110 Gao Wenwen’s Worry

Gu Qingming and Gao Wenwen gathered at the entrance of the police station.

After the kidnapping incident, Gao Yang was like a frightened bird.
When Gao Wenwen wanted to come to the police station to give her testimony, he wanted to accompany her personally.
After being rejected repeatedly by his daughter, he arranged for two bodyguards to send her over before he felt at ease.

As for how Gu Qingming knew where the kidnappers were hiding, the two of them had already communicated with each other.
It was the telepathy between the two of them and Gu Qingming’s sixth sense.

As for why she didn’t inform the police, it was because she wasn’t sure.

The police did not suspect anything.

However, when Gu Qingming heard the results of the police’s interrogation of those people, she was shocked.

The reason why they kidnapped Gao Wenwen was that Gao Wenwen had hijacked the business of Liu Tiancheng, the watermelon vendor.

Liu Tiancheng only wanted Li Zhengming to teach Gao Wenwen a lesson.
Who knew that Li Zhengming would think that Gao Wenwen was just a daughter of an ordinary private household and kidnap her?

Unexpectedly, something big happened.

An ordinary self-employed person turned out to be the precious daughter of a real estate tycoon in Sea City.

It seemed their luck wasn’t too good.

Since they had kidnapped Gao Wenwen, it was not logical to let her go just like that.
Therefore, they wanted to do something big.
They extorted 50 million from the hostage’s family.

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Later on, Gu Qingming thwarted their efforts.
Not only did it make their efforts futile, but they also had to face heavy punishment.

But what shocked Gu Qingming was that this group of people kidnapped Gao Wenwen because of her.

She was the one who stopped her uncle from selling watermelons to Boss Liu.
She was also the one who asked Gao Wenwen to come over and buy her uncle’s watermelons.
In the end, she stopped Boss Liu’s business because of this.
This made Boss Liu want to take revenge.

However, he was still in a small county city thousands of miles away, so it was difficult for him to take revenge.
In addition, he still had to keep an eye on the new item he had just taken a fancy to and did not dare to leave easily, so he called Li Zhengming.

Gu Qingming thought of the big case in her previous life and thought to herself in confusion, “Could it be this group of people?”

Gu Qingming told the police what she had eavesdropped on from Liu Tiancheng and voiced her doubts.

As for whether these people were the same group of people from her previous life, she would leave it to the police to investigate.

However, Li Zhengming had kidnapped Gao Wenwen, and Gao Wenwen had overheard the conversation while she was “in a coma.” There was a high chance that it was that group of people.

After Gu Qingming and Gao Wenwen came out of the police station, they sat in a nearby cafe.

Gao Wenwen looked at Gu Qingming seriously and said gratefully, “Mingming, thank you so much this time.
If not for you, I’m afraid I would have really gone to see the King of Hell.”

The gratitude she said this time was not that Gu Qingming had rushed over to save her, but that Gu Qingming had fed her water.

Gu Qingming smiled and said, “Wenwen, you’re my good sister.
There’s no need for us to thank each other.
I think if it were you, you would do the same, right?”

Gao Wenwen and Gu Qingming looked at each other and smiled.

Yes, they were good sisters.

They had been sisters since they were young!

Then, Gao Wenwen followed Gu Qingming back to the Gu family.

She had not seen Grandpa Gu and Grandma Gu for a long time and missed them.

Gao Wenwen’s grandparents were not as open-minded as the Gu family’s grandparents.

They had a preference for boys and always believed that the family needed a boy to inherit the family business.

After Gao Wenwen was born, they had been urging Gao Yang and his wife to have a second child.

If the second child was a girl, she would have to continue to give birth until she delivered a boy.

If they were unwilling to give birth, then they would ask Gao Yang to adopt a son from his brothers.

However, Gao Yang and his wife doted on Gao Wenwen and were unwilling to have a second child.
They were also unwilling to adopt a boy.

Therefore, Gao Wenwen had never been liked by her grandparents.
Similarly, Madam Gao had been picked on by Grandma Gao.

In order not to let his wife and daughter suffer, Gao Yang moved out of the Gao family’s ancestral residence and even decisively split up.

Without asking for a single cent from the Gao family, the family of three lived in a small and dark rented house.

Gao Yang had set his sights on the real estate industry with his unique vision.

Then, with the help of his comrade-in-arms, Gu Jianguo, and other friends, he established his own real estate company.
Later on, it became bigger and bigger.
In just ten years, it developed into a stalwart of Sea City’s real estate scene.

The greater his career, the more family assets he had.
The more Gao Yang was forced by his parents to have a second child.
It was fine if he wanted a boy or not.
They wanted to give the family assets to Gao Yang’s brothers and sons first to prevent outsiders from taking advantage of the family assets.

If others came to the company to cause trouble, he could get the security guards to chase them out.
When his parents came to the company to cause trouble, he could only hide.

Gao Yang’s parents couldn’t catch their son, so they threatened their daughter-in-law.
They even said that if they didn’t have a second child, they would give Gao Wenwen away.
Gao Yang was so angry that he finally lost his temper.

Since he couldn’t do anything to his parents, he would do something to his brothers.

Each of the five brothers had more than three sons, not including illegitimate children.

But Gao Yang only had one daughter.

Since he had established a huge family business, he naturally became a popular person in their eyes.
Everyone wanted to take a bite or even monopolize him.

On the surface, it was to force him to give birth to a son, but in reality, it was to make him transfer the family business he had established to his brothers for free.

The Gao family was a big family in Sea City.

However, the Gao family’s assets were nothing to Gao Yang.

Therefore, it was easy to take revenge on them.

Didn’t they want the money in his hands?

If he made them lose their money first, how could they cause trouble when they ran out of money?

Gao Yang’s revenge made his four brothers complain.

After knowing the reason for his revenge, his parents stopped causing trouble for Gao Wenwen and her mother, and also stopped pressing them into having more children.

What if she really gave birth to a boy? Wouldn’t Gao Yang’s brothers be at a disadvantage?

Anyway, Gao Wenwen was a girl and would get married in the future.
When Gao Yang was gone, wouldn’t she still have to rely on the Gao family?

… .

Yes, Gao Wenwen had many troubles in the Gao family, but her parents had doted on and loved her since she was young.
She had also grown up happily.

She was not liked by her grandparents in the Gao family, but she was loved by Grandpa and Grandma Gu in the Gu family.

Grandpa and Grandma Gu also liked and doted on this girl who had grown up with their granddaughter.
After hearing about unpleasant things about the Gao family, they doted on this child even more.

They doted on her like how they doted on their granddaughter.

Therefore, when Gao Wenwen heard that Grandpa Gu and Grandma Gu, who were traveling abroad, were back, she definitely had to come over to visit the two elders and greet them.

“Grandpa Gu, Grandma Gu, you’re back.
I missed you so much!”

As soon as they arrived at the Gu residence, Gao Wenwen gave the two elders a big hug.

“Kid, you’re only thinking about it now,” Grandma Gu said in amusement.

“How is that possible?” Gao Wenwen said loudly.
“I thought about it in the past.
I’m thinking about it now, and will think about it in the future!”

“Haha, you’re such a sweet talker!”

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