon.
Look, what time is it? There’s still no sign of her.
If we wait any longer, it’ll be dark.
What are you going to do with the watermelons you plucked?”

If the watermelons were placed in the ground, they would definitely be stolen if no one was guarding them.

“Your family only has a few watermelons.
Why are you in a hurry? I have tens of thousands of catties of watermelons in my field, and I’m almost halfway through plucking them.
Yet I’m not in a hurry.
If you’re in a hurry, why didn’t you sell the watermelons to Boss Liu when he was here in the morning?”

Someone immediately laughed and said, “Not to mention 35 cents, even if it’s 1.5 cents, I wonder if Boss Liu will want it.”

Shi Zuoliang said to himself, “What’s wrong with my watermelons? My watermelons are delicious.
Why wouldn’t anyone want them?”

“Yes, your watermelons are delicious.
You only have two plots of land and dozens of watermelons.
You can choose to sell them in town or in the county.
You can sell them for sixty to seventy cents a catty.
If you sell them all, you can earn a few hundred dollars.
If you sell them to the watermelon vendor, you will lose a lot of money.”

“That’s right, Shi Zuoliang.
Your family only has a few watermelons.
Why are you joining in the fun? Pick them to sell in town or county.
How many are there? If you sell twenty a day, you can sell them all in ten days.
You can even make a lot of money.
This only costs a portion of the labor fees.”

“I… I’m not going to.
I’m so tired!” Shi Zuoliang was stubborn.

He also knew very well that his watermelons were not easy to sell.

Only by mixing with the watermelons of the farmers in the village could he sell them.

“Ah, isn’t that Shi Lichun’s niece? She seems to be coming this way.”

“Coming, coming.
There are a few people behind her we don’t know.
Is that the watermelon boss?”

Someone asked.

“Isn’t that obvious? Shi Lichun’s family accompanied this niece and those people.
That must be the boss who came to buy watermelons.
Otherwise, why would they come here?”

“But why are they carrying two boxes?”

“It’s not cash, is it?” someone said in surprise.

“It could be cash.”

“I think a box might not contain cash.”

Even if all the watermelons in Stoneback Village were bought, how much cash would that require? Did they have to use such a big box to store them? And there were two of them.

While the villagers were discussing, Gu Qingming and the others arrived at the place where the melon farmers were gathered.

Someone shouted excitedly, “Niece, are the two people behind you the bosses who buy watermelons?”

They were wearing smart suits and glasses.
They looked refined and bossy.

They completely ignored the conspicuous girl in a red dress beside Gu Qingming.

Gao Wenwen was speechless

She did not expect to be ignored by a group of farmers.
Well, this feeling was quite strange.

Gu Qingming smiled and shook her head.

Shi Lichun pointed at Gao Wenwen and said, “This is the boss who wants to buy the watermelons!”

“Huh?!” The villagers were slightly surprised.

In their impression, weren’t those big bosses in their thirties or forties?

This female boss looked like she was twenty years old.
Wasn’t she too young?

Gao Wenwen changed from her playful and cute attitude in front of Gu Qingming to a serious attitude.

She looked up and around.
Her eyes flashed at the watermelons in the fields.

She smiled and said, “Bosses, before buying watermelons, I need to use an instrument to test the quality of your watermelons.
The higher the quality, the higher the price I offer.

Of course, if the quality isn’t good, I’m afraid I can only buy it at a normal price as an ordinary watermelon.
Well, what’s the normal price? I think it’s 80 cents.”

“Ah, is there a test for buying watermelons?”

Someone immediately exclaimed in surprise.

“I’ve never heard of a watermelon being tested.”

Someone immediately said uncomfortably, “What test? We won’t poison the watermelons.”

“That’s right.
If you want to collect watermelons, so be it.
Why are you doing a test? Are you bullying us?”

“What nonsense are you talking about? The girl said that they just wanted to test the quality of the watermelon before giving a price.
Didn’t you hear that the normal price she’s giving is 80 cents? So, why do you care if they measure the watermelons?”

… .

For a moment, both the melon farmers and the villagers were talking.

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