Caught in the Act

The rain had stopped and the blue sky was clear and cloudless.

In the cheap inn, Lin Haotian and Lan Ruomei, who were waiting for news, had been carefree at the beginning.
As time passed, anxiety appeared on their faces.

“Mei’er, will she come?” Lin Haotian asked worriedly.

Lan Ruomei was also a little anxious, but she still comforted him and said, “Haotian, don’t worry.
Gu Qingming has completely fallen in love with you.
Otherwise, a rich family’s daughter wouldn’t be so cheap as to listen to my opinion and ignore her shame to attempt to get into a shotgun marriage with you.”

Although that woman got onto the wrong bed and was pregnant with a bastard, it had still worked for them.

They only needed to use this bastard in Gu Qingming’s womb to knock on the Gu family’s door and force Gu Jianguo to recognize Lin Haotian as his son-in-law.

With Gu Qingming’s trust in them and Lin Haotian’s own ability, it was only a matter of time before the Gu Corporation changed hands.
As for using Gu Qingming, they would just throw what they regard as trash away.

Yesterday, Gu Qingming told them that she was really pregnant.
After learning this news, they were naturally pleasantly surprised and excited.
Then, under their instigation, Gu Qingming laid her cards on the table with her parents.

They were now in this cheap hotel to wait for Gu Qingming’s good news.

The two of them seemed to be very certain that Gu Jianguo and his wife would agree to their relationship and might even let them get married.
But now that it was almost dark, there was no news from Gu Qingming.

After waiting for a moment, Lin Haotian asked anxiously, “Mei’er, why don’t we call her and ask?”

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Lan Ruomei was equally anxious.
She paced back and forth in the house and waved her hand to stop him.
“Let’s wait a little longer! Maybe she’s still fighting her parents.”

She thought for a moment and continued, “You have to know that from the first day you fell in love with her, Gu Jianguo disagreed.
I was the one who came up with the idea of getting her pregnant with your child.
When she has a child, Gu Jianguo and his wife will have no choice but to acknowledge this child.
Acknowledging this child was tantamount to acknowledging your identity.
Gu Qingming is the only daughter of the Gu Corporation.
Since you are her husband, the Gu Corporation will be yours sooner or later.”

Lin Haotian’s eyes lit up, and the anxiety on his face faded slightly.
He hugged Lan Ruomei from behind and said excitedly, “No, Mei’er, I should say that Gu Corporation will be ours sooner or later.”

As he said this, he rubbed his face against Lan Ruomei’s earlobe.
His warm breath hit her cheek, making her restless again.
She moaned.


Then, Lan Ruomei said in a coquettish voice, “Haohao, in the future, the entire Sea City will be ours.
In the future, you will be the chairman of the Gu Group, oh, the chairman of the Lin Corporation, and I will be Mrs.
Lin in the circle of upper-class women.
We will no longer have to live by the rules of others.”

Lin Haotian hugged Lan Ruomei and couldn’t help but feel aroused when he heard her coquettish voice.

He blew warm air into her ear.
“Let’s do it again, Mel,” he said hoarsely.

Immediately, the two of them fell onto the simple bed and went crazy.

Little did they know that the person they were anxiously waiting for was outside the door.
Gu Qingming came over at this moment to catch them in the act.

If not for her previous life, she would not have known that her so-called good husband and best friend had been together from the beginning.

More precisely, the two of them had been true lovers from the beginning.
As for her, she was just a third party who could enjoy wealth.
This was a crime that the two had pinned on her in her previous life.

The two bodyguards in black behind her frowned when they heard the intense voices in the room.
Then, one of the men in black asked respectfully, “Miss, should we rush in now and capture them?”

He was indignant.
Missy had almost severed ties with Master and Madam for this man.
But this man was having sex with another woman in such a rundown hotel.
The most infuriating thing was that this woman was Missy’s best friend.

Gu Qingming did not even frown when she heard such intense voices inside.
After hearing the bodyguard’s words, a cold smile appeared on her lips.
She said coldly, “No need.
If we go in now and disturb them, we will be struck by lightning.”

The two bodyguards looked at each other with confusion in their eyes.
Why was Missy so calm?

The three of them waited outside for a short time before the commotion inside stopped.

Gu Qingming never knew that Lin Haotian was also a member of the endurance team.

Inside, Lin Haotian and Lan Ruomei were hugging each other.

Lan Ruomei suddenly said, “Hao Tian, I’m hungry!”

Lin Haotian pinched her nose lightly and said with a smile, “You little tortoiseshell cat.
Wait here, I’ll go buy you some food now.”

Then he got up and dressed.

Lan Ruomei picked up her phone, checked the time, and frowned again.

“Why isn’t she here at this hour?”

Lin Haotian stopped putting on his clothes for a moment and then frowned.
He was a little puzzled and said, “It’s almost nighttime, right?”

He looked toward the window and checked the sky outside.

“It’s almost six o’clock!” Lan Ruomei said.

She thought for a moment and said, “Hao Tian, call her and ask about the situation!”


Lin Haotian picked up the high-end smart white phone from the bedside table.

Moments later, the familiar ring of a cell phone reached their ears through the door.

Lin Haotian and Lan Ruomei were shocked.

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