66 Good, Just Think About It

When Boss Liu returned with the two empty vehicles, he happened to encounter a red car at the village intersection.
There was also a black car in front.

Boss Liu didn’t think much of it, but when he saw the logo of the red car, his small eyes narrowed again.

It was a Porsche, and it was the latest model,

The car cost at least a million dollars.

Few families in the countryside would buy such an expensive car unless a golden phoenix really flew out of their house.

Golden Phoenix?

Boss Liu thought of something.
Wasn’t that Shi Lichun’s house?

That woman was Shi Lichun’s niece.

To be able to drive such a car, the owner’s family background should be quite good.

He wondered what relationship the owner of the car had with Gu Qingming.

Boss Liu thought for a moment and decided not to return.

boxn ovel.

He would just get someone to investigate.
If he went back now, he would be easily exposed.

“Boss Liu, are you really going to treat us to a good drink and take us to play with beautiful women?” Cheng Ba asked with a smile, but his heart was moved.

From time to time, they would get some money.
This money was used for playing cards, mahjong, and gambling.

But if they were really allowed to eat, drink, and play with women, they would not have enough.

Now that someone was asking, they would definitely be more willing to enjoy it.

Boss Liu smiled and said, “It depends on Brother Cheng’s question.
Do I look like someone who goes back on my word? I’ll treat you if I say so.
You can eat, drink, and play whatever you want.
Tell me, don’t stand on ceremony!”

He even patted his chest hard as he said this.

“Although I’m not from a rich family, I still have the money to hire my brothers.”

Hearing Boss Liu’s words, Cheng Ba and the others were relieved.

“Alright, Boss Liu, we won’t be polite anymore.
At that time, we’ll definitely rip you off!” Cheng Ba said with a smile.

Boss Liu did not invite them to Sand River Town.
The hotel and restaurant in Sand River Town were not high-end, and there was no other place to spend money on.

Naturally, he invited them to the county city to have fun.

He had agreed to treat them to a meal.
The first place to take them was the Yang Guan Club.

This restaurant was very famous in Pingyang County.
It only served six tables a day, and reservations had to be made at least three days ago.

Boss Liu had a certain relationship with the owner of the Yang Guan Club.
If he wanted to bring people to eat, the restaurant could cook at any time.

No one knew what kind of close relationship Boss Liu had with the owner.

“Ah, it’s the Yang Guan Club!”

When they arrived at the restaurant, Cheng Ba and the others were shocked.

They thought that Boss Liu was just taking them to some higher-end restaurants for a meal.

Unexpectedly, they were brought to the famous Yang Guan Club in the county.

“I heard that we have to book three days in advance.
Boss Liu, you’re so capable!” Cheng Ba suppressed his excitement and praised, “You can come over to eat at such a restaurant anytime!”

Boss Liu smiled and said, “I have a certain relationship with the owner of this restaurant, so I can come here to eat at any time! Come, brothers, let’s go in.
When we’re inside, order whatever you want to eat.
I’ll pay the bill!”

Among the six hooligans, Cheng Ba was the leader.

Although Cheng Ba was thin and small, he was the military advisor of this group of people.
He was smart and had ideas.

Boss Liu had looked for them because he had gone to various villages to buy a large number of watermelons.
He was afraid that he would encounter unreasonable villagers and get into a conflict.

To prevent Boss Liu from getting bullied, Cheng Ba and the others acted as bodyguards when Boss Liu went to the countryside to buy watermelons.

Among the six of them, other than Cheng Ba, the military advisor, who was relatively thin, the others were all very strong.
They were tall and burly, and their arms were bare.
There was also a tattoo of an Azure Dragon baring its fangs and brandishing its claws on their right arms.
This was the symbol of the Azure Dragon Gang.

Once this group was in the countryside, they were really quite intimidating.

Children cried in fear when they saw them.

When adults saw them, fear would also surface in their eyes.

Therefore, Boss Liu and the others went everywhere very smoothly.

Except for this time.

After Boss Liu brought him to the restaurant to eat and drink his fill, he took them to the famous local KTV hall and booked a private room for them.
He really got a few beautiful women to sing with them.

Cheng Ba and the others were immersed in the joy of living a luxurious life.

Boss Liu looked at their expressions of enjoyment and the corners of his mouth curled up.
A hint of mockery and contempt flashed in his eyes.

Then, he asked slyly, “Brother Cheng, do you brothers want to live such a happy life every day?”

Cheng Ba was already a little drunk, but his consciousness was still very clear.

He held a long-haired beauty in his arms and nodded.
“Yes, of course, I do.”

Such a life was really beautiful!

Boss Liu nodded and said, “Alright, good!”

… .

On the other side, Gu Qingming brought her three cousins to the village entrance to wait for her friend.

A moment later, a black car and a red car appeared in front of them and stopped.
The door of the red sedan opened.

A pair of slender and beautiful legs in red high heels fell into everyone’s eyes.

One look at the legs and she knew that the person in the car was a beautiful woman.

A woman in a red dress walked out of the car.

This woman was indeed very beautiful.
She had fair skin, exquisite facial features, a small nose, a small mouth, double eyelids, and a round face.
She was also very cute!

She was wearing a pair of ruby earrings, a ruby necklace, and a ruby bracelet.

In short, she was covered in red.

How much did she like red?

Gu Qingming’s three brothers felt the corners of their mouths twitch.

“Gu Qingming, you wretched girl, you came to the countryside without a word!” Gao Wenwen got out of the car and shouted at Gu Qingming, “Don’t you know how worried I was about you? You’re too disloyal.”

Her temperament and personality were too similar to her style of dressing.

Hot and spicy!

In Sea City, Gu Qingming suffered the double betrayal of her boyfriend and best friend.
She had even been slandered by the scumbag and almost lost her reputation.
Her friends were worried sick.

But after such a big thing had happened to this girl, she had come to her home in the countryside without informing her friends.

If she hadn’t called and told her that her maternal family cultivated watermelons which were sweet and delicious, they would still be worried about her.

After three years (three years after marriage in her previous life), Gu Qingming felt a trace of bitterness in her heart when she saw her friend, who had severed ties with her after hermarriage in her previous life.

In her previous life, she had abandoned her parents, her family, and her friends for a scumbag.
In the end, it had been a real deception.

Fortunately, she had returned to make amends.

No matter how sad her family and friends would be after her accident in her previous life, at least for now, she would treasure her family and friends and make up for the regrets of her previous life.

Gu Qingming looked at her good friend and said with a smile, “I suddenly decided and didn’t have time to inform you.”

Gao Wenwen snorted angrily.
“Hmph, you’re still talking!”

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