104 Confession (1)

Gu Qingming knew that she would have to face this problem sooner or later.

“When you asked to drive your cousin’s car, it was in the Yushan service area.
The Yushan service area was more than 200 kilometers away from Sea City and the kidnappers’ location.
At that time, how did you know where the kidnappers were? How could you barge straight there without any hesitation?” Gu Jianguo asked sharply.

Gu Qingming took a deep breath and stretched out her right hand, revealing a red maple leaf pattern.

She said, “Dad, Mom, I’m afraid you don’t know.
Not long ago, I had a fortuitous encounter!”

Gu Jianguo and Mrs.
Gu looked at the red maple leaves on their daughter’s wrist and were a little puzzled.

Gu asked, “Daughter, when did you get something tattooed on your hand? Hmm, this red maple leaf is so beautiful.”

Gu Qingming explained, “Mom, this isn’t a tattoo.
This pattern is the fortuitous encounter I mentioned!”

Gu Jianguo caught the main point and asked in confusion, “Fortuitous encounter? What fortuitous encounter?”

“Dad, Mom, close your eyes! You’ll know in a while!” Gu Qingming said.

“Ah, why do we have to close our eyes?” Mrs.
Gu asked in confusion as she followed her daughter’s instructions.

“Close your eyes!”

Gu Jianguo did the same.

“Dad, Mom, that’s enough!” Gu Qingming said.

Gu Jianguo and his wife were puzzled.

They had just closed their eyes, but they could already open them.

What was his daughter doing?

Gu Jianguo and his wife opened their eyes almost at the same time and were shocked by the scene in front of them.

Heh, what was that?

It had small and pure white wings, but it looked like a human.
It had arms, legs, and facial features.
There was even a small crown on its little head, making it look like a little angel from the West!

“Daughter… Daughter, what… what is this?”

Even Gu Jianguo, who was an influential figure in Sea City’s business world, was shocked and surprised to suddenly encounter such a thing.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he finished speaking, Kong Xingfan said unhappily, “I’m not a thing.
Oh, no, I’m a thing.
Oh, that’s not right either.
I’m Kong Xingfan, a spatial fairy!”

Gu Qingming was speechless.
How familiar this scene was!

“Spatial fairy?” Mrs.
Gu also came back to her senses.
Looking at such a cute little thing, her eyes lit up.
She asked excitedly, “You said you’re an fairy”

“Yes, I am an fairy!” Kong Xing Fan replied.

“Oh, it’s so beautiful and cute!” After the shock, only Mrs.
Gu was left in awe.
She was about to go forward and hold the little fairy.

The appearance of such a small thing instantly attracted his wife’s attention.
Gu Jianguo was immediately alarmed and afraid that he would lose favor.

Gu Jianguo immediately grabbed his wife’s hand that was about to hold the little thing and said, “Honey, don’t touch it.
Who knows if this thing can be touched?”

Gu Qingming, who knew very well that her father was a jealous person, was immediately speechless.

She said, “Mom, he’s a spatial fairy.
He won’t hurt us.”

Gu Jianguo glared fiercely at his daughter, who had undermined him.

Gu immediately let go of Mr.
Gu’s hand and was about to hold the spatial fairy.

Kong Xingfan also liked Mrs.
It flew into Mrs.
Gu’s palm on its own and made a cute expression.
It greeted her happily, “Hello, Master’s mother! You look so young and beautiful!”

Gu, who was praised for being young and beautiful, looked at the little thing in her hand and replied happily, “Hello, Little fairy.
You’re also so cute.
Oh, you’re really too cute.”

Although Mrs.
Gu was a tyrant when she was angry, she was actually a young girl at heart.
She liked pink and beautiful and cute things.

Kong Xingfan’s appearance simply appealed to her inclination for cuteness.

Gu gently stroked Kong Xingfan’s little head and wings.
Her eyes sparkled as she asked happily, “Little spatial fairy…”

“Master, my name is Kong Xingfan now!” The space elf corrected her.
“You can call me Little Kong or Little Ling!”

“Alright, Little Kong, why are you here?” Mrs.
Gu asked curiously.

Gu Jianguo’s heart skipped a beat and he immediately reacted.

He looked at Gu Qingming and asked in confusion and sharpness, “Gu Qingming, how did this little thing come about?”

Gu Jianguo was very dissatisfied with the little fairy who had attracted his wife’s attention the moment it appeared.
“The doors and windows here are sealed, so it’s impossible for it to fly in.
Therefore, this little thing seems to have appeared out of thin air.”

Gu Qingming held back her laughter.
Yes, her jealous father was still rational.

It was rare to see her father jealous.
Of course, she wanted to watch for a while longer.

She originally thought that his attention was on the little fairy, but she did not expect that because he was jealous, he would vent his dissatisfaction with the little fairy on her.

Gu Qingming said very seriously, “Dad, this is what I’m telling you.
This little fairy is a spatial fairy.
It came from an planet billions of light years away from ours.
Three thousand years ago, it came to our planet and was seriously injured…”

She explained the origins of the spatial fairy and the process of signing the contract.

Gu Qingming hid the fact that she had been reborn.

She said, “A few days ago, when I was looking for that scumbag, I passed by the flower bed in Lishui Bay and was stabbed in the hand by a flower branch.
There was blood, and the blood happened to drip onto an inconspicuous blackish-gray stone.

“This stone is the cultivation form of a spatial fairy.
After my blood dripped onto its body, it absorbed it.
Then, we inexplicably signed a contract.”

Gu Jianguo was the first to react.
“How can it be so coincidental? Could it have been set up?”

As he said this, his gaze swept across Kong Xingfan, who was being held in the palm of his wife’s hand.

“No!” Gu Qingming shook her head.

“You signed a contract with it.
What contract is it? Will it hurt you?” Gu Jianguo asked seriously and concernedly.

“Dad, don’t worry.
It won’t hurt me, nor can it hurt me,” Gu Qingming replied seriously.
“I signed a master-servant contract with it.
I’m the master, and it is the servant.
If it hurts me, it’s hurting himself.”

At this point, Gu Qingming explained again, “Dad, don’t look at the little fairy with prejudice.
Don’t think that he’s lived for thousands of years.
In fact, it is very innocent, just like a child in its teens.”

Gu Jianguo gave her a look.
“Children in their teens are not simple anymore!”

Madam Gu was playing with Kong Xingfan as she listened to Father Gu’s words.
She immediately said in dissatisfaction, “You’re just too vigilant.
It’s just a small fairy.
He’s not even as thick as two of our fingers.
What harm can it do? Can it bite you or kick you?”

Gu Qingming was speechless.

“Mom, you’re underestimating fairies.”

It could really bite and kick.

Of course, it was better not to tell her mother and make her worry.

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