A Perfect Match

“What?” Lin Haotian didn’t react.

Lan Ruomei’s heart skipped a beat.
An even worse feeling came over her.

Seeing Gu Qingming’s actions, she shouted, “No!”

With that, she rushed out to snatch Gu Qingming’s phone

The two bodyguards behind Gu Qingming nimbly blocked her and pushed Lan Ruomei away without any mercy.

Before Lan Ruomei could step out of the room, one of the bodyguards pushed her back and she fell to the ground.
Lin Haotian reacted and quickly pulled her back, making her fall less ugly.

With one hand pulled by Lin Haotian and the other on the floor, she landed on her butt.

Lin Haotian pulled her up with an ugly expression.
He roared at the bodyguard who had pushed her, “Why are you pushing her? Don’t you know that Ruomei is your Missy’s best friend?”

Then, he accused Gu Qingming, “Gu Qingming, what’s wrong with you? The dog beside you pushed your good friend, but you didn’t stop it.
You didn’t even react.
Do you still treat Ruomei as your best friend?”

People are biased.
The person Lin Haotian really liked was Lan Ruomei, and he was using Gu Qingming.
Naturally he would favor someone he liked.

Gu Qingming listened to Lin Haotian’s accusation and laughed instead of getting angry.

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She took out her phone and said with a faint smile, “Lin Haotian, don’t be in a hurry to criticize me.
Listen to this first.”

After saying that, a familiar moan entered everyone’s ears.

Lin Haotian was instantly dumbfounded, and his expression seemed to have been frozen by ice.

This… was his voice when he and Ruomei were having sex.

Why did Gu Qingming have it?

Lin Haotian asked foolishly, “Gu Qingming, you actually recorded it?”

Gu Qingming was speechless.
For the first time, she realized that Lin Haotian was such a silly person.

The two bodyguards were indignant.

How could Missy fall in love with such a hypocritical and stupid man? It was really not worth it for Missy! Fortunately, Missy realized it in time and did not make a big mistake.

Lan Ruomei cursed in her heart when Lin Haotian accused Gu Qingming.

However, what she did not expect was that the man she had taken a fancy to would actually be so stupid.
At this time, he was actually asking Gu Qingming about the recording.

To them, this was clearly an emergency, but not only did he not want to deal with it urgently, but he was also conflicted about this matter.

Lan Ruomei realized that she was in the wrong and quickly explained to Gu Qingming, “Qingming, you’ve misunderstood us.
We… we’re actually practicing our lines.
Yes, we’re practicing our lines.
It’s our school’s 100th anniversary, so we need to arrange a program.”

“Practice your lines?” Gu Qingming’s lips curled up as she asked with a faint smile, “You’re going to resonate with the entire school! Impressive!”

Gu Qingming even gave them a thumbs up!

Then, she nodded and said with a smile, “Actually, I think not only do you need to practice your lines, but you also need to perform live.
That way, it will be more interesting.
Perhaps the Best Actor and Best Actress Oscar will be yours.”

“Pfft!” The two bodyguards behind Gu Qingming could not help but laugh.

Their Missy was really too humorous.
These two shameless people really thought that their Missy was bullying them.

Although Missy was deceived by them in the past, the current Missy would not be fooled.

Lan Ruomei’s expression immediately twisted, and her eyes almost spewed fire.
How could she not hear Gu Qingming’s sarcasm and mockery?

Lin Haotian shouted angrily in embarrassment and anger, “Gu Qingming, are you crazy? Why are you recording such a thing? Just say what you want to do.
Don’t do those sneaky things.”

He paused again, his eyes dark with displeasure.

He said, “Gu Qingming, at first, I thought you were kind.
But now I know that you actually capable of these shameful schemes.
You are really disappointing.”

Lin Haotian said that because she was already pregnant with his “child”.
Gu Qingming could only marry him.
Otherwise, who would want to marry a woman like her, who was still pregnant with a bastard?

So what if she found out about him and Lan Ruomei?

Lin Haotian was not afraid that Gu Qingming would abandon him.
On the contrary, for the sake of the unborn child, she definitely had to curry favor with him and please her.

As for Lan Ruomei, she was still the same as before.
For the time being, she had to suffer.

In the future, when he became the son-in-law of the Gu Corporation and changed the Gu Corporation to the Lin Corporation, he could openly give her status.

Gu Qingming was really angered by Lin Haotian’s despicable behavior.

Previously, she had laughed at Lin Haotian for being stupid.
Now, it seemed that she was the one who was really stupid.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been fooled by them in her previous life.
If she hadn’t come home early that time and found out about his affair with Lan Ruomei and overheard the truth, she might have continued to be deceived by them.

Faced with Lin Haotian’s overbearing anger, Gu Qingming said, “Tsk tsk, Lin Haotian, I’ve been dating you for two years, but I didn’t know you were so shameless.
You dated me and slept with a mistress behind my back, yet you still have the cheek to criticize me.
Who gave you the audacity to so so?”

With that, Gu Qingming raised his hand in anger and slapped Lin Haotian.

The stunned Lin Haotian stared at Gu Qingming in disbelief.
He covered his face and said in disbelief, “You hit me?”

“I’m not only going to hit you, I’m going to kick you!”

With that, Gu Qingming raised her leg and kicked at his crotch.

Lin Haotian immediately arched his body and wailed!

“Gu Qingming!”

Lan Ruomei’s pupils constricted violently when Lin Haotian was beaten, and her expression was equally incredulous.

Why would Gu Qingming hit Lin Haotian?

Under their careful planning, didn’t Gu Qingming love Lin Haotian wholeheartedly? In their opinion, Gu Qingming would forgive Lin Haotian no matter how big a mistake he made.

But now that the situation had developed, why was it different?

Gu Qingming hit Lin Haotian and shot a sharp look at the livid Lan Ruomei.
She immediately reached out and gave her a big slap.
She said sharply, “Scumbag and bitch, an adulterous couple.
You are indeed a perfect match!”

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