“Oh my god, did I just dare to touch the protagonist’s woman?!”

In a daze, he seemed to see Miss Lu Yuliu holding a three-foot blade, pointing it at his lower body.

He instantly snapped out of it.

“Cough-Cough, sorry junior sister, I lost control… But this time, Junior Sister, you really helped me a lot.”

Reluctantly releasing the girl in his embrace, Luo Wusheng took a deep breath and calmed down, using his internal energy to suppress his bodily instincts.

The imaginary swordswoman disappeared from his sight, and the face of Bai Xiaoyao once again came into view.

But this little girl looked a bit strange.

She was motionless, and even had her head lowered, with her ears slightly red…

Could it be that she was feeling shy?

No, that couldn’t be it.
This demoness was always teasing others and enjoying their embarrassed reactions.
When had she ever been shy herself?

Thinking of how Bai Xiaoyao and Lu Yuliu interacted in the original story, Luo Wusheng instinctively denied his immature thoughts.

Sure enough, the next moment, the demoness lifted her head, her face filled with a smile, with no trace of shyness visible at all.

“Hehe, Senior Brother~ how does Xiaoyao feel in your arms?”

The demoness teased without a care.

“Don’t use such suggestive language.”

Luo Wusheng rolled his eyes at her, but when he remembered the sensation from earlier, he couldn’t help but evaluate, “Hmm… it’s very soft…”

Bai Xiaoyao was taken aback, and a hint of awkwardness flashed across her face.

Then she heard her senior brother add, “It’s just that you’re a bit thin, you’re still young, remember to eat more every day.”

The demonnes’s face immediately turned cold.

Luo Wusheng was very proud of himself for being able to turn dangerous and suggestive remarks into caring words from an elder.

“Well, these materials and the presence of the craftsman you brought have made my original plan much easier.
This way, I’ll have more confidence when reopening the Demon Artifact Pavilion in seven days.
As for this guy… he has someone else to answer for his wrongful deeds.
Let’s leave him to Little Hu and the others to deal with.”

He closed the box containing the captured craftsman, Lu Bin, intending to use it as a gift for the four officers who helped him.

Killing him was not an option, as the four junior students were not that cruel, but they definitely wouldn’t let him off easily.

“So why did senior brother want them to go to the Trial Martial Art arena? With their level of cultivation and status, they don’t have any good spells or even ordinary weapons, and I’m afraid only that guy named Wang Wude can barely win a few rounds.”

Bai Xiaoyao asked in boredom.

The Trial Martial Arena was set up in each of the four districts of the royal city, specifically for Qi-Refining stage cultivators to compete in battles.

And the task that Luo Wusheng assigned to the four young man was to go to the martial arena in each district and compete with other cultivators.

“My clever junior sister, how could you not see what I want to do?”

Luo Wusheng felt that he was getting more and more familiar with his junior sister.
He could feel from her tone of voice that this demoness had already seen through his intentions.

But the good news was that the frequency of Bai Xiaoyao calling him “Senior Brother” was increasing, which was a sign of her growing fondness for him.

“Senior Brother is confident…that they will use the mundane weapons from the Demon Artifact Pavilion to stand undefeated on the martial arena in a few days?”

Bai Xiaoyao narrowed her eyes slightly.

Luo Wusheng nodded with a smile.

Indeed, just as the little demonnes said, this was his plan.

What could be more heart-touching than a reversal of events from being a loser to a genius? The traffic generated from this turnaround, which had been suppressed for several days, would be enormous.

However, Bai Xiaoyao furrowed her brows.

“If everything goes smoothly, the other refining pavilions in the royal city will certainly not sit idly by and watch the rise of the Demon Artifact Pavilion…”

“Don’t worry, I have a plan.”

Luo Wusheng was confident.

Although she was curious about where her senior brother’s confidence came from, Bai Xiaoyao did not ask and simply nodded obediently.

She also did not think that her senior brother would fail so easily, and even if he did, it did not matter much.
As a Holy Maiden of the Demon Sect, she did not care much about a small Demon Artifact Pavilion

However, she was a little concerned about her senior brother now.

So she lowered her voice a little.

“Senior brother, have you ever thought about why the Demon Sectt, despite the huge flaws in the Demonic Artifact Refining techniques, still regularly seeks disciples with potential to study these techniques, and even keeps this Demon Artifact Pavilion that is already running at a loss?”

Hearing the demoness’ words, Luo Wusheng was suddenly taken aback.

This was a question he had never considered before.

The original storyline made him feel that the existence of these things was reasonable, and even if there were some inconsistencies, he only thought it was a design flaw of the author.

After all, it was not an important part of the story, and it was normal for there to be some inconsistencies in the setting.

But now, this was the real world.

As a result, the existence of these loopholes clearly became unreasonable.

The Demon  Sect’s Holy Maiden would not be a fool.
Even if the Demon Artifact Pavilion was insignificant to the Demon Sect, it was still unreasonable to allow the existence of a deficit project.

When things go against the norm, there must be something fishy.

But what is the reason?

Luo Wusheng looked at his junior sister with a look of inquiry.

However, Bai Xiaoyao shook her head and said, “I don’t know the reason, but senior brother still needs to be careful.
Perhaps there are still some mysteries here.”


Unfortunately, the original storyline in his memory did not provide any explanation for this matter, so his biggest cheat did not work.

Luo Wusheng felt that he could not come up with any reason at the moment, so he simply kept his doubts in his heart.

Demon Sect’s Holy Maiden…

He hoped that his cheap master would not do anything strange.

Shaking his head, he looked at Bai Xiaoyao, who still had a worried expression on her face, and his heart warmed.

It seemed that his junior sister still cared about him.

He hoped that after he was with the real protagonist, he would not forget his senior brother because of love.

Luo Wusheng joked to himself in his heart, feeling inexplicably relaxed.
So he asked with a very relaxed tone:

“Junior sister, do you like white or black?”


Bai Xiaoyao obviously did not react to how this conversation had jumped to this topic.

However, the demoness quickly adjusted her mindset.

She pondered for a moment.

If she had to choose based on her own preferences, then it was true that she leaned towards white, as could be seen from her usual clothing.

But as she looked at her black-clothed, calm and handsome senior brother in front of her, she suddenly felt that black was not bad either?

Thinking of this, the demoness chuckled lightly.

“Recently, I’ve been more fond of black.”

With her junior sister’s answer, Luo Wusheng nodded thoughtfully.

Hmm, a black-clothed demoness…

Not bad!

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