111 Small Storm in the Mall (1)

“You guys should go out for a walk.
It’s too boring to stay at home!”

After accompanying Grandpa Gu and Grandma Gu for the entire morning, they had just finished lunch when Grandma Gu urged them to go out to play.

Grandma Gu glanced at Shi Hangyu and the others and said to Gu Qingming, “Mingming, it’s rare for your brothers and sisters-in-law to come to Sea City.
Take them to Sea City to shop and buy some gifts for your grandparents to calm them down.”

When Shi Hangyu heard this, he immediately shook his head and refused.
“Grandma, there’s no need.
We should head back.
There’s still a lot of farm work to do at home.”

Grandma Gu said with a smile, “If you can’t finish the farm work, you can hire someone to do it.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a few of you.
Alright, it’s decided.
In a while, I’ll call my in-laws and ask them to hire a few more people to do the work.
You guys can stay in Sea City for two to three days before going back.”

Shi Hangyu wanted to say something else, but Grandpa Gu said unhappily, “Why? Can’t you listen to your elders?”

Shi Hangyu panicked when he saw Grandpa Gu’s unhappy expression.

He immediately explained, “No, no, Grandpa, you’ve misunderstood.
We… we just feel a little embarrassed for disturbing you.”

Grandpa Gu was really unhappy.
His serious face looked very dignified.

He said, “What’s there to disturb? Do you still treat Mingming as your biological sister?”

Shi Hangyu blurted out, “Of course, she’s my biological sister.”

“That’s incredible,” Grandpa Gu said seriously.
“This is your Mingming’s house.
You’re Mingming’s brother and sister-in-law.
Isn’t this your home? Since it’s home, there’s no disturbance.
Then, when we go to your in-law’s house another day, will we be disturbing you too?”

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“Grandpa, please don’t say that!” Shi Hangyu immediately said nervously, “You’re an elder as Mingming’s grandparents.
If you go to our house, you’ll definitely be welcome.
How can you say that you’re disturbing us?”

“There you go.”

Grandpa Gu’s serious face suddenly broke into a smile.
He was very amiable.

He said, “Children, just relax and shop.
Buy whatever you want.
Let Mingming pay for it.
Anyway, Mingming has had a lot of pocket money since she was young.”

Gu Qingming was speechless at the thought of her grandpa offering to squander her money.

Hearing Grandpa Gu’s words, Shi Hangyu, who was originally a little hesitant and embarrassed, immediately smiled.

He smiled and said, “Okay, Grandpa!”

Since they were family, he decided to dispense with any more gestures of courtesy.

Although her sister-in-law, Zhou Xiaoyu, was also thinking about the unfinished farm work at home, she really wanted to see what Sea City looked like.

Gao Wenwen held Grandma Gu’s arm and said with a smile, “Then I’ll be the tour guide today.
I’ll bring you all around and eat all you want.
Then we’ll let Mingming pay!”

“I thought you were the one paying,” Gu Qingming said with a smile.
“So you’re here to cheat me of my money.”

Gao Wenwen said matter-of-factly, “Hmph, you’re the younger sister.
If I don’t scam you, who else can I scam?”

Gu Qingming widened her eyes.
“You’re clearly the younger sister!”

“Hmph, I’m the older sister!” Gao Wenwen said proudly.
“I’ve been the older sister since we were young!”

Gu Qingming immediately spread her hands speechlessly and said, “Alright, you’re the elder sister.
I’ll pay the bill, I’ll pay the bill.”


Everyone in the room laughed!

Under the urging of Grandpa Gu and Grandma Gu, Shi Hangyu, his wife, and his two brothers followed Gao Wenwen and Gu Qingming to Sea City.

Gu Qingming was afraid that her brother and sister-in-law would be too restrained, so she did not bring them to those very high-end places to eat, drink, and play.

However, Gu Qingming did not know that in her eyes, the malls she thought were ordinary places were considered to be luxurious in the eyes of Shi Hangyu and the others.
They did not dare to touch the things out of fear that they damage the things and embarrass their two sisters.

Therefore, they were still very reserved as they walked into the mall and followed closely behind Gu Qingming and Gao Wenwen.

In order to take care of them, Gu Qingming and Gao Wenwen did not let outsiders look at them with prejudice.
The three ladies held one another’s arms and the three men walked side by side.
Other than occasionally looking around out of curiosity, they stared at the three girls and protected them at all times.

Unexpectedly, the three ladies were fine, but Shi Hangyu and the other two men were in trouble.

“What’s wrong with you? Do you have eyes?”

“I’m sorry.
I’m sorry.
I… I didn’t mean to.”

“I’m sorry, country bumpkin!”

The ladies were taking a look at the jewelry when they heard a sharp and ear-piercing voice behind them, as well a familiar voice.

Gu Qingming and the other two turned around and saw their second brother, Shi Yuxin, apologizing to someone.

The person he apologized to was an obese middle-aged woman.
She was dressed in a flashy outfit and was covered in gold.
She was so bright that she almost blinded others.
She was clearly telling everyone that she was a rich and flashy person.

Shi Hangyu frowned and asked, “It’s our fault for stepping on your foot.
But we’ve already apologized.
What else do you want?”

The middle-aged woman looked at them with disdain and sneered, “Hmph, is just a verbal apology enough? If that’s the case, why do you need a police officer? You stepped on my foot and dirtied my shoes.
Don’t you need to wipe my shoes clean and compensate me?”

Shi Hangyu smiled apologetically and said, “This is what I should do, this is what I should do!”

As he spoke, he lowered his head and bent down to wipe her shoes, but Shi Yuxin did it first.

He lowered his head and bent over, then used his own clothes to wipe the shoes.

Unexpectedly, the woman kicked him and said angrily, “Damn country bumpkin, don’t touch my shoes with your dirty clothes!”

Caught off guard, Shi Yuxin was kicked down by the woman.

Shi Yaoqing helped his second brother up and asked angrily, “If we don’t use clothes to wipe, then what do you need us to wipe them with?”

The middle-aged woman raised her head and said arrogantly, “Lick with your mouth.
You have to lick my shoes until I’m satisfied!”

This was simply a humiliation!

When Shi Hangyu and his brothers heard this, they were instantly furious.

Shi Hangyu gritted his teeth and said, “We accidentally stepped on your shoes.
It’s our fault.
We can wipe your shoes clean, but it’s impossible for us to lick them clean with our mouths.
How about this? We’ll compensate you with money for this pair of shoes.
How much do you think it is?”

The middle-aged woman looked at him with contempt and said sarcastically, “Compensate? Can you afford it? 100,000 dollars.
If you bring the money over now, I won’t need you to lick it clean.
How about it?”

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