slept with Haotian in these five years, whether it was during your two years of dating or three years of marriage.
When you gave yourself to Haotian as a gift on his birthday, you didn’t know that Haotian was with me at that time.”

Lan Ruomei told him everything about Lin Haotian, as if this would help her vent her anger.

She was envious and jealous of Gu Qingming.
She wanted to obtain everything Gu Qingming had, but at the same time, she didn’t want Gu Qingming to have an easy time.

“Hehe, Gu Qingming, your man has been with me for five years.
Are you very jealous and angry now?

Haha, Gu Qingming, so what if you’re rich, powerful, and good-looking? Your husband only has me, Lan Ruomei, in his heart, while you’re just a stepping stone for us to use and live a good life!”

Since she had already fallen out with Gu Qingming, there was no need to pretend anymore.

She wanted to vent all her dissatisfaction and anger.

“Didn’t you hear it this morning? Haotian despises you.
Haha, how does it feel to be despised by the man you like?” Lan Ruomei said proudly.

She felt a thrill of revenge!

If the other party felt bad, she would be happy!

Her happiness was built on Gu Qingming’s pain.
Some people have such twisted hearts.

They had clearly chosen Gu Qingming as their target and deliberately schemed to get close to her.
They did not even hesitate to use themselves as bait.
In the end, they seemed to have been forced into a corner and were filled with indignation and anger.

Gu Qingming had already seen the excitement of that scene.
Now, there was already a buffer time.
Although she was furious, she became calmer.

This was what her father had told her when he groomed her.
The bigger the situation, the more she needed to be calm and composed.

It was because she was calm and composed enough that she allowed himself to think and come up with the appropriate countermeasures to solve the current problem.

His father had gone to a lot of trouble to cultivate her calm personality.

Gu Qingming looked at Lan Ruomei indifferently, his eyes filled with undisguised disdain.

“So, Lan Ruomei, are you jealous of my family background and my looks?” Gu Qingming asked coldly.
“So, you want to take everything from me and stomp on me so that you can vent your anger, right?”

She exposed Lan Ruomei’s disgusting and twisted thoughts.
Then, she said, “You resorted to honey trapping and didn’t hesitate to use your boyfriend to fish.
But when you saw your boyfriend with me, you got angry and jealous.
However, in order to live a good life as a rich wife, you could only endure it.
But secretly, you made me a cuckold to vent your unwillingness.”

As she spoke, she paused for a moment and stared sharply at Lan Ruomei.
She said fiercely, “Lan Ruomei, someone like you, who has a heart higher than the sky and a life thinner than paper, will never be able to live like a rich young lady who is surrounded by my bodyguards and servants.

No matter how envious, jealous, or twisted you are, you can’t change the fact that I’m the rich young lady.

“You…” The anger in Lan Ruomei’s heart immediately rolled out.
“You’re despicable! Gu Qingming, just you wait.
I’ll definitely live a better life than you in the future.
At that time, I’ll definitely trample you under my feet and return the insult you gave me a thousandfold!”

Gu Qingming was not afraid at all.
She shrugged her shoulders and said coldly, “Then I’ll wait!”

Then, she looked around the house and said, “Since you don’t care about my kindness, I’ll take back everything I gave you!”

Lan Ruomei and Lin Haotian were shocked.
Their pupils constricted as they stared at Gu Qingming with wide eyes, like a sharp sword slashing at her.

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