“Since you two are in love and I’m no longer interested, I’ll fulfill your wish!”

Gu Qingming looked at their shocked expressions, and her mood improved.
“From now on, I’ll completely break up with you, Lin Haotian.
As for the things I gave you, you’d better return them!”

In her previous life, she did not want to let them off easy after catching them red-handed.
Now, she did not want to let them off easy either.

When Lan Ruomei and Lin Haotian heard this, their pupils constricted.

That was a huge sum of money.
Besides, some of the things Gu Qingming had given them could not be measured by money.
They included limited edition bags, limited edition men’s watches, and so on.

These things were their bragging rights.
How could they bear to return them?

“Why? You don’t want to return it?” Gu Qingming sneered.
“It’s fine if you don’t want to return it.
Then I’ll report it to the police.
Just say that my things were stolen.
Do you think the police will file a case?”

In her previous life, with her connections, they had both found very good jobs after college.
They were easily paid.

If she could support them in her previous life, she could destroy them in this life.
Now, they had yet to graduate from university and were still influential figures in school.

One was the President of the Study Society, and the other was the Head of Arts.
As a result, they were constantly praised and fawned over.

Even the companies that provided internships had approached them on her account.

boxn ovel.

After all, Gu Qingming was the heir of the Gu Corporation and the future head of the Gu Family.

Therefore, the people around her were those that some companies and people fought to please.

“Gu Qingming, you can’t do this!” Lan Ruomei said in horror.
“You gave us those things, so they belong to us.
Even if you call the police, we have every reason to keep them.”

“Gift?” Gu Qingming’s lips curled into a faint smile.
“When I treat you as humans, you are treasures.
Of course, I can give you whatever I want.
But when I don’t treat you as humans, you are worse than grass in my eyes.
What right do you have to enjoy what I give you?”

The scene reappeared, and so did the revenge.

It was just that one was three years after marriage, and the other was just two years after she fell in love.

But no matter when, as long as she, Gu Qingming, wanted to take revenge on them, it would be easy.
She just had to destroy what they desired the most!

Without her, not only would their glory days at school be over, but they could also forget about taking advantage of her in the future.

Gu Qingming felt inexplicably happy.

“Whether you’re willing to return it or not, in short, I want to see everything I gave you within three days.
As for those that are missing, I want you to make up the difference, of course.

Otherwise, you’ll have to go to the police station to give an explanation!” Gu Qingming said with a smile.
“Oh, don’t say that those things were given to you.
If I say you stole them, you stole them.

She was using the same method to take revenge on them but the outcome was different.

In the past, she went to take revenge as the wife of that scumbag, Lin Haotian.
Now, the fact that she hadn’t slept with that scumbag yet made her feel better.

Lan Ruomei roared angrily, “Gu Qingming, how could you do this? You were the one who gave us those things, but now you’re asking us to return them and even saying that we stole them.
Don’t you have any shame?”

Lin Haotian was also very disappointed and angry as he said, “Gu Qingming, I used to think that you were generous and kind, but now it seems that you’re nothing more than that.
If you weren’t willing to give it away, you wouldn’t have had to give it away long ago.
You still have to take back what you gave away.
Are you mocking us or deliberately humiliating us?”

“Whatever you say!”

Gu Qingming shrugged and glanced at them with a sharp gaze.

“I’m here to inform the two of you about something.
Firstly, I’ll break up with Lin Haotian and fulfill the wishes of you two bitter lovers.

Second, of course, you have to return the items.
I’ve made a note of everything I’ve given you.
If you don’t return the items, you’ll have to make up the difference.
If you don’t, then you’ll have to wait to have tea at the police station.”

Lin Haotian gritted his teeth and said, “Gu Qingming, don’t go overboard.
You have to know that you’re pregnant with a bastard…”

Gu Qingming blew at her hand and looked at Lin Haotian sternly.
“Lin Haotian, whether the child in my stomach has a father or not, it’s still my child.
If you say another word, it won’t be as simple as being slapped!”

Lin Haotian was shocked.
He covered half of his face and asked, “You… you want to give birth to the child?”

“That’s none of your business,” Gu Qingming said coldly.
“I’m warning you.
If you say a word in school, not only will I make it impossible for you to survive in school, but I can also make it impossible for you to survive in the entire Sea City.
If you don’t believe me, you can try!”

Lin Haotian and Lan Ruomei were both stunned by her majestic and domineering aura.

Why was the current Gu Qingming completely different from the Gu Qingming they knew?

“I’ll only give you three days!” Gu Qingming said coldly.
“Let’s go!”

This last sentence was, of course, directed at the two bodyguards.

After Gu Qingming left with the two bodyguards, Lin Haotian stared blankly at her departing figure.
His heart suddenly felt empty, as if he had lost something very important.

As Lan Ruomei watched Gu Qingming leave, her eyes were filled with jealousy and resentment.

If she was richer and more powerful than Gu Qingming, she would definitely trample Gu Qingming under her feet to repay all the humiliation she had suffered today.

She had to make that bitch pay a thousand times over!

Lan Ruomei clenched her fists tightly, her expression was resentful and vicious.

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