My name is Yokohama Ryusei, and I’m 32 years old.
On the surface, I’m a programmer, but in reality… I’m a gangster.

I don’t want to talk about how my name differs from that of a top-tier celebrity by just one character.

At the age of 18, I chose the path of becoming a gangster, a dark profession that cannot be openly discussed with others.

Fourteen years later, my main tasks involve debt collection, tracking down runaway debtors, and cleaning up afterward.
Usually, when a debtor skips out, the guarantor is forced to pay as a standard collection method.
However, our organization is different.

Unlike ordinary loan sharks, our borrowers are also involved in the underworld, so it’s common for them to have no guarantor.
Those who dare to borrow money from gangsters are often quite quirky.
As long as they quietly pay off their debts, everything is fine, but these types of people suddenly concoct plans and plot their escape

Some try to flee overseas, others run around within the country, while others hide in provincial cities or take refuge with women they’ve been involved with.

My job is to track them down and recover the debts.

Just the other day, I caught a hitman who was about to flee overseas, seized his assets, and put him on a long-distance fishing boat.And this time, under the direct orders of the boss, I was entrusted with the task of collecting a debt from a certain man.

The debtor was an ordinary civilian.
Normally, I would never accept such a job, but since it was a direct order from the boss, I couldn’t refuse.

Although I was able to find and capture the ordinary civilian quickly, upon interrogation, the man claimed to be working on a research project that could generate money, something called Tensei Mahoujin.

It was a suspicious and hard-to-believe story, but the man was an alumnus of the prestigious Imperial University, and he said that a USB memory stick containing his research results was hidden inside a stuffed bear belonging to the university’s dark magic club.

Upon hearing this, I was 99% sure it was a lie, but my nature wouldn’t allow me to rest until I confirmed it, even if there was a 1% chance it could lead to money.
I would collect every last yen.

Without hesitation, I decided to wait for nightfall and sneak into the Imperial University.

──Imperial University Dark Magic Club Room

A few days ago, late at night, it seems a student had died under mysterious circumstances here, and “Do Not Enter” tapes were posted all around.

It appeared that the scene had been preserved to some extent, and the items in the room had not been collected yet.


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