At this thought, Gu Qingming looked at the two people captured by the bodyguards, and a trace of ruthlessness flashed across her eyes.

Gu Qingming walked up to the two of them and looked at them with a ferocious expression.

“I warned you yesterday.
As long as you obediently return what I gave you, I might let bygones be bygones.

“However, you were so vicious.
Not only did you not want to return the items, but you even did unnecessary things to ruin my reputation.
Why don’t you take a look at what you are?”

Lan Ruomei and Lin Haotian glared at Gu Qingming.
If looks could kill, they would have killed Gu Qingming long ago.

“Ah, you bitch, I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you!” Lan Ruomei shouted angrily.
One of her hands kept flopping toward her, but she was too weak to break free from the bodyguard’s grip.

In contrast, Lin Haotian was much calmer.

His gaze was fixed on Gu Qingming.
Then he asked, “Have you ever loved me?”

He still couldn’t react to Gu Qingming’s change.
Therefore, he had doubts.

Before Gu Qingming could respond, Lan Ruomei shouted at Lin Haotian like a lunatic, “Lin Haotian, what do you mean? Could it be that you really fell in love with this bitch?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Gu Qingming slapped her hard.

“Lan Ruomei, if your mouth is still dirty, I’ll get my bodyguards to wash it for you.
You’re a slut, so don’t think that everyone is like you!” Gu Qingming said coldly.

Then, she looked at Lin Haotian and said coldly, “If I didn’t really like you, I wouldn’t have been fooled by you.”

At this point, she said something that dealt Lin Haotian a heavy blow.

“I liked that handsome boy with the sunny smile.”

It was that bright, pure, and healing smile that drew her in.

Once attracted, she had eyes only for that one person.
Therefore, no matter who tried to persuade her, it was useless.
This meant she liked the person he was pretending to be, not the real him.

Lin Haotian was shocked.
Although he was mentally prepared, he was still very disappointed to hear such an answer.

However, Lan Ruomei laughed crazily and cried, “Haha, Gu Qingming, so what if you’re rich and powerful? The boy you like likes me.
He will only like me.

Haha, how does it feel to love in vain? Is it very, very uncomfortable and painful? Haha, as long as you’re uncomfortable and painful, I’m extremely happy.”

The people around them were speechless at Lan Ruomei’s crazy words.

Which eye of hers saw that Gu Qingming was in pain?

Gu Qingming glanced at her sharply, before ignoring her and walking away.

The others she’d brought with her would deal with the rest.

From today onwards, there was no place for the two of them in Sea City.

They would be hated by everyone like smelly rats.

This time, she let them truly see the difference between her and their true identities.

Gu Qingming was taking revenge on them by using her status to crush them.

After she was done dealing with the two of them, she walked toward the principal’s office.
She also came to school today to apply for a leave of absence so she could nurse her pregnancy.

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