101 The Outrageous Mrs.

Gao Yang and the others were picked up by the Gu family on the way.

After the Gu family received Gu Qingming, they finally relaxed.

After sizing up and checking Gu Qingming from head to toe and confirming that she was indeed safe and sound, their expressions changed.

One by one, they began to scold Gu Qingming.

“Gu Qingming, you’re really bold!”

Gu Jianguo lectured with a fierce expression, “You barged into a thief’s nest.
Those were vicious people.
You’re really lucky to be able to return alive.

“You want to be a hero who catches evil people.
Have you ever thought about your parents who are worried about you as well as your brothers and sister-in-law who blame themselves and feel guilty for you? Our Gu family has really produced a heroine!”

Gu Jianguo mocked her openly.

“Why do you think that you can fight all the enemies in the world just because you’ve learned a few moves? Or do you think you’re lucky that nothing will happen to you?”

Gu Qingming lowered her head and listened obediently.

Although her impulsiveness this time made everyone worried, she did not regret it at all.

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As long as she could save Gao Wenwen, what she did would be meaningful!

Gao Yang listened from the side and said guiltily, “Jianguo, I’m sorry.
Mingming was worried and anxious because something happened to my child, so she was impulsive.”

With that, he glanced at Gu Qingming, who was listening obediently with her head lowered, and continued.

“Speaking of which, I really have to thank Mingming.
If not for Mingming, I don’t know when my Wenwen would have been found.
I wonder if she would have been safe?

“I heard from Wenwen that it was all thanks to Mingming’s timely arrival that Wenwen was saved from those criminals! It’s my Wenwen who implicated Mingming.”

Gu Jianguo said generously, “Gao Yang, this is not your fault.
Wenwen and my Ming’er grew up together and have a deep relationship.
They’re like biological sisters.
Now that something like this has happened to Wenwen, Mingming will definitely rescue her.

“However, this child’s rescue approach was too reckless.
If you know where the kidnappers are hiding, inform the police or inform us.
Aren’t we in a position to rescue Wenwen compared to a pregnant person like you?” Gu Jianguo continued to rebuke his daughter.

After Gu Jianguo met Shi Hangyu, he analyzed it with the time difference.
Coupled with the call Gao Yang received from Gu Qingming, he immediately determined that Gu Qingming might have known where Gao Wenwen had been kidnapped when she was in the service area.

Then, she didn’t tell anyone that she had reached her target.
It was very likely that she had called Gao Yang after confirming it.

If she had told the police or informed their families to save Gao Wenwen, would she need to go alone?

Thinking of this, Gu Jianguo was angry and anxious, but he was helpless against his precious daughter.

This daughter was especially stubborn.
No one knew who she took after.
If she made a decision, not to mention eight horses, even eighteen horses would not be able to pull her back.

He was also subconsciously ignoring his wife’s stubborn character.

As a wife slave, even her shortcomings were good points that he admired.

As for how she knew where the kidnappers were hiding, he had to ask her properly.

Gu looked at the father and daughter and smiled gently.
“Hubby, since the child is back safely, we’re relieved.
Baby should be tired.
Let’s go home quickly and let her rest and recuperate!”

The last sentence was as gentle as it could be.

The father and daughter shuddered.

Oh no, Mrs Gu.
was going to flare up!

The gentler her mother’s tone was, the angrier she was.

When she was angry, it would be earth-shattering!

Gu Qingming immediately looked to her father for help.

Gu Jianguo shrugged and gave her a helpless look.

Gao Wenwen and Gu Qingming separated and returned home.

The moment Gu Qingming returned home, she closed the door.


“Gu Qingming!”

An earth-shattering shout almost made Shi Hangyu, his wife, and his brothers, who had followed them back, stagger.
They subconsciously covered their ears.

They looked at each other with puzzled expressions, as if they were asking each other.

“Is that Auntie’s voice?”

Eldest Sister-in-law asked doubtfully.

“This… this should be, right?”

From the sound of it, it was hers.

“No, isn’t Aunt a very gentle person?” Sister-in-law asked again in confusion.

Ever since she married into the Shi family, her aunt had been gentle every time she saw her.
She was concerned about them and spoke to them amiably.

She had never seen her aunt lose her temper.

Naturally, she did not know that when her aunt lost her temper, she was so… so, um, so scary.

Not to mention that Eldest Sister-in-law had never seen her aunt lose her temper, even Shi Hangyu and his brothers had never seen her in a furious state.

Every time their aunt came back, she would smile and show her concern about them gently and patiently.
She would care about their studies.
When they were young, she would buy them all kinds of toys and clothes.
When they grew up, she would give them red packets and let them buy whatever they liked.

But… but they had never seen their aunt when she was mad.

Shi Yaoqing looked around the house and said in a low voice, “But I heard that Aunt has been an overlord in the village since she was young.

“In her age, not only was she invincible in the entire village, but no children in the surrounding villages were her match.
Even boys who were several years older than her couldn’t win against her.”

When everyone heard about their aunt’s great achievements, they all felt deep veneration.

They had always thought that their aunt was beautiful, gentle, noble, and elegant and never expected to see this side of her.

They imagined their cute and adorable aunt when she was young.
After fighting with someone, she would have a cute little swollen face.
She would put her hands on her waist and look smug.
They immediately shuddered.

The scene was too cute and adorable.
They really did not dare to imagine it.

Outside, the nephews were discussing their aunt’s glorious achievements when she was young.
Inside, Shi Yashu held a ferule in one hand and said with a serious expression, “Gu Qingming, you’re really bold.
You actually dare to go to the kidnappers’ nest alone to save someone! Give me your hand!”

When Gu Qingming heard this, she shivered and said softly, “Mom, I… I’m about to become a mother.
Can you not hit my palm?”

Having her palm hit was too embarrassing!

“Yes, so you know that you’re about to become a mother?” Mrs.
Gu said sternly.
“Then why didn’t you think of it when you went to the kidnappers’ nest alone?”

Gu Qingming shrank her head and did not dare to make a sound.

Gu Jianguo looked at his precious daughter’s pitiful appearance from the side and immediately said to his wife with heartache, “Madam, she knows her mistake.
Why don’t we stop hitting her palm?”

Gu glanced at him.
“Why? Does your heart ache?”

It was as if she would hit his palm if he dared to respond!

Gu shuddered and had a strong desire to save himself.
He shook his head and said, “No, no.
I’m not feeling sorry for her.
I… I’m feeling sorry for you.
Look, the child is already so big.
You have to hit her hard, right? You know that this force interacts.”

Gu smiled and nodded.
“That’s true.”

Then, she handed the ferule to Mr.
Gu and said, “Then you can do it!”

Father Gu was speechless.

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