Along the way from the village to the Shi family, Gu Qingming chatted with her grandmother.
Occasionally, her grandfather would interrupt, or her cousin would interrupt, or her uncle would add, and the atmosphere seemed very lively.

A golden phoenix flew out of Old Shi’s family.
This was a oft-said refrain in the surrounding villages and even the entire Sand River Town.

This was because not only had this golden phoenix flown out, but it had also climbed onto a tall branch.
That was a wealthy family with assets worth billions.

Any bit that leaked out from between their fingers was enough for an ordinary family to be rich for the rest of their lives.

Gu Jianguo and Shi Yashu also contributed to Sand River Town.
They made donations to build roads from the village to the town for several poor villages.

They contributed to the construction of schools in several impoverished mountainous areas and funded the schooling of poor children.

They also donated some funds to build an asphalt road from Sand River Town to Pingyang County.

As the saying went, if you want to get rich, build a road first!

After Sand River Town had its main road repaired, many of its specialties, such as local watermelons, melons, and especially oranges, could be transported out to be sold.

Many farmers became richer and richer by planting the specialties of their hometown.

The days of Old Shi’s family, or Gu Qingming’s grandfather’s family, were also getting better and better.

However, they did not live well because of the help of Shi Yashu and her husband.
Instead, they earned it through their hard work.

boxn ovel.

After the road was repaired, they followed the advice of their brother-in-law to plant oranges and watermelons, their hometown specialty.

They contracted three mountains and an uncle planted more than a thousand orange trees.

Then they contracted another thirty acres of paddy dryland to plant watermelons.

They worked hard and took care of these plants diligently.
The oranges and watermelons they planted were quickly sold.

Every uncle’s annual income could reach more than 300,000 dollars.

Therefore, the Shi family was living quite well now.
They had a house, a car, and some savings.

As long as they did not encounter a serious illness or disaster, their days would always be so prosperous.

Her three uncles had already split from the family.
Her grandparents were currently living with their eldest son, and her two uncles would just give them 500 dollars a month.

People in the countryside could grow their own vegetables and rice, and they could raise their own chickens, ducks, and fish.
They did not spend much money.

All three of his uncles had already built their new building.
It was a four-story villa-type house with a front and back courtyard.
There were flowers and plants planted in the front yard and a recreation room for tea.

The three uncles’ houses were almost identical.
Even the tile and paint choices were the same.
The three houses were next to each other, but they had also built walls.
They looked intimate and kept a certain distance.

The old house hadn’t been knocked down, either.
It had just been renovated.

The two elderly folks were nostalgic.
They preferred to live in the old house and found it more comfortable.

Of course, the three uncles had also reserved rooms for their parents on the first floor.

They could stay wherever their hearts were inclined.

When they arrived at her uncle’s house, Gu Qingming asked the bodyguard to bring down the things in the car.

Before she came, she had bought gifts for everyone here.
She had even considered a few nephews she had never met.

Clothes, jewelry, bags, snacks, and various nutritional supplements.

Grandma looked at the bags and smiled.
“Come if you want to, Ming’er.
Why are you buying so much? It’s a waste of money.”

However, she was very happy.

Gu Qingming smiled and said, “Grandma, it’s not much! This is just a token of my appreciation.”

Their Ming’er had not forgotten everyone here.

Although their daughter had married into a rich family and lived a good life, they didn’t want to be blood-sucking leeches who only knew how to ask their daughter for money.

Grandpa and Grandma had ordered their children and grandchildren to definitely not ask their sister and brother-in-law for money unless they had no choice.
They had hands and feet.
If they wanted to live a good life, they would create it themselves.

If the couple found out that anyone who secretly asked Gu Jianguo and his wife for money, they would definitely break the limbs of the requester.

After the bodyguards sent Gu Qingming to the Shi family, they did not leave immediately.
Instead, they prepared to rest for the night and leave tomorrow morning.

If they stayed longer, it would affect the atmosphere of the Shi family or the entire village.After all, as bodyguards, not only were they tall and burly, but their aura would make children cry.

Therefore, their mission was only to send Gu Qingming safely to the countryside, not to stay and continue to protect her.

There was also no need to.
Gu Qingming was only a little famous in Sea City’s upper-class circle, but no matter how famous she was, she was not a big shot and did not need to be protected at all times.

Gu Qingming’s arrival attracted the attention of the villagers.

“Tsk tsk, that girl Yashu was beautiful back then.
I didn’t expect her daughter to be even prettier.”

“She’s even prettier than the celebrities on television.”

“This girl was so beautiful when she was young and very likable.
Now that she’s grown up, she’ll definitely become more and more beautiful.”

“It’s better to marry well than to be good-looking.
Shi Yashu is good-looking, but she married well! I wonder how comfortable her life is!”

She was unlike them, who were busy with work in the fields, and at home; they could not stop at all.

Working on the yellow soil every day, their backs were bent, and their skins were tanned and thick.
They had gone from delicate girls to ugly women.

On the other hand, Shi Yashu was dressed exquisitely when she went home every year.
Even if she deliberately did not put on any makeup when she returned to her hometown, her skin was as fair as snow, and her coiled hair was not messy at all.
She had a noble and elegant aura.

The difference was too stark.
All the women in Stoneback Village envied Shi Yashu.

At the same time, every family hoped that their family would be like Old Shi’s family and nurture a golden phoenix to help their entire family.

Shi Yashu did it by doing well academically.

In the past, many families in the village favored boys over girls.
They only provided for their sons to study and did not let their daughters study.
They thought it was a waste of money.
When their daughters studied, they did it for their in-laws.

However, after Shi Yashu set an example, some of their attitudes changed even if many families still favored boys over girls.

What if they could also groom a daughter like Shi Yashu?

In the future, their family would be rich.

With such a goal, the school enrollment of the girls in Stoneback Village was number one in the entire Sand River Town.

However, for so many years, there had never been a second Shi Yashu who married into a wealthy family.

It did get some girls into college.
After they graduated, they found a job and helped their families a lot.

Shi Yashu had already become the idol and goal of all the girls in the village.

Naturally, her daughter would be the center of attention when she came.

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