How Did You Fancy Him Back Then?

As Father Gu listened to the stupid and ridiculous things Gu Qingming had done for a man in the past, he lost his temper and scolded his precious daughter.

Father Gu said angrily, “How did you fall for such a bastard? There are plenty of young and good-looking talents in Sea City.
What in the world did you see in him?”

Gu Jianguo would not look down on any young people who came from the countryside.
As long as they were down-to-earth and hardworking, they would definitely make a name for themselves.

However, someone like Lin Haotian had been blinded by the big city, causing him to be ambitious and vainly attempt to reach the heavens in a single bound.

That was bad enough.

But what about Lin Haotian? He shouldn’t have pursued others even though he had a girlfriend.
Most importantly, he would secretly hook up with his childhood sweetheart and act infatuated with his current girlfriend.

Gu also asked in confusion, “Ming’er, how did you fall for Lin Haotian back then? You saw that Lin Haotian and Lan Ruomei were so close.
Didn’t you ever suspect anything?”

Sometimes, Mrs.
Gu really did not want to admit that such a silly girl in the love net was her precious daughter.

She was so smart and obedient when she was young.
Why did she become a different person when she met Lin Haotian and Lan Ruomei? She was blind and stupid.

Gu Qingming lowered her head slightly and blushed.
She said coyly, “I don’t know why I fell in love with such a person at that time.”

At this point, she looked up at her parents and continued to defend herself.
“You can’t blame me.
It’s mainly because those two people’s acting skills are too good.
They can even win Best Actor and Best Actress at the Oscars.

boxn ovel.

In front of me, they all displayed a strong, optimistic, generous, and capable side.
But who would have thought that they had two faces? I… I’m also inexperienced.”

At 18 years old, she was already a hot-blooded and impulsive youth.
At the same time, she was influenced by martial arts drama plots and wanted to be a chivalrous woman.

From the moment Lan Ruomei and Lin Haotian entered this school, they had been looking for targets.
On their plans, they had recorded circles of people.

After a year of deliberation, they finally set their sights on Gu Qingming.

First of all, Gu Qingming was a girl and was easier to deal with.
Secondly, Gu Qingming was the only heir of the Gu Corporation.
If Lin Haotian married her, not only could he save 30 years of hard work, but he could even replace her.

As for the other tall, rich, and beautiful people, their families were complicated.
They had many siblings, so they had to compete for assets and power.
Once the target they had chosen had lost, they would follow suit.

In order to get close to Gu Qingming, Lin Haotian and Lan Ruomei had done their homework and started with her personality.

Of course, as the future head of the Gu family, Gu Qingming had been trained by her father since she was young.
She was observant and could read people.
She was not so easily deceived.
But she was so self-righteous and chivalrous that they took advantage of her.

Gu Qingming said aggrievedly, “At that time, I saw a few hooligans about to bully Lan Ruomei, so I had to save her.
Besides, at that time, she had a good reputation in school.
She was from the Arts Department.
She was beautiful, smart, and generous.
She and I were like-minded, so naturally, we became best friends.”

She had not expected Lan Ruomei to be so scheming at such a young age.
She had curated her image so well.

If she hadn’t caught them in the act, no one would have believed that the goddess at school would be like this.

Father Gu glared at her and said resentfully, “I’ve taught you since you were young how to be a good judge of people.
But you treat wolves, wolves, tigers, and leopards like soft goats and rabbits.
You really don’t even know that you were helping to count money for others after being sold.”

Gu Qingming was speechless.
He was right.

“Go on!”

“After Lan Ruomei and I became good friends, she introduced me to Lin Haotian.
The moment I saw Lin Haotian, I was attracted to himt.
He was handsome, sunny, gentle, and considerate.
I fell in love with him at first sight,” Gu Qingming said truthfully.

It was because she fell in love with him at first sight that she was tempted when Lin Haotian pursued her.

Her friends’ persuasion and her parents’ obstruction did not make her give up on Lin Haotian.

“Stupid!” Father Gu cursed.

Gu persuaded, “Alright, stop scolding the child.
At that time, the child was still young.
When she encountered a love that was designed, she would definitely be tempted.”

“Wife.” Father Gu said helplessly, “She’s the heir of the Gu Corporation and the future head of the Gu family.
She can’t judge a person based on her subjective consciousness.
Look, she’s been tricked.”

“What should we do now? It has already happened,” Mrs.
Gu said protectively.
“If you want to blame someone, blame those two for being terrible.
They’re too good at acting.
Only our pure and kind daughter would fall for it.”

Father Gu rubbed his glabella and said, “Since the child in your womb isn’t Lin Haotian’s, we can’t keep this child whose father is unknown.”

“No, I must keep the child!” Gu Qingming said firmly without thinking.
“No matter who the father of this child is, this is my child first and foremost.
Since it has come to me, we are fated to be mother and child.
Dad, Mom, I must keep this child.
Please fulfill my wish, okay?”

and Mrs.
Gu looked at each other, their eyes filled with worry and helplessness.

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