really been woken up by a rainstorm?

Or had she beaten her into wakefulness?

Both scenarios were somewhat impossible.

Gu Qingming said seriously, “Mom, I’ve really broken up with that scumbag.”

“Scumbag?” Mrs.
Gu looked at the two bodyguards behind Gu Qingming in confusion.

A bodyguard ignored Madam’s puzzled gaze and said truthfully, “Madam, when we followed Missy to that hotel, we happened to see that man having sex with his good sister.”

Madam Gu immediately understood.

Then she had another question.

“Sister? Which sister?”

“Yes, yes.
It’s that woman, Lan Ruomei, who is Miss’s best friend,” the bodyguard replied.

Gu’s eyebrows twitched slightly.
Suddenly, as if she knew for the first time, she said angrily, “What? That woman? Aren’t they childhood friends who are closer than siblings? So, they’re sleeping together now?”

At this point, she glanced at her precious daughter, then put her hands on her hips and scolded indignantly, “What a pair of heartless things.
How did our Ming’er let them down? They actually got together behind Ming’er’s back, and after Ming’er got pregnant?”

Seeing Madam Gu’s expression, the two bodyguards rolled their eyes speechlessly and thought to themselves how their Madam was pretending.
She and Master clearly knew how many times that adulterous couple had slept with each other behind Missy’s back.

Gu Qingming could tell that her parents already knew that Lin Haotian was unreliable.
When she was determined to be with Lin Hao, her parents had reminded her but she didn’t believe it herself.

Gu Qingming had been reborn and had completely adjusted her emotions.
Now that pain, despair, anger, and hatred had been vented when the truth was discovered in her previous life, there was no need for her to bring these rotten emotions to her family.

Gu Qingming held her mother’s hand and said angrily, “Mom, just carry on pretending.
Don’t think I don’t know.
Actually, you and Dad knew the truth long ago.”

When Madam Gu heard this, she immediately said with an embarrassed expression, “Then… Ming’er, I was just afraid that you would be too sad.”

Gu Qingming shrugged and said indifferently, “What’s there to be sad about?”

She had already gone through it in her previous life.
That pair of adulterers wasn’t worth her sadness.

“Really? Aren’t you sad and disappointed?” Madam Gu looked at her daughter suspiciously again, clearly not believing her.
“Daughter, if you’re sad and in pain, just cry.
Don’t hold it in.
That will hurt your body.
At that time, your parents will be heartbroken.”

Tears welled up in Gu Qingming’s eyes.

These were the parents who loved and doted on her.
In her previous life, she had actually hurt her parents so much for that scumbag.

How unfilial of her.

Seeing that her daughter was about to cry, Madam Gu immediately comforted her with heartache, “Alright, stop crying.
My Ming’er is such a good and outstanding girl.
She will definitely find an even more outstanding man to be worthy of her in the future.
As for that bastard Lin Haotian, he’s not even worthy of carrying your shoes!”

Now, she seemed to have forgotten that Gu Qingming had already slept with Lin Haotian and was pregnant.
She still didn’t know the truth about the pregnancy, however.

Gu Qingming smiled through her tears and nodded.
“Yes, Mom, you’re right.
That bastard is not worthy of me.
Mom, I’m tired and want to rest early.
I won’t eat dinner.”

At this, she went back to her room.
When Madam Gu saw her daughter return to her room, her expression suddenly froze.
Had she forgotten something else of particular importance?

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