ing, are you still my good sister? You actually poked my wound!” Gao Wenwen said resentfully.

Gao Yang said in amusement, “You’re the one who said that it doesn’t hurt.
Mingming is proving that your wound really hurts.”

As long as she was fine, a little injury was nothing.

Then, Gao Yang’s expression changed and he lectured Gu Qingming, “Mingming, I know that your relationship with my Wenwen is like that of a biological sister.
If something happens to Wenwen, you’re also anxious and worried.

“But you, child, are too reckless and impulsive.”

How could you break into the thieves’ nest alone? Did you treat your parents and these police officers as decorations?

“How dangerous is it for you to be alone? What if something happens to you before Wenwen’s matter is resolved? How sad will your parents be?”

Gu Qingming lowered her head and listened to Gao Yang’s lecture seriously.
Then, she admitted her mistake sincerely.
“I’m sorry, Uncle Gao.
It’s my fault for making you worry!”

Gao Yang was speechless.

This child admitted her mistake so quickly that it was difficult for him to continue reprimanding her.

He had always treated Gu Qingming as his daughter.

If something happened to Gu Qingming because of Wenwen, how could he face his old friend?

“Sigh, you child.” Gao Yang sighed softly and said, “I know that you’ve always been more obedient and sensible than Wenwen, but this time, you’re acting like a fool.
What can I say?”

Gao Wenwen said unhappily, “Dad, Mingming came to save me alone.
She should be taught a lesson.
But it was also because Mingming came that I survived.
You don’t know, but these despicable kidnappers not only want to extort our family’s money, but they also want to play with me and sell me.”

“What?” Gao Yang was furious.
“These people deserve to die!”

With that, Gao Yang kicked the three kidnappers angrily.

The kidnapper,s who had been pulled up by the police and was about to be escorted to the car, fell to the ground again.

In the end, Gao Yang was still angry and punched and kicked them again.

The three kidnappers were tied up and could not move, let alone retaliate.
They were kicked and beaten.

A moment later, the police pulled Gao Yang back and persuaded him, “Mr.
Gao, calm down.
These people have done illegal things.
What awaits them is the most severe punishment.
In the future, they won’t harm anyone again and do those outrageous things.”

After Gao Yang kicked Lei Wenjun again, he finally felt a little relieved.

He said, “Hmph, you people, just wait for the harshest judgment of the law!”

Then, he returned to the two children and said, “Wenwen, Mingming, it’s fine.
Let’s go back!”

One of the police officers came over and said, “Mr.
Gao, your daughter and Miss Gu might have to follow us back to the police station to make a statement!”

Gao glanced at the two children and said, “Officer, can you let them go back and eat something first before going to the hospital for a checkup? It would be great if they could rest at home before going to the police to make the statement?”

The police officer looked at them and nodded.
Please hurry!”

“Alright, definitely!”

Gao Wenwen then said to the police, “Officer, these people are actually…”

She told him what she had heard when she eavesdropped on the kidnappers.

“Okay, Miss Gao, we understand.
Thank you, Miss Gao, for providing us with important information!”

Gao Yang left with the two children.
The police had to stay behind to take photos and restore the scene.

In the car, after hearing Gao Wenwen’s story, Gao Yang thanked Gu Qingming sincerely.
“Thank you, Mingming! If it weren’t for you, I wonder if Wenwen…”

Gu Qingming waved her hand and said, “Uncle Gao, Wenwen is my sister.
It’s my responsibility to save her.
You don’t have to thank me.”

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