Bai Xiaoyao has arrived in the royal city!

When this demon girl with her otherworldly beauty arrived in the royal city, almost all the forces that were paying attention to the city got the news.

But everyone was secretly inquiring about the news and no one dared to provoke this girl.

Ignoring the Demon Sect force that are backing this demoness, the girl herself is not someone that is easy to mess around with.

Although her cultivation at the Perfected Foundation Establishment stage may not be considered high, Bai Xiaoyao has the shocking record of single-handedly killing a Golden Core cultivator.

Moreover, the demon girl is good at playing with people’s hearts, and disciples of various sects have been played around by her charming looks.

At this moment, the elders of various forces in the royal city had already restrained their disciples who were infatuated with her, to avoid any interaction with the demon girl.

Do not get close to this demoness, it will lead to nothing but misfortune.

But there was one person who rushed to Bai Xiaoyao’s side.

“Miss Xiaoyao, it’s been a year, and you’re still so beautiful.”

The elegant and graceful young man in white clothes and a folding fan blocked Bai Xiaoyao’s path with a carefree smile.

Bai Xiaoyao frowned slightly, her face showing some impatience, and glanced casually at the guy.

“Who are you?” she asked with a hint of disdain in her tone.

In fact, she had already recognized this self-important young man as Lin Qingfeng, a disciple of the younger generation of the Taoist sect.
He was considered to be one of the outstanding talents of the Taoist sect in this generation, but his talent was still not enough to compare with the peerless talent of the Demon Sect’s Holy Saint in front of Bai Xiaoyao.

But this guy had no self-awareness, and had been pestering Bai Xiaoyao in every possible way a year ago.
The real reason behind this pestering also made Bai Xiaoyao have a lot of resentment towards him.

However, if it were the old days, the demoness would not mind chatting with him for a few words.
But for some reason, Bai Xiaoyao had completely lost this intention now.

“I’m sorry, but I have to go now,” Bai Xiaoyao said, trying to bypass him.

But this guy moved his body and blocked her way again.

“Don’t be in such a hurry to leave, Miss Xiaoyao,” Lin Qingfeng said, his smile becoming more obvious but also somewhat stiff.
“I heard that Miss Xiaoyao is going to work at the Demon Artifact Pavilion? If that’s the case, I would like to invite you to come to my Taoist Artifact Pavilion.
As the head of the Taoist Artifact Pavilion, I can offer Miss Xiaoyao a guest position.
Regardless of any aspect of treatment, it is guaranteed to be better than the Demon Artifact Pavilion.
I don’t think the Demon Sect would object, would they?”

Lin Qingfeng straightened up, seeming quite pleased with himself.”

He felt that compared to being an official in a place like the Demon Artifact Pavilion, which was not far from collapse, his Taoist Artifact Pavilion was obviously more attractive.

And the guest officials don’t even need to do anything for Bai Xiaoyao, it’s like giving money to the other party for free.

Bai Xiaoyao blinked.

This guy is actually the master of the Taoist Artifact Pavilion… if he were to be tied up and given as a gift to his senior brother, I wonder what his reaction would be?

But it’s not good to resort to violence…

With a hint of cunning in her beautiful eyes, the enchantress nodded slightly to the young master in front of her.

Lin Qingfeng’s eyes lit up, and he was about to speak.

But he heard Bai Xiaoyao say, “But I came this time with a different mission from my Holy Saint senior brother, and I need to follow him for a long time.
If I were to go to the Taoist Artifact Pavilion…”

A hint of distress appeared on the enchantress’s face at the right moment.

Lin Qingfeng suddenly understood why these two demon sect geniuses came to the Royal City.

(The Holy Saint and Holy Daughter of the demon sect came to the Royal City with a different purpose.
The Demon Artifact Pavilion was just a cover… Heh, my Taoist Artifact Pavilion is probably the first to obtain this intelligence.
If I can invite both of them to the Taoist Artifact Pavilion, not only can I find out the demon sect’s purpose, exchange it for more resources within the sect, but also…)

He looked at Bai Xiaoyao with a fiery gaze, but his expression was indifferent.

“What’s difficult about this? I have also admired the Holy Saint of the demon sect for a long time, but unfortunately never had the chance to meet him.
This is just a perfect opportunity.
As long as you both become guest officials at my Taoist Artifact Pavilion, it shouldn’t delay your mission, right?”

Bai Xiaoyao was waiting for this, and she smiled with narrowed eyes, “Then why don’t you come with me to the Demon Artifact Pavilion now? I’m sure the Holy Saint senior brother will be very happy to see you so enthusiastic.”

“That’s great.”

Lin Qingfeng nodded, his heart already filled with longing for a brighter future.


The Demon Artifact Pavilion, fourth floor.

While the entire royal city was still speculating on the true purpose of the arrival of Bai Xiaoyao from the Demon Sect, Luo Wusheng remained sitting at the refining spot.

His progress in refining had already reached a critical juncture.

A square-shaped object floated in front of him, its interior flowing like liquid and shimmering with constantly changing light despite its fixed form.

“The properties of the indestructible jade combined with the blazing sun god stone and ice-bound fairy crystal… just as I thought, this will allow me to realize my great idea!” he exclaimed.

“I don’t know what kind of object I will end up with, but it will definitely be more than just an ordinary weapon, since I’m using top-notch materials… at the very least, it could become a low-grade Artifact, and who knows, there may even be a chance to condense it into a medium-grade Artifact.”

He paused, his expression turning uncertain.
“But if the side effects are too severe…”

There was only one step left for him to complete his crafting, and if he succeeded, his Artifact would be complete.
However, this final step was the most important one, as it would determine the future of the Artifact and was unpredictable in its outcome.

“It’s time to rely on luck,” he declared.

He took the half-finished original embryo of the Artifact he had created and studied it intently for a moment.

In the Demon Sect Art of Artifact Refining, once an artifact’s original embryo had been formed, it was no longer necessary to maintain the refining process.
Many Demon Sect Artifact refiners would put away the original embryo after this step and choose an auspicious day to complete the final refining process at a place where the power of heaven and earth converged, although it might not make much difference in the end.

As for Luo Wusheng, he took out the short sword at his waist.
Since he was going to rely on luck, he believed that no one in this world would have the favor of the goddess of luck more than the original protagonist.

After some thought, he decided to greet the other person on the short sword first.

【Are you there? How is your master doing now?】

It had been seven days since they parted ways, and Lu Yuliu had already returned to the Sword Sect and had begun to use the Blood Spirit Jade to treat her master.

【The effects of the demonic possession have been suppressed, and the Blood Spirit Jade’s ability to continue healing is even better than I imagined.
Perhaps she will be completely recovered and awake in the next few days.】

Luo Wusheng silently nodded upon receiving the reply.

This aspect was no different from the original plot.

In the original story, after Lu Yuliu’s master woke up, her relationship with her disciple would progress rapidly, and then they would have a close encounter during a sudden illness of the protagonist, leading to her being taken into the harem.

Thinking of this, Luo Wusheng almost couldn’t resist teasing the little girl, but he held himself back, since he remembered that he had a request for help today.

【I’m going to take the final step in crafting my Artifact today.
How about giving me some good luck wishes?】

【…I never expected that you would actually learn how to refine an artifact in such a short amount of time.
I’m feeling quite discouraged.】

Upon seeing the reply, Luo Wusheng raised an eyebrow, however, soon Lu Yuliu sent a new word into the short sword..

【But after all, it was thanks to you that my master was saved, so I wish you all the best.】

Luo Wusheng laughed.

At this moment, combined alongside the good luck encouragement from the protagonist herself, everything is in his favor.

The power of heaven and earth, activate!

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