Beautiful Dreams, Bone-Cold Reality

The consecutive calls gave Lin Haotian and Lan Ruomei a heavy blow.

They had been sued by the head of internet trolls, threatened by the newspapers, and expelled from school.
They knew that Gu Qingming was behind all of this.

They had never known that Gu Qingming, who had been fooled by them for two years, would be so capable.

After Lin Haotian received the call from the school and Gu Qingming, he had become dumbfounded.
He had never thought that he would come to this.
The series of events left him in a daze, unable to believe or accept.

When Lan Ruomei heard Gu Qingming’s words, she was about to break down.
Her eyes were red with jealousy, and her face was filled with anger and resentment.

Ever since she was young, everything had been smooth sailing for her.
Her family doted on her and would do their best to satisfy her wishes.

Her boyfriend loved her and always did as he was told.
In the same way, he satisfied her every vanity.

After entering university, she fabricated a miserable life story for herself.
Her family favored boys over girls, so she created a strong, optimistic, cheerful, and generous persona.
In addition, she was quite good-looking and could sing and dance.
She was quite popular in school and was a popular figure in the class.

Later, after getting to know the influential figure in the school, Gu Qingming, she was praised all the way to the top, fawned on, and pursued.
It satisfied her vanity greatly.

On the surface, she was modest and focused on her studies.
She refused those people’s advances because she didn’t want to fall in love.

The real reason was that none of her suitors had ever met her standards Rich, powerful boys were not so good-looking, while slightly good-looking men had no money.

boxn ovel.

Her goal was very simple.
Her final assets had to exceed or at least be on par with the Gu Corporation.

She was completely following Gu Qingming’s standards to find a man.
She wanted to trample Gu Qingming under her feet.

Her heart was filled with hatred for Gu Qingming.
She thought highly of herself.
She had lofty goals but could not achieve them in this life.
However, she did not have that self-awareness.
She just assumed that with her looks and talent, she would be able to marry into a wealthy family.

As long as she followed Gu Qingming, she would be able to get to know the influential figures of the upper class in Sea City to reach the peak of her life.

Unfortunately, she put on the appearance of being pure and proud, without regard for money and power.
Hence, Gu Qingming thought that she did not like to know those rich people.
Naturally, she did not bring her to various banquets, afraid that she would be bullied.

If she had never even been in the circle, how was she supposed to know men with money and power? Therefore, many times, Lan Ruomei was so angry that she secretly twisted her handkerchief, and cursed Gu Qingming.

However, they still had to use Gu Qingming.
Even if they were dissatisfied with her, they could only hide their resentment.

Because of Gu Qingming, they became popular in school.
All they had to do now was wait.

When Gu Jianguo acknowledged Lin Haotian’s identity, their fate would change overnight, and they would live a rich life that everyone envied.

However, they never expected that before their dreams could come true, Gu Qingming would turn hostile and the school would expel them.

It was conceivable that as soon as they arrived at school tomorrow, they would be mocked and humiliated by everyone.

Lan Ruomei was about to go crazy at the thought of tomorrow’s tragedy.

She shook Lin Haotian’s sleeve and said with a terrified expression, “Haotian, what should I do? I don’t want to be expelled.
I don’t want to be looked down upon by those people.”

Lin Haotian was annoyed by her.
He shook her off and roared at her, “How would I know what to do? I was expelled too.”

Lan Ruomei stared at Lin Haotian in disbelief.
“You… you actually scolded me?”

Then, she got angry and pointed at Lin Haotian.
“Lin Haotian, how dare you scold me? What right do you have to do that?”

“If it weren’t for you, Gu Qingming wouldn’t have found out about us,” Lin Haotian said loudly.
“As long as she didn’t find out, our matter wouldn’t have been exposed.
Then we wouldn’t have been expelled from the school and ended up in such a sorry state.”

He blamed Lan Ruomei.

Lan Ruomei was so angry that her lips turned purple and her face turned ashen.

She had not expected that the man who claimed to love her would place the blame on her the moment something happened.

Lan Ruomei gritted her teeth and said, “How did she find out? Weren’t you the one who’s horny? You men are animals who think with the lower half of your bodies.
If you had controlled your urges and waited for her to come back, nothing would have happened to us.”

Actually, what Lan Ruomei regretted the most was choosing a lousy hotel that was not soundproof at all.
When Gu Qingming heard them clearly, there was no room for negotiation.

If this had happened in a high-end hotel, the rooms would be soundproof.
As long as Gu Qingming could not hear that sound, they could find an excuse to fool her.

Unfortunately, time could not be rewound.

When Lin Haotian heard Lan Ruomei’s words, he felt even more frustrated.

“If you hadn’t been seducing me, would I have been impulsive?” Lin Haotian said.
“You knew she would come at any moment, but you still seduced me.”

He roared the last sentence at Lan Ruomei as if venting his uneasiness and resentment.

“And you, why do you have to deliberately show traces every time we do something to let her find out?” Lin Haotian kept accusing her.
“Now she’s really found out, but you and I are finished.”

Lan Ruomei looked unusually uncomfortable.

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