to leave her husband.

Ever since the couple got married, other than Gu Jianguo going on business trips, they had never been separated.

Gu Qingming listened attentively and remembered.

She knew her mother meant well.

After some time, Mrs.
Gu frowned and said worriedly, “I think I’ll go with you.”

Beside him, Gu Jianguo immediately panicked.

“Honey, if you go to your mother’s house with your daughter, what will happen to me?” Gu Jianguo looked at his wife with obvious sorrow and grievance.
“Are you really going to abandon me?”

Gu Qingming was speechless.
Caught off guard, she could only grimace at her parents’ public display of affection.

But she was used to it.

Gu, on the other hand, was embarrassed.
She had better stay with her husband.

As for her daughter, she had bodyguards to send her off along the way.
When they arrived at Stoneback Village, her family would take care of her.
There was nothing for her to worry about.

However, Mrs.
Gu blushed and glared at Gu Jianguo angrily.
“What’s wrong with you? You have hands and feet.
Do you want me to serve you all day?”

Gu Jianguo said aggrievedly, “But without you around, I can’t even eat well.”

“Alright, aren’t you embarrassed to say this in front of your daughter?” Mrs.
Gu said angrily.

Gu Qingming shrugged and said, “Mom, I’m already used to it.
When you flirt with Dad, you would disregard me completely.”

Gu blushed again.

Father Gu was thick-skinned and only smiled.

Immediately, he looked at the time and said, “Honey, it’s time for our daughter to leave.
Otherwise, it’ll be too late to get there.”

Gu nodded reluctantly.

Then, she instructed, “Your father and I will visit you when we have time!”

After all, she was their only child and had been cherished since she was young.
It was also the first time they had been separated for so long.
She really couldn’t bear to part with her.
But children grew up and couldn’t stay with them forever.

Gu Qingming nodded and said, “Dad, Mom, take care at home!”

and Mrs.
Gu watched their daughter’s car leave with reluctance and worry in their eyes.

A moment later, another low-key luxury car drove into the villa.

and Mrs.
Gu looked at each other tacitly.

“Dad, Mom?”

After the sedan was parked, a well-maintained middle-aged and elderly couple quickly got out.
However, they had some white hair at their temples.
One was wearing a Chinese tunic suit and leaning on a cane, looking very dignified.
The other was wearing a purple cheongsam.
Although she was a little old, her figure was still very good.
She had the temperament and elegance of a cheongsam.

Except when they came down…

“Granddaughter, granddaughter…”

They got out of the car and started looking for their precious granddaughter.

“Dad, Mom, didn’t you go on a trip? Why are you back?” Gu Jianguo asked curiously.

Gu Licheng and his wife looked around but did not see anyone.

Grandma Gu immediately asked, “Where’s my precious granddaughter? Ming’er, Ming’er, my precious granddaughter…”

Gu Licheng looked at Gu Jianguo’s face and immediately revealed anger.
He shouted and questioned, “How can I travel in peace after such a big thing happened to my granddaughter? How could you let my granddaughter suffer so much? ”

“Dad, I…” Gu Jianguo was about to explain.

Grandma Gu asked anxiously, “Brat, where did my precious granddaughter go? Let me tell you, if anything happens to my precious granddaughter, I won’t let you off.”

Gu immediately comforted her.
“Mom, don’t worry.
Ming’er is fine.”

“Where is she now?”

“She… she’s gone to her grandmother’s house to recuperate.”

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