lons are sweet and grainy.
They’re so delicious, they can definitely be sold.”

It was fine if she didn’t know in the past, but now that she knew, she would definitely help her uncle and the others sell the watermelons.
And not only did she have to sell them, but she also had to sell them for a good price.

Of course, Gu Qingming did not tell her uncle and the others for the time being.
It would not be too late to talk about it when she contacted a good person.

After Gu Qingming ate a piece of watermelon, her aunt brought over a basin of peanuts.

She smiled and said, “Ming’er, these are boiled peanuts.
Try them.
Do you like them?”

Grandma smiled and said, “Darling, in the past, when you came here, it was during the New Year.
At that time, there were no fresh peanuts, so I didn’t cook peanuts for you to eat.
Now, these peanuts have just been pulled out of the ground, so we cooked them.
These are salt-cooked peanuts.
See if you like them?”

Gu Qingming nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll definitely try it!”

With that, she took a peanut at random, peeled it, and popped it into her mouth.

“Yes, these peanuts are delicious.
They’re soft and sticky, and they smell good.” Gu Qingming’s eyes lit up.
“They’re really delicious!”

After eating one, she took another small handful and ate.

Grandma smiled and said, “Alright, as long as you like it.
If you like it, I’ll cook it for you every day.
Moreover, I’ll cook it in all kinds of flavors.
Today’s peanuts are only cooked with salt and no other seasonings.
They taste lighter.”

Gu Qingming asked curiously, “Ha, can boiled peanuts also be seasoned with various flavors?”

“Of course! There are various flavors.
Ming’er, we’ll make them in whatever flavor you like,” her aunt said with a smile.

“Mom, you’re really biased.” Gu Qingming’s fourth cousin, Shi Qinghao, smiled and said, “The day before yesterday, I said I wanted to eat something spicy, but you even asked me to cook it myself.
Now that Cousin is here, you offered to cook all kinds of flavors.”

Second Aunt glanced at him and said angrily, “You brat, you eat it every day.
Haven’t you gotten tired of it?”

Shi Qinghao shrugged and said, “I like boiled peanuts.
How can I get tired of them so quickly?”

Every year, in June and July, when the peanuts were harvested, they could eat sweet boiled peanuts.

In the past, there were no snacks in the countryside.
When the peanuts were harvested, they would pick out the tender peanuts that did not look too ripe and cook them.
They would add some salt and cook them until the peanuts were soft.
Then, they would be fished out and eaten.
They were especially fragrant.

Many children especially liked those peanuts that were not ripe.
The peanut shells were sweet and very moist.
When they took a bite, the juice sprayed out.
It was simply interesting.

It was the joy of many children eating boiled peanuts.

However, now that the conditions were good, many adults wouldn’t pick and choose the unripe peanuts to cook.
Instead, they would choose the kind of peanuts that had just been pulled out and were full of soil particles.
After they were washed and cooked in a pot, they would add seasonings to create whatever flavor they liked.

After Gu Qingming ate a handful of boiled peanuts, she ate more.

Since she liked it, everyone was naturally happy.

However, Gu Qingming had rushed over after a long journey.
She had yet to have dinner or rest.
It would be difficult to digest if she ate too many peanuts.

Grandma didn’t let Gu Qingming eat much.

“Come, come, it’s time to eat.” Shi Hangyu carried out two dishes and shouted, “Everyone, sit down.”

“Come, Ming’er, let’s go eat,” Grandma said with a smile.
“Your second aunt made a few of your favorite dishes.
Eat more later.”

Gu Qingming couldn’t help but touch her stomach and think to herself, “Can I still eat now?”

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