103 Just a Superficial Injury

Gao Yang took his daughter’s physical examination report and asked worriedly, “Chen Shen, is there really nothing wrong with my daughter’s body? I see many injuries on her body.
There must be more.
Check carefully again.
There are so many injuries.
They look so serious.”

He had heard from his daughter that she had been beaten until she could not fight back and was almost killed by the leader of the kidnappers.

It sounded so serious.
How could she be fine after coming to the hospital for a checkup?

He seriously suspected that there was something wrong with the hospital’s inspection equipment.

Chen Shen said in amusement, “Gao Yang, others can’t wait for their child to be unharmed.
You, on the other hand, look like you can’t wait for the child to suffer more damage.”

He and Gao Yang were old classmates and had a good relationship, so his tone was still relatively casual.

Gao Yang laughed and shook his head.
“I definitely can’t wait for my daughter to be uninjured.
It’s just that you don’t know how scary the marks on her body look.
I’m afraid that she’ll have internal injuries.
Chen Shen, you don’t know.
Wenwen said that if Mingming hadn’t arrived in time, she probably wouldn’t have survived.”

Doctor Chen smiled and said, “Wenwen is a blessed child.
Don’t worry.
The wounds on Wenwen’s body look serious, but they’re actually superficial wounds.
We don’t even need to prescribe medicine.
We just need to apply some external medicine.”

Gao Yang was pleasantly surprised.
“Ah, really? That’s great.
Alright, I understand.
Thank you, old classmate.
I’ll treat you to a meal another day.
I’ll bring Wenwen home now and let her rest well.
After resting, she still has to go to the police station to make a statement!”

“Okay, then it’s a deal!” Chen Shen replied with a smile.

Gao Yang took the physical examination report and found Gao Wenwen.
He smiled happily and said, “Wenwen, according to the physical examination, other than some superficial wounds, you’re completely fine.
Thank God, the heavens have blessed you!”

Gao Wenwen’s eyes lit up when she heard that.
She said happily, “Dad, really? That’s great.
Then let’s go home quickly.
I’m so sleepy!”

Actually, Gao Wenwen was puzzled.

She knew very well whether she was injured or not.
She had her lungs kicked and vomited blood.
It was impossible for her to be fine.

Before Gu Qingming fed her water, she was already unconscious.
The pain in her body and the weakness in her entire body were signs that it was impossible for her to only suffer superficial injuries.

However, after Gu Qingming fed her water, everything happened too quickly and she did not realize that her stamina was slowly recovering.
Then, after working with Gu Qingming to defeat Lei Wenjun, she sat on the ground weakly and did not realize the problem at all.

Now, she realized that the water Gu Qingming fed her when she was unconscious was definitely not ordinary water.

Ordinary water could allow a severely injured person to recover a little strength, but it definitely could not allow one to recover so quickly and so well.

Now, she, who originally thought that her internal injuries were serious, was told that she had just suffered superficial wounds.

So, what kind of divine water did Gu Qingming feeher?

Of course, this water was too shocking.
She would definitely help keep it a secret.
She would not even tell her parents.
If Gu Qingming did not take the initiative to tell her, no matter how curious she was, she would not ask.

Gao Yang thought that Gao Wenwen had really only suffered a superficial wound and felt relieved.
He brought Gao Wenwen home happily.

On the other side, Gu Jianguo was in the study and asked very seriously, “Gu Qingming, tell us how you knew where the kidnappers were hiding.”

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