Caught in the Act

It was a chilly, rainy spring day in March.

The big city was also shrouded in the drizzle.
Smoke filled the air, and tall buildings loomed.

The first light of morning spilled into every corner.

But the overnight drizzle and the scattering of dead branches and leaves made the city seem dark and oppressive.

On the wide road that seemed very congested during the day, there were only a few cars.

A tall woman with long black hair and a black windbreaker pulled a luggage case as she walked along the sidewalk.
Her footsteps seemed hurried and urgent.
The sound of her high-heeled shoes was particularly abrupt in the quiet morning.

After ten minutes of walking, she looked up at the sky.
A delicate, pretty, and fair face was revealed.

Gu Qingming raised her hand and looked at the watch on her wrist.
She muttered, “It’s already so late.
I’ll go buy breakfast first and have breakfast with Haotian later.”

Today was the couple’s third wedding anniversary.

The company had arranged for her to go on a business trip for half a month, but in order to celebrate this day with her husband, she quickly dealt with the company’s matters and returned a day early.

She had not called her husband, Lin Haotian, in advance because she wanted to give him a surprise.

boxn ovel.

Gu Qingming pulled her suitcase and went to a breakfast shop to buy breakfast before returning to the neighborhood where she and Lin Haotian were staying.

At this moment, there were already some old men and women strolling around the neighborhood.

Gu Qingming only greeted a few familiar elders before leaving in a hurry.

She walked in, unaware of the complex expressions on the elderly faces.

An old man looked at Gu Qingming’s back and said to another old man beside him, “This child is so kind.
That bastard Lin Haotian actually brought his mistress to their house.”

An old lady asked with slight confusion, “Song, I was going to warn this child.
Why did you stop me?”

Song smiled and said, “Let Qingming discover it herself.
Wouldn’t it be better if she can catch him in the act?”

Another old man nodded and said, “That’s right.
That bastard Lin Haotian acted like he loved his wife in front of everyone.
Even Qingming was deceived by him for so long.

“If we rashly told Qingming that her husband cheated on her, and the person he cheated with was her best friend.
Do you think that a stubborn child like Qingming will believe us?”

Compared to outsiders, she would definitely trust her husband and best friend more.

Gu Qingming, who had already walked away, did not know the discussion of the old men and women behind.
Now, with her suitcase in one hand and their breakfast in the other, she walked happily towards her house.

She went to the door, took out the key, and eased it open.

Usually, at this time, Lin Haotian was sleeping.
She wanted to give him a surprise, so she did everything quietly.
But when she opened the door, her pupils constricted.

In addition to the messy living room, she saw some women’s clothes scattered on the floor.

Shoes, a skirt, a blouse…

Gu Qingming instantly had a bad feeling.

Along the way was the couple’s bedroom.

The bedroom door was wide open.

A men’s underwear and a women’s lace-edged black bra littered the floor.

On the big pink bed, their heads were touching.
They lay naked in each other’s arms, in an intimate position.

Gu Qingming’s mind went blank.

She had never expected the two of them to go to bed while she was away on business.

One was her dearest husband, Lin Haotian, and the other was her closest friend, Lan Ruomei.

Gu Qingming’s face was extremely pale from this heavy blow.
She was swaying and dizzy.

But she quickly calmed down again.

She sat quietly on the sofa in the living room and fell into pain and thought.

There was no hysteria, no bellowing.

Lin Haotian and Lan Ruomei were childhood friends.
Now it seemed only a simpleton like her would believe that.

Gu Qingming immediately thought about it.
Whether it was when she was dating Lin Haotian or after they got married, every time she looked for Lan Ruomei, there were some faint love bites on her neck.

In the past, she had asked Lan Ruomei why she often had them.
At that time, Lan Ruomei looked at her with faint contempt and smugness.

She said to Gu Qingming, “I’m fine.
I was just bitten by a mosquito.”

However, at that time, she did not think about the meaning behind her expression.

“It’s strange that there are mosquitoes in the middle of winter!” Gu Qingming was puzzled.
Then, she invited her warmly, “Ruomei, since there are so many mosquitoes in the dormitory, move to my apartment.”

Lan Ruomei’s eyes lit up, but her expression was hesitant as she said, “Qingming, that’s not a good idea.
The apartment you’re living in is a high-end apartment.
How… how can a poor person like me afford it?”

Gu Qingming waved her hand and said generously, “It’s fine.
Anyway, my apartment is empty.
I might as well lend it to you.
After all, you’re my good friend.”

However, Gu Qingming, who was reading with her head lowered, did not notice the deep jealousy in her eyes.

Also, when they went shopping, Lan Ruomei always bought in pairs.
She even bought matching outfits.
Then, the next day, the other half of the pair must have been worn by Lin Haotian.

The reason Lan Ruomei gave was that they were childhood friends.
Before they fell in love, both of them would buy things for each other.

But after they fell in love, this habit was still maintained.
They explained would be difficult to change it just like that.

At the time, her thoughts had been naive.
She felt that many habits could not be changed from their childhood friendship.

Therefore, she did not take it to heart.

Also, she had seen them shopping together a few times, holding hands.
She had even seen love bites on Lin Haotian and Lan Ruomei’s necks.

At her puzzled question, they still attributed it to habit.

As for the love bites, she had her doubts but didn’t ask.

Time and time again, Lin Haotian and Lan Ruomei were clearly more intimate than siblings.

Those who didn’t know better obviously thought that Lin Haotian and Lan Ruomei were a loving couple.

Many people had also warned Gu Qingming.
But people who were already in love, especially girls, were not only blind and deaf, even their hearts were blind.

Thinking of this, Gu Qingming’s tears fell silently.

The biggest fool in the world was probably herself.
Her so-called love had been a sham from start to finish.

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