124 Mother-In-Law

In the end, Grandpa Gu and Grandma Gu still took the car and driver arranged by their family because of their precious granddaughter, Gu Qingming.

The three of them sat in the RV and admired the scenery outside.

Grandpa Gu suddenly asked, “Old lady, how long has it been since we went to our in-laws’ place? It’s been more than ten years, right?”

Grandma Gu nodded and said, “Yes, it’s been more than ten years.”

Gu Qingming asked curiously, “Master, Grandma, you’ve been to my grandmother’s house? Why didn’t I know?”

Grandma Gu smiled and said, “You were in school back then.
Your grandfather and I were traveling through Pingyang County back then.
Since we were already there, we went to our in-laws’ place.
To be honest, the place where your grandmother and the others live is beautiful.
The air is good.
We even stayed there for a few days and couldn’t bear to leave.”

Ever since they handed the family business and company to their son, Gu Jianguo, the couple began to travel.

First, it was a domestic tour.
They would go to places they had not been to.

After that, they went overseas!

However, as they grew older, their stamina was a little weak.
Every time they arrived at a place, they had to rest for a period of time before going to the next stop.

If not for the fact that they had immediately flown back from overseas after hearing that something had happened to their baby, they would have continued on to the next station.

However, it had been more than ten years.
They had basically been to all the places they wanted to go.
They no longer had any regrets.

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When they were overseas, they missed their granddaughter more and more.
It was only after Gu Qingming’s brush with criminals that they decided not to travel far anymore.
They just had to protect the child and ensure her safety.

The greatest happiness in life was for the family to be together safely.

Gu Qingming went to Stoneback Village with her grandparents this time and felt that time had passed quite quickly.

Ever since she was young, she had listened to the stories of her grandparents, but she had never been tired of them.

Grandma stood at the village entrance and looked into the distance.
She said, “They haven’t arrived yet?”

Grandpa said, “Soon.”

Grandma said, “I didn’t expect in-laws to come along.
I heard that they went overseas for a holiday.
When did they come back?”

Grandpa didn’t answer her.

Grandma continued nagging, “I haven’t seen my in-laws for more than ten years.
I wonder what they look like now.”

“What else can they look like? Of course, they would look the same.
Otherwise, can they change into other appearances?”

“Is that what I mean?”

“What do you mean?”


Her grandmother flushed with anger.

Eldest Aunt covered her mouth and laughed.
“Mom, don’t be anxious! We’ll see our in-laws later.”

The elderly couple usually seemed to be quarreling and bickering with each other, but this was just the way the old couple interacted.
In fact, their relationship was very good.

As long as the couple separated for a while, they would look for each other, especially her father-in-law.
When her mother-in-law went out to pick vegetables, he would be worried that she would be bitten by insects.

When Grandma heard her eldest daughter-in-law’s words, she sighed softly and said, “Our little tyrant is lucky to have met a good family.
Otherwise, with her fiery temper, who would be able to tolerate it?”

Grandfather snorted at the side.
“She’s been spoiled by you guys.
She was really spoiled to the point of being lawless.
She was a girl who only knows how to fight all day long.
She would fight with one person today and another tomorrow.
Every day, someone will come to our house and say that she beat someone’s child until his nose bled and his eyes turned black…”

Grandma’s face darkened.
She pretended to be angry and said, “Am I the one who doted on her? It’s clearly your Shi family who doted on her.
She was a good girl but was taught to fight daily.
If she didn’t win, you would teach her how to win next time.
How infuriating!”

Grandpa said, “Girls definitely have to protect themselves! Besides, our Yashu was so cute and beautiful when she was young, so she needs to protect herself even more.”

“That’s why you pampered a little tyrant!” Grandma said angrily.
“Old Master said that she’s elegant and virtuous, but look at her yourself.
Is she like that?”

“Why isn’t she like this? Look how dignified and elegant our daughter is now,” Grandpa said arrogantly.

Grandma: “…” She couldn’t refute that.

Ever since her daughter got married, her personality and temperament seemed to have changed drastically.

The little girl who used to climb the wall and fight under the trees had really become a dignified and elegant lady.
She had an extraordinary temperament and looked elegant and noble.

Grandma sighed softly and said, “No matter what she becomes, as long as she’s happy!”

Eldest Aunt smiled and said, “Mom, you can rest assured.
I don’t know how happy this sister-in-law is now.
She has her in-laws doting on her, her husband doting on her, and Mingming, her good daughter.”

However, Grandma was still a little worried.
“But Jianguo has a big family business.
I’m worried that one day, their family will despise our little… daughter for not giving birth to a son and inheriting the family business.
Then she…”

No matter how open-minded her grandmother was now, she had always lived in the countryside.
Some bad customs in the countryside still affected her.

For example, the daughter was married off, and the son inherited the family line.

Therefore, she had always been worried.
What if the Gu family suddenly wanted a son one day and Shi Yashu was old and could not give birth? What would she do then?

Eldest Aunt smiled and comforted her.
“Mom, I think you’re really worrying for nothing.
If the Gu family really needed a son to inherit the family business, they would have had one long ago.
Why would they have waited until now? The reason why they didn’t have another child is that their family doesn’t favor boys over girls.
They really dote on Mingming.
There won’t be a situation that you’re worried about.
You can relax!”

At this point, she paused for a moment and continued, “To be honest, even I’m envious of how much Brother-in-law dotes on her.”

Her brother-in-law doted on her sister-in-law like she was a child.
Any woman who saw her would be envious.

Grandmother smiled and said, “Does Lichun not love you anymore?”

Eldest Aunt blushed and said a little embarrassedly, “It’s just that he’s a boor.
Sometimes, he’s quite infuriating.
He doesn’t know what women are thinking at all.”

Grandma laughed and said, “Haha, all men are like this.
If you don’t express it yourself, he won’t be able to guess what he did wrong.”

Grandpa was speechless.

The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were discussing their man.
Did they consider their feelings?

However, as their husbands, their expressions could not help but change.

Indeed, a woman’s heart was like a needle at the bottom of the sea.

They would even ask their man to praise her for looking good after buying clothes.
Otherwise, she would be angry.

“They’re coming! I see the car.”

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