Inverting the Truth

These reporters would set traps for their interviewers, and they would do it with great malice.
Once they uncovered that Gu Jianguo was the kind of person who despised the poor and loved the rich, it might be a heavy blow to the Gu Corporation.

However, this was not a problem for Gu Qingming.
The innocent would remain innocent!

Besides, as the heir of the Gu Corporation, she had been nurtured by her father since she was young.
She would not fall for it so easily.

She smiled and said, “My father isn’t satisfied with Lin Haotian.
He feels that Lin Haotian isn’t a good match for me.”

“Not a good match? I’m afraid he despises Lin Haotian for being from the countryside, right?” A reporter asked sharply, “Isn’t it just that he despises the poor and favors the rich? Wealthy families have always been particular about social status.”

Gu Qingming restrained her expression and said seriously, “My family loves me very much.
What they value has always been my happiness.
They don’t look down on rural people, nor do they despise the poor and favor the rich.”

When the reporter heard this, his thoughts became even more active.
He held the microphone to Gu Qingming and wanted to say something sharper.

Gu Qingming was faster.

She took out a stack of documents and a stack of photos and said to the reporters, “Lin Haotian and his childhood sweetheart, Lan Ruomei, were a couple before they got into university.
And in their hometown, both families have already accepted their relationship.
After entering university, they were swayed by the glory of the riches they see around them but found it unattainable.
So they targeted someone rich to fulfill their vanity.”

A reporter understood and instantly asked, “So, Miss Gu, you were the target they chose.”

Gu Qingming nodded.
“That’s right.
I became their target.
So I fell into the web they designed.”

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“After I fell in love with Lin Haotian, he and his childhood sweetheart looked like siblings on the surface, but in private, they were a couple.
It was normal for them to sleep together.”

She warned those two.
Since they wouldn’t listen, they didn’t know what they were in for

“If you were my parents, would you still agree?” Gu Qingming asked.
“My father would definitely not agree.”

“A month ago, on Lin Haotian’s birthday, I was persuaded by my best friend to give myself to him.
However, on that day, I was in my room and waited, but he didn’t come.
I went out to look for him.
Guess what.
They had sex in the room next to mine.” Gu Qingming said casually but coldly, “If it were you, would you tolerate such a boyfriend?”

“I’m sure I can’t,” some of the reporters said indignantly.
“Such men are scum.”

“And that childhood sweetheart is too cheap.
She clearly knows that her childhood friend has a girlfriend, but she still slept with him.”

Gu Qingming took out her phone again and said with a smile, “That’s not all.
Listen to this recording.”

The reporters listened to the sound coming from Gu Qingming’s phone.

But as they listened to this conversation, they were instantly filled with righteous indignation.

“These two are really too shameless.”

“Tsk tsk, I’ve seen scum before, but I’ve never seen such scum.
And this woman is the same.
If she wants to live a good life, she should find a rich man herself.”

“She encouraged her boyfriend to date a rich daughter, but she was cheap in private.
I don’t know how she did it but she slept with her best friend’s boyfriend.
It’s disgusting.”

“Hehe, I wonder where these two people got the confidence and ability to plot to snatch someone’s family business? Just by becoming a son-in-law? They really don’t know their limits!”

While the reporters were scolding the two of them, Gu Qingming got into the car and went to school.

As for these reporters, when they saw Gu Qingming disappear, they immediately reacted and guessed that Gu Qingming might be going to school.

Something was bound to happen there.

This was the latest news about the heir of the Gu Corporation.
It would definitely be attention-grabbing.
They had to seize it immediately.

When Gu Qingming’s car arrived at the school gate, she was stopped.
The people who stopped them were none other than Lin Haotian and Lan Ruomei.

At this moment, the two of them were no longer as beautiful and handsome as before.
Overnight, one had become unshaven and haggard.
The other one still had rouge on, but her sunken and red-rimmed eyes looked haggard.

After knowing that they had been expelled from the school, they were flustered and anxious for the entire night.
After the two of them quarreled, they decided to come to the school to stop Gu Qingming.

Now the only person they could ask for help was Gu Qingming since she was the one who forced them into this desperate situation.

They hated Gu Qingming, but they had no choice but to control their anger and hatred and beg her.
When they saw Gu Qingming’s car, they knelt down before Gu Qingming could get out.

“Qingming, we know we were wrong.
I’ll return Haotian to you.
Tell the school not to expel us, okay?” Lan Ruomei said aggrievedly as if Gu Qingming was bullying them.

Gu Qingming sat in the car and frowned.
A hint of disgust appeared in her eyes.
Then, the corners of her mouth curled up into a mysterious smile.

These two were really indestructible cockroaches.
At this point, they still wanted to distort the truth and throw mud at her.

When she got out of the car, she saw the glow in the eyes of her classmates.
They were talking among themselves.

“I heard that Gu Qingming is pregnant with a child.
The child’s father isn’t Lin Haotian’s, but she wants Lin Haotian to take over.
Lin Haotian was unwilling.
In a fit of anger, he said that the person he likes is Lan Ruomei.
Gu Qingming got angry and called the school to expel them.”

“Tsk, this Gu Qingming looks like she loves Lin Haotian, but in the end, she still cheated on Lin Haotian.
Now, she’s even using his power to force the two of them.
This is simply evil.”

… .

Lin Haotian, who was kneeling, had bloodshot eyes and looked helpless and humiliated.

He said, “Gu Qingming, I promise you to be the child’s father.
I just beg you not to let the school expel Ruomei and me.
Otherwise, our lives will be ruined.”

Someone immediately stood up and said indignantly, “Gu Qingming, what do you mean by this? Are you snatching a good man just because you have some money?”

“Gu Qingming, you slept with another man shamelessly.
What right do you have to let Lin Haotian take the blame?”

Gu Qingming glanced at the people who spoke and said sharply, “It’s not your fault that you’re stupid.
But if you’re blind, go straight to the doctor.
It would do you no good to act as a good person here.”

Then, she looked at Lin Haotian and Lan Ruomei expressionlessly and said with a faint smile, “It seems that the two of you are courting death? Then don’t blame me for being rude.”

Lin Haotian and Lan Ruomei’s pupils constricted violently, and a very bad feeling welled up in their hearts.

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