Opportunity of Rebirth

Seeing that the elf was about to cry, Gu Qingming asked again, “Why are you so obsessed with the contract? Isn’t it better to break the contract and return you your freedom?”

The space elf shook her head and said tearfully, “No.
We had an accidental contract, and now we can’t break it at all.”

“What, you can’t break the contract?” Gu Qingming was instantly agitated.
“If you can form the contract, why can’t you break it? Are you lying to me?”

She had just gotten rid of that scumbag and had a child in her stomach that needed care.
Besides, her family was rich and powerful.
She was the only treasure of the Gu family and was doted on.
She had a good life and was very satisfied.
How could she be tied to something unknown and dangerous?

Even if this little elf looked very harmless and cute, it was a walking danger.

“The contract must be terminated!” Gu Qingming said excitedly.
“No matter what, the contract must be terminated.”

The space fairy cried helplessly and sadly, “But we really can’t break the contract now.”

Gu Qingming calmed down.

“You said you can’t terminate the contract now?” Gu Qingming asked.
“That means you can only terminate it later, right?”

“Yes!” The space fairy nodded.
“This is a master-servant contract.
If it’s to be terminated, you’ll have to be the one in charge.
However, you’re not capable enough yet.
You’ll have to wait until the time is right.”

In the cultivation world, everyone wanted to have it, but here, it was actually despised by its master.
The feeling in the spatial fairy’s heart was indescribable.

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“What ability? And when the time is right?” Gu Qingming asked suspiciously.
“I’m just an ordinary person.
What ability will I have?”

The space elf said, “Master, do you see this endless space?”

Gu Qingming was speechless.
She was not blind.
Of course, she saw it.

The space fairy continued, “In the world of elves, I belong to a plant-type space.
In other words, after my space forms a world of its own, it can store all kinds of things, as well as raise plants, animals, and people.
However, a plant-type space has to be planted to unleash its ability.”

Gu Qingming frowned and was slightly puzzled.

The more plants, the more spatial energy I’ll have, and the harder my shell will be.
In the future, I’ll have the ability to pass through the protective circle of the atmosphere of Aqua Blue Planet and return to my fairy world.

“But what does this have to do with my ability?” Gu Qingming asked with a frown.
“Why can’t I break the contract?”

The spatial fairy said, “My space needs to be planted, so it needs resources and a medium.
Otherwise, these things wouldn’t appear out of thin air in my space.”

Gu Qingming finally understood.
Instead of being angry, she smiled and said, “So, your so-called master has to farm in this space, and the more the better, right? Hehe, what kind of ability is this? At most, it’s just a worker in your space.
It’s just a medium for you to become stronger.”

How was this a master-servant contract? It seemed more like the other party was the Lord and she was a servant doing work.

When the spatial fairy heard Gu Qingming’s words, its eyes instantly turned green and she cried, “I… I didn’t do it on purpose.
I just lay quietly by the roadside and you contracted me.
We have made a pact.
Fate binds us together.
As soon as you died, I was severely injured by the contract.
And when you die, I can only be trapped in your body forever, unable to get out.

I had no choice but to use all the resources in the existing space and apply the spacetime backtracking technique to save you.
My intention was to move you to the time before the crash to avoid that accident.
But I didn’t expect to send you back to an earlier time.
Boohoo… I… I just want to go home.
I miss my father and mother.
I miss my siblings, boohoo…”

Gu Qingming was speechless.

This was also a poor elf with bad luck.

“So, my rebirth was because of you?” Gu Qingming asked seriously.

The space elf wiped her green tears and said truthfully, “Yes!”

Gu Qingming was speechless.
It seemed that she owed this space fairy a big favor.

When she had first been reborn, she had wondered how she had returned.
It seemed that the contract could not be broken for the time being.

Gu Qingming sighed softly.
“It seems that I have to acknowledge this contract.”

If her rebirth was really this elf’s doing and she got to change her fate, she would have to help it in her lifetime.

The space elf smiled through his tears and said excitedly, “Thank you, Master!”

“Could it be that my ability is to plant all kinds of things in this space?” Gu Qingming looked around.
Wherever she went, there were endless heads.
“When will I plant them?”

Most importantly, she was a rich young lady who had come from a humble background.
How could she know how to farm?

“Tell me, how big is your space?” Gu Qingming asked sharply.
“So that I can be mentally prepared!”

The space fairy said with floating eyes, “Actually… Actually, it’s not that big.
It’s just a little bigger than your country.”

In fact, the highest level of space in the Fairy World was the size of a planet or two.

“What?” Gu Qingming slapped her forehead in surprise and said, “It’s not that big? Could it be that I’m the only one planting this space? Even if I plant it for thousands of years, I might not be able to finish planting it.”

Most of all, she couldn’t expose her space.
She couldn’t hire someone to do it.
She couldn’t put in all that mechanical equipment.
If she had to plant it all, she’d do it herself.

“No,” the space elf explained eagerly.
“You are my master and the master of my space.
Everything here is in your control.
With a thought, you could plant something.
With another thought, you could water it.
The water used to water it is this spiritual spring water.”

Gu Qingming nodded and said, “Yes, that’s about right.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to finish such a huge space even if I worked myself to death for thousands of years.”

Then a thought struck her, and she asked, “So if I go in and out, I can do it with a thought?”

“Yes,” the space elf said.
“Just think, and you can enter, and exit.”


Then, Gu Qingming realized that she was back in her room.


The scene changed and they were in the space.

Gu Qingming had another question.
“Did you say you are in my body? Where are you in my body? Can you check that high-tech equipment? Oh, you said you turned into a stone.
How big would that stone be?”

If the examination revealed that there was a stone in her body, it would shock the medical world.

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