Time passed quickly.
After dinner and the gifts were distributed, Grandma rushed Gu Qingming to rest.

Her aunt decorated Gu Qingming’s room in pink.
There were pink curtains, pink bedspread sheets, and a few cute dolls on the bed.

“Ming’er, you’re tired from the journey.
Have a good rest.” Grandma held Gu Qingming’s hand and said, “When you reach Grandma’s house, you’ll be like your own house.
You can eat, sleep, and play.
No one will dare to criticize you, and no one will criticize you!”

Gu Qingming nodded and said, “Yes, I know, Grandma.
Rest early too.”

Grandma glanced at her stomach and said seriously, “Ming’er, although your mother didn’t tell us what happened, I won’t ask anything since you’ve decided to have this child.
Take good care of yourself and give birth to this child.”

“Yes, thank you, Grandma!” Gu Qingming hugged her grandmother.

“You silly child, there’s nothing to thank me for,” her grandmother said with a smile.
“We’re a family!”

“Yes, yes, a family!” Gu Qingming nodded.

“Have a good rest.”

… .

When Grandma returned to the living room, the children, who had received a gift from their aunt, were too excited to sleep at this moment.
They were unwilling to rest, so the adults could only let them play for a while longer.

Not to mention these children, the daughters-in-law of her uncles were happy and excited to receive such expensive gifts today.
They were so excited that they did not feel sleepy at all.
They stayed in the living room and joined in the conversation with the family.

boxn ovel.

“I haven’t seen her in three years.
Ming’er looks more sensible now,” Shi Tieshan, who was also his eldest grandfather, said happily.

“People will change in the first place.” Little Grandpa Shi Tielin sighed softly and said, “It’s just that when people become sensible, they must have gone through experiences that resulted in growth.
Ming’er grew up rich and carefree in this child.
What experiences will she have?”

Not to mention anything else, why was this child suddenly pregnant?

After getting pregnant, why didn’t she stay at home and settle down? Why did she come all the way to this countryside?

These were all points for doubt.

However, as relatives who care for Gu Qingming, they wouldn’t ask since she didn’t mention it.

Her grandfather immediately said to Shi Lidong, “Shi Lidong, call your sister immediately.
I want to know what kind of grievances Ming’er has suffered.
If she doesn’t explain it to me clearly, tell her not to go back to her parents’ house in the future.”

Shi Lidong immediately straightened his body and replied, “Okay, I’ll call now.”

Before Gu Qingming went to the countryside, Shi Yashu only told her brother, Shi Lichun, that Gu Qingming needed to go to the countryside to recuperate for a while because she was pregnant.

As for whether Gu Qingming got pregnant with her boyfriend before marriage or for some other reason, she did not explain it clearly.

Now that Gu Qingming’s personality had clearly become more sensible, mature, and steady than before, such growth must be related to her experience.
This experience was very likely not good.

Gu Jianguo and his wife were not asleep either.

In the past, they had all gone to the countryside as a family.

But now, their precious daughter was going to the countryside alone.
Under such special circumstances, they were also worried.

He was worried that she would have a big reaction to pregnancy and not eat well or sleep well.

At the same time, he was worried that she wouldn’t interact with the people over there.

“Hubby, I don’t know if it was right for our Ming’er to keep this child,” Mrs.
Gu said worriedly, “Will this affect her happiness?”

Gu Jianguo hugged his wife and said softly, “Our precious daughter is no longer a child.
She has already grown up and has her own independent thoughts and actions.
Since she has decided to keep this child, she has to think of all the consequences of keeping this child.

In the future, be it sweet or bitter, happy or painful, she has to bear it herself.
As parents, we can only watch from the side, but we can’t bear everything for her.
It’s just that…”

Gu Jianguo had another layer of worry.

Gu asked in confusion, “Just what?”

Gu Jianguo said, “That day when Ming’er told us that the child was not Lin Haotian’s, I sent someone to the hotel to investigate.

“That day, I realized that our Ming’er was drunk.
She staggered out of the room they booked.
A moment later, she stumbled to the next room.”

“Huh?” Mrs.
Gu did not expect this.
“Where’s that bastard Lin Haotian?”

‘”He was in another room, sleeping with that woman.”

Gu Jianguo said with a dark expression, “Back then, I saw that that bastard didn’t care about our daughter, so I objected to them being together.
I didn’t expect him to humiliate our daughter even when she gave herself to him.
How despicable!”

What infuriated him the most was that his daughter was too disappointing.
She did not care about her shame and sent herself to him, only to be despised.

Gu was also very dissatisfied with Lin Haotian.
She asked, “How are those two now?”

Gu Jianguo said, “There’s no place for them in Sea City now, but they’re indignant now.
They seem to want to find an opportunity to mess with our Ming’er.”

Gu said angrily, “They’re really like resilient cockroaches.
Who do they think they are? Why don’t they look in the mirror?”

After cursing for a moment, she asked worriedly, “Then they didn’t do anything, did they?”

Gu Jianguo shook his head and said, “The people we sent are all watching.
They can’t do anything now.”

Gu nodded and said, “That’s good.
I’m relieved.
It’s best if we chase these two out of Sea City now.
It’s always worrying when they stay in Sea City.”

Gu Jianguo nodded and said, “Yes, I’ll get someone to do it.”

Of course, he had to use some tricks to chase them out of Sea City.

Then, Gu Jianguo thought of another problem.

He said, “I investigated the room next door that Ming’er booked, but I couldn’t find out the identity of the person.
The hotel is very secretive about the identity of that guest.”

With his status in Sea City, it wasn’t that difficult to investigate a person’s identity.

If he could not investigate that person’s identity, and the hotel had deliberately kept it a secret, it meant that that person’s identity was especially noble.

Gu immediately understood Gu Jianguo’s worry.
She asked, “Are you worried that if that man suddenly comes looking for us, he will harm our daughter?”

Gu Jianguo was worried.
He said, “Our family’s status is one of the best in Sea City.
If that man’s status is not bad and is noble, our families will be compatible.
But what I’m worried about is that that man’s status is too noble.”

His daughter would be despised!

Gu was speechless.

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