102 The Little Fairy Has a Name

When Madam Gu came out of the study, Shi Hangyu and his brothers, who were waiting in the living room, stared at their aunt in unison, as if they wanted to see something from her face.

However, their aunt still looked noble and elegant.

Madam Gu was baffled by their stares.
She paused for a moment, then thought of something and her expression changed slightly.
Then, she regained her calm, noble, and elegant posture.

She smiled and asked, “Mingming was willful and made you guys worry for the entire day.
You must be hungry.
I’ve already gotten someone to cook.
After dinner, go to your room and rest.”

Shi Hangyu and the others secretly sized up their aunt.
One really could not judge a book by its cover.
They could not tell at all that their aunt was so shocking and terrifying.

“Okay!” Shi Hangyu and the others nodded and replied.
Then, they looked in the direction of the study and asked, “Aunt, Sister, is she alright?”

Gu smiled and said, “She’s fine.
She’s fine.”

It was just that her palm was swollen and she was too embarrassed to come out to meet them.
She was afraid that she would embarrass herself in front of her brothers and sister-in-law.

When Shi Hangyu heard this, he secretly heaved a sigh of relief.
He secretly glanced at his aunt and said carefully, “Aunt, Mingming was just eager to save someone.
Since she already knows her mistake, don’t blame her.”

He was a junior.
It was not appropriate for him to say this to his aunt.

However, they really doted on their younger sister and naturally did not want her to suffer any grievances.
Even if they taught her a lesson as her mother’s aunt, their hearts would ache.

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When Mrs.
Gu heard this, she said in amusement and anger, “I know you guys feel sorry for Mingming.
As her mother, I also feel sorry for her.
It’s just that this child is used to being willful.
She didn’t even inform us regarding such a big matter and rushed straight to such a dangerous place.
She was making everyone worried and afraid.”

Looking at the brothers’ gazes, Madam Gu sighed and said, “Sigh, we gave Mingming latitude to do what she wanted previously, but she came back with a child.
Now, she even sought out danger alone.
If I don’t teach her a lesson now, will she do something earth-shattering again? As an old mother, I’m worried!”

Shi Hangyu asked curiously, “Aunt, what kind of lesson did you teach Ming’er?”

Gu smiled but did not answer.

His daughter was thin-skinned, so she should save her some dignity.

Not long after, the head chef of the Gu family made a sumptuous meal.

Everyone’s worried hearts relaxed, and their tense mental state relaxed.
They were also in the mood to eat and drink.

Everyone had been busy for the entire day and night.
They were indeed tired and hungry.

After everyone ate, they washed up and went to rest.

As for Gu Qingming, she hid in the room and looked at her swollen eyes, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

However, it was worth it to let her parents vent their anger.

“Master, you can go back to the space to wash up.
The swelling will go away soon.” The little fairy saw Gu Qingming’s swollen palm in the space, and it’s small eyes were filled with heartache.

Gu Qingming shook her head and said, “No need!”

This was a lesson her parents had taught her.
She could not just erase it.

The fairy didn’t quite understand.

Gu Qingming did not explain.
She said gratefully to the little fairy, “Little fairy, thank you so much!”

The little fairy shook its head and said, “Master, this is what I should do.
Don’t keep thanking me!”

At this point, the little fairy flapped its cute white wings and pointed its little fingers at her.
It lowered its eyes slightly and said embarrassedly, “Master, can you not keep calling me little fairy? I have a name.”

“Huh?!” Gu Qingming was a little surprised.
“You… you have a name?”

“Yes, I’m a spatial fairy.
According to the name of our fairy world, my name is Kong Xiaoling!”

“Pfft!” Hearing this name, Gu Qingming couldn’t help but laugh.
Then, she asked curiously, “Then are your earth fairies and water fairies called Tu Xiaoling and Shui Xiaoling?”

“That’s right, Master.
How did you know?” The spatial fairy asked in confusion.
“That’s how we name ourselves in our fairy world.”

Gu Qingming nodded and said, “Oh, oh, I understand!”

Therefore, there were a lot of different spirits in the fairy world.

It wasn’t so much their names as the code names between them.

Gu Qingming thought for a moment and probed, “Xiaoling, do you want to name yourself differently from what you are called in your world?”

“Different names?” The spatial fairy fell into deep thought.
“I’ve been on the Aqua Blue Planet for so long.
Of course, I know that everyone’s name on the Aqua Blue Planet is different.
Even if there’re similarities, their surnames or first names would be different.
There are people with the same name, but there are very few of them.”

The spatial fairy’s eyes widened as it said excitedly, “Yes, yes, I want a different name.
Master, quickly give me one.”

Gu Qingming smiled and said, “We can adopt the Kong character as your surname.
As for your name, I still have to think about it!”

Actually, she was also trash at naming.

She felt that Kong Xiaoling’s name sounded good.

However, the little fairy said that all spatial fairies had such names in their world, so this name seemed too common.

“Then Master, quickly think about it.” The spatial fairy desperately wanted a name that was different from her siblings.

Gu Qingming thought for a moment and said, “Why don’t you call yourself Kong Xingfan? Xing refers to our Aqua Blue Planet; Fan refers to someone who has descended to the mortal world.
The entire meaning is that you’re a little fairy who has descended to the Aqua Blue Planet!”

Of course, the meaning was only known to the master and servant.

The spatial fairy raised its head slightly and looked at the sky.
It said, “Kong Xingfan, Kong Xingfan, the little fairy who descended to the Aqua Blue Planet.”

Then, its eyes lit up and its said excitedly, “Alright, Master.
This name is good.
Let’s call it that!”

Kong Xingfan, Kong Xingfan.
In the future, when it returned to the fairy world, it could show off to its siblings.
It had once been to the Aqua Blue Planet and even had its own name there.

Gu Qingming smiled and touched its little head.
“Alright, in the future, your main name will be Kong Xingfan.
What about your nickname? Will it be Little Star or Little Fanfan, or Little Ling?”

“Yes, my nickname is Little Ling!” Kong Xingfan thought for a moment and said, “My name is Little Ling.
Let me remember that I’m a little fairy!”

Gu Qingming nodded and said, “Alright, Xiao Ling!”

… .

In Gu Jianguo and his wife’s bedroom, Mrs.
Gu was applying the medication for her husband.
When she saw her swollen palm, Mrs.
Gu said with heartache, “I asked you to hit her yourself, and you really did it! Look, your hand is red and swollen.
I can’t even look at it anymore.”

Gu Jianguo smiled and said, “I have to listen to my wife!”

Gu said in amusement, “You’re the only one who knows how to talk nonsense!”

Then, she lowered her head and carefully applied the medication on her husband.

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