tely explained, “Grandma Gu, we’ve been thinking about the farm work at home.
It’s currently the busy season for farming, so it’s difficult to hire people.”

At this moment, Zhou Xiaoyu smiled and said, “Grandma Gu, why don’t we come over after we finish our work? We’ll definitely have a good time!”

Grandma Gu immediately smiled and said, “Alright then.
Since you’ve decided, I won’t persuade you anymore.

“Have a good rest tonight.
We’ll be on our way tomorrow morning.
The journey is long, so you have to be energetic.

“I’ll go to the kitchen now and get them to prepare some snacks you brought along tomorrow.”

Gu smiled and said, “Mom, sit down.
I’ll go!”

Shi Hangyu and the others did not refuse.

However, Shi Hangyu and the others looked at Gu Qingming.
So did Grandpa Gu and the others.

Gu Qingming was puzzled.

She asked in confusion, “What’s wrong? Why are you all looking at me like that?”

Shi Hangyu scratched his head and asked, “Sister, we’ll go back tomorrow morning.
You… are you staying at home or following us?”

Gu Qingming said matter-of-factly, “Of course, we’re together.”

Grandpa Gu and his family were speechless.

Didn’t this heartless girl miss home at all?

Shi Hangyu and the others were speechless.

They were so happy that their sister was coming along with them.

At this moment, Grandpa Gu slapped his thigh and said, “Old lady, get ready.
Let’s go to the in-laws’ place tomorrow.”

He decided now that he would go wherever his granddaughter was.

His precious granddaughter was pregnant with his great-grandchild.

He wanted to watch the child come into this world with his own eyes.

Grandma Gu was stunned for a moment before a smile appeared on her face.
“We haven’t seen our in-laws in a long time.
I miss them.
Since we have company this time, let’s go together.
I’ll go prepare now.”

Gu Jianguo reacted and said worriedly, “Dad, Mom, you’re already so old.
This journey is so long.
Can you bear it? Why don’t I apply for a helicopter and send you over directly to save you trouble?”

When Grandpa Gu heard this, his face darkened.

“Gu Jianguo, who are you looking down on? Your mother and I have been traveling overseas these days.
The journey is much further than going to our in-laws’ house.
Why don’t you hire a helicopter to send us here and there? Besides, your mother and I are healthy and are not inferior to those young people.
Hmph!” Grandpa Gu said sternly.

“No… no, Dad, that’s not what I meant!” Gu Jianguo was reprimanded by his biological father and immediately defended himself.
“I… I was just worried about your health.
Is there a need to be so angry?”

Grandpa Gu snorted.
“Am I angry? Am I angry?”

He asked Gu Jianguo the first question and Gu Qingming the second.

Gu Jianguo said gloomily, “No, you’re not angry.”

Gu Qingming replied readily, “Grandpa, you’re not angry.
You’re just a little arrogant.
Dad is already used to it!”

Shi Hangyu and the others were speechless.

This was obviously the tone of coaxing a child.

Grandpa Gu snorted.
“Did you hear that? My granddaughter said that I’m not angry.
I’m just a little loud.”


Shi Hangyu was speechless

No wonder people said that the older one was, the younger they would be!

They had to be coaxed!

The next day, at four in the morning, the sky was still dark.

The people in the Gu family villa had already started to get busy.

“Dad, Mom, I’ll get the bodyguards to send you there together.
Let Master Li drive.
He’s a good driver.
You’ll feel more comfortable sitting there, right?”

Gu Jianguo persuaded his parents, who insisted on riding in the same car as the children.

“No need! We’re going to the in-laws’ house.
What’s with the bodyguards and drivers? Are we going to show off or something? Who are you looking down on?!”

“No, Dad, that’s not what I meant!” Gu Jianguo explained weakly.

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