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After kicking Chen Jialiang to the ground, Gao Wenwen raised the bag in her hand and threw it at his face while cursing.

“It’s fine if you’re so ugly, but even your heart is so hideous.
You even want to marry my Mingming.
Where did you get the confidence to think that my Mingming will marry into your family? Ugly man, I’ll beat you to death!”

Chen Jialiang cried out loudly from Gao Wenwen’s beating.
He cried out loudly, “Mom, Mom, quickly save me.
This bad woman hit me!”

“F*ck, he’s not weaned at all!”

“He keeps calling his Mom.
He’s a mother’s baby boy and a giant baby.”

“A giant baby weighing more than 100 kilograms!”

“You stinky woman, what right do you have to hit my son?” Seeing her son being hit, Wu Sanjiao was very angry.

“Hmph, your son deserves a beating!”

“You think too highly of yourself and want my Mingming.
Then I’ll beat you until you don’t want a woman anymore!”

Gao Wenwen swung her bag and kicked.

Shi Yuxin could not help but throw a punch over.

As he waved his fist, he shouted, “Damn it, since I can’t hit women, I’ll hit you.
To think you still want my sister, you ugly freak.
You deserve to die!”

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“Stop, stop!” Wu Sanjiao roared, “I told you to stop!”

As she roared, she did the same as Gao Wenwen.
She lifted the bag in her hand and swung it at Hua Yuxin.

“B*stard, he hit someone! He hit someone! Call the police! Call the police!”

However, her shouting did not evoke any sympathy or pity from anyone.
The people around her were all watching the commotion.

Hehe, this was the consequence of bullying others.

Previously, if she didn’t go too far, the incident would have ended peacefully.
Now, she had implicated her son and ended up being beaten up.

As for the mall’s security guards, they had already received instructions from the higher-ups to let these people settle their own personal grudges, so they pretended not to see or hear anything.

Gao Wenwen kicked Chen Jialiang angrily while Shi Yuxin punched Chen Jialiang, and Wu Sanjiao hit Shi Yuxin angrily.
This time, Gu Qingming did not interfere and only watched coldly.

She was not a saint and did not feel pity and sympathy for the two lunatics.


At some point, a thin middle-aged man pulled Wu Sanjiao, who was hitting in anger, over and gave her a hard slap.

The sudden scene made the scene quiet for a moment.
Except for the music in the mall, there was no other sound.

Even Gao Wenwen and Shi Yuxin stopped what they were doing.

Wu Sanjiao’s cheeks were originally swollen like a pig’s head from Gao Wenwen’s beating.
Now, it was obvious that this man had hit her with all his might.

Wu Sanjiao’s face became even more unsightly.

Wu Sanjiao came back to her senses.
When she saw the man who had hit her, she shouted crazily, “Chen Youjun, are you crazy? Why did you hit me? Didn’t you see them bullying us?”

Chen Youjun was furious.
He shouted angrily, “I’m going to hit you!”

With that, he raised his hand and slapped her again.

The man was less than 1.6 meters tall and had a thin body.
Who would have thought that he would have such great strength?

This slap made Wu Sanjiao fall to the ground.

Wu Sanjiao fell to the ground and covered her face.

“Chen Youjun, how dare you hit me? Are you crazy? I’ve been a belle in the village for a long time but I didn’t despise you for being ugly.
When you had no proper job, I married you despite my family’s objections.
I even gave birth to your children and managed the entire family.
Yet you are hitting me now.
Do you still have a conscience?”

His face turned red as he scolded angrily, “Squandering b*tch, this is great.
You’ve ruined our Chen family all at once.
Yes, I have no conscience.
In the future, our family will return to the countryside to farm!”

After hearing Chen Youjun’s words, Wu Sanjiao was stunned for a moment.
She asked curiously, “What do you mean?”

Chen Youjun’s eyes were red as he looked at his wife angrily.
He gritted his teeth and said, “Our Chen family is about to go bankrupt.
Are you satisfied, you prodigal woman? From now on, we’ll go back to the bitter days of farming in the past.”

Wu Sanjiao said in disbelief, “No… Impossible.
Our family’s company is so big and has more than a thousand employees.
How can it be gone just like that? That’s impossible.
Chen Youjun, did you transfer all our assets for that vixen so that you can live a good life with her and abandon us?”

The more she spoke, the more she felt that it was possible.
Another layer of anger surged in her heart.
She scolded angrily, “Chen Youjun, let me tell you.
As long as I’m around, don’t even think about having fun with that vixen.
I, Wu Sanjiao, have lived most of my life for you and this family.
Now that our lives are better, are you thinking of abandoning me? Hmph, dream on!”

The surrounding onlookers became more and more excited.

At the same time, they looked at Chen Youjun with sympathy and pity.

Tsk tsk, what kind of wife did this man marry?

Not only was she unappealing, but with such an unreasonable and shrewish character, they would definitely quarrel every day.

Any other man would have cheated.

Someone could not help but laugh.
“Isn’t it normal for your man to find a woman outside?”

“Haha, with such a strong and burly figure, aren’t you afraid of crushing your husband to death?”

“Hehe, such a prodigal woman.
Whoever marries her is really unlucky.
Such a huge family business is gone just like that.”

Everyone present understood that the Chen family’s downfall was not because of a mistress, but because Wu Sanjiao had offended someone she should not have offended!

Chen Youjun listened to his wife’s endless scolding and roared, “Shut up! Wu Sanjiao, let me tell you, our Chen family’s huge company is gone just because you offended someone!”

When he thought about how he had received a call from President Zhang of the Gu Corporation to terminate the contract more than ten minutes ago, he was stunned.

The other party even openly told him that their collaboration had been canceled because his wife had offended their Miss.

What frightened him the most was that the Gu Corporation would no longer cooperate with the Chen Corporation or its partners.

Most of his company’s customers were here for the Gu Corporation.
As soon as the Gu family spoke, the other partners canceled their collaboration.

The remaining orders were simply a drop in the bucket.
It would be difficult to maintain the company’s operations and the Chen Shoe Company would be bankrupt within a short period of time.

Miss Gu!

Chen Youjun’s eyes lit up.

“That’s right.
I beg Miss Gu to let the Chen Corporation off!”

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