122 Outcome

“What if I don’t agree?” Gu Qingming asked calmly.
“Will you kneel and beg me?”

“Huh?” Chen Youjun was dumbfounded.

Previously, it was assumed that Gu Qingming’s only response was to agree.

The onlookers were also surprised by Gu Qingming’s rejection.

Chen Youjun could not help but blurt out, “How can you not agree? Do you still want your reputation?”

Gu Qingming asked in amusement, “What has my reputation got to do with whether I agree or not?”

Chen Youjun was dumbfounded

This Gu Qingming didn’t play by the rules!

Chen Youjun’s expression almost stiffened.

He said anxiously, “How can it not be related? You’re the heir of the Gu Corporation.
The Chen Shoe Company originally had a cooperative relationship with the Gu Corporation, but because of your personal reasons, so many people lost their jobs.
Isn’t this the result of you using your power for personal gain?”

He was short of pointing at her nose and accusing her of being a selfish, cold-blooded, and heartless animal.

“Hehe…” Gu Qingming sneered.
“This is really funny.
The business world is like a battlefield.
There are countless changes in an instant.
One day, your development could be rapid, but in the next moment, you would be on the verge of bankruptcy for various reasons! The competition in the business world is abnormally intense.
The strong prey on the weak.
It happens from time to time.

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“Today, I can get the Gu Corporation and the Chen Shoe Company to cancel their cooperation because we’re strong enough.
As for your bankruptcy, that can only mean that you’re not capable enough.
Who can you blame? You can only blame yourself for being too weak! As for the thousand-odd employees behind you…”

Before Gu Qingming could finish speaking, her phone rang.

She glanced at the caller ID and pressed the speaker button.

“Director Zhang!” Gu Qingming called out to him.

A man’s voice immediately came from the phone.

“Miss, we’ve already asked the legal team to draft a plan to acquire the Chen Shoe Company.
It’s already been sent to your email!”

“Yes, I’ll go back tonight and take a look!” Gu Qingming said expressionlessly.

After hanging up, the surrounding onlookers had different expressions on their faces.

Just now, they had persuaded Gu Qingming to show mercy.
After all, there were more than a thousand employees behind the Chen Corporation.

The next moment, they realized that although the Chen Corporation had gone bankrupt, it did not mean that those employees had lost their jobs.

They could continue working there, but the company had changed its name.

“That’s not right.”

Someone reacted and widened his eyes in disbelief.

“No, if the Chen Shoe Company was acquired by the Gu Corporation, would it become the Gu Corporation’s company?”

“This… should be it, right?”

“Damn, isn’t this turning an employee of the Chen Shoe Company into an employee of the Gu Corporation? I heard that the employee benefits of the Gu Corporation are very good.”

“That’s why Miss Gu said that she only wanted to take revenge on the Chen Shoe Company.
As for the thousand-odd employees of the Chen Corporation, they already know what to do.”

“Tsk tsk, as long as they have their jobs, can still work, and have a salary to support their families, who cares if the boss is the Chen Shoe Company or the Gu Corporation? However, since they have a more capable boss, and the package has immediately improved, I’m afraid most people are willing to change!”

Most people were selfish.

As long as they were better off, it was none of their business if the other party went bankrupt.

Gu Qingming’s expression was cold, and there seemed to be a mocking smile on her lips.
She looked at Chen Youjun and said coldly,

Chen, I’ve already made arrangements for the livelihood of the more than a thousand employees in your company.
What other reputation do you think I’ll have?”

Chen Youjun’s face alternated between green and white, and his lips were trembling with anger.

He thought that if he used the thousand-odd employees under him to threaten Gu Qingming, his company would be saved.

Chen Youjun looked at Gu Qingming as if he was going to eat her alive.
He gritted his teeth and said, “Miss Gu, you’re really scheming! Just for a small matter, you forced my company to go bankrupt and even bought over it.
Don’t you think you’re too ruthless? I worked hard to set up the Chen Shoe Company, but in the end, you took it away easily!”

He was implying that Gu Qingming was narrow-minded, calculative, and ruthless!

When Gu Qingming heard this, her expression turned cold.

She said coldly, “Oh, are you calling me petty? Hehe, Chen Youjun, it seems like you don’t know how your wife offended me, right? Why don’t I ask your wife first?

“Am I narrow-minded and petty? Or are your wife and son too much? Or do you have the intention to let your son marry me and turn the Gu Corporation into Chen Corporation?”

“What?” Chen Youjun was dumbfounded again!

Indeed, he really did not know how his wife and child had offended Gu Qingming.

He knew that his prodigal wife had offended the daughter of the Gu family.
Then, with a word from the daughter of the Gu family, the company was forced to go bankrupt, causing the efforts of more than half of his generation to go down the drain and return to the past!

Chen Youjun punched the pig-faced woman and questioned her angrily, “You prodigal woman, how did you offend Miss Gu?”

At this moment, Wu Sanjiao already knew that their family was really going bankrupt.
She became afraid and cowered.

Faced with her husband’s questioning, she said with fear and guilt in her eyes, “I… I just asked her brother to wipe my shoes…”

Before she could finish, someone burst out laughing and said loudly, “Haha, wipe her shoes? It seems that she’s not completely crazy.
She even knows how to find excuses for herself.

“She clearly bullied her brother because she was rich and wanted him to lick her shoes clean.
Who would have thought that the joke would be on her all of a sudden?”

“Haha, that’s right.
You’re bullying others because you’re rich.
Can’t you allow others to bully you when they are rich?”

“Haha, the most ridiculous thing is that she praised her son to the heavens and even said that Miss Gu is barely worthy of her son.
She keeps addressing her as her daughter-in-law.
How shameless is she?”

When Chen Youjun heard these people’s words, his face turned green and black.

His son was barely worthy of Miss Gu, yet she still called her daughter-in-law?

This was an insult to Miss Gu.
No wonder she was so angry.

Chen Youjun’s heart sank.

His son was an idiot.
How was he worthy of the young lady?

Bullying someone else’s brother and insulting someone else’s daughter was something that no power could tolerate.

At this moment, Chen Youjun was very certain.

His company had gone bankrupt!

His family was finished!

At the thought of this, his blood pressure soared.
Then, his vision turned black and he collapsed.

“Ah, he fainted!”


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