In Xu Xinghe’s memory, after learning to use a spoon, he had no memory of ever being fed.

He grew up in the Alliance Welfare Institute.
Although most teachers and nurses in the orphanage are very gentle, it is impossible for one person to take care of more than a dozen children and feed them one by one.
As someone who was obedient and strong as a child, Xu Xinghe naturally didn’t need to be fed.

At this moment, Xu Xinghe looked down at the spoon that was stretched out in front of him, and then looked up at Ling Changfeng, who had a serious face.
There was something strange in his heart.

Some behaviors are probably only suitable for a certain age – he has long passed his childhood phase of needing to be cared for.

Xu Xinghe swallowed his saliva and stubbornly said, “I’m not hungry.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the spoon in front of him was pushed forward again.

Ling Changfeng held a spoon in one hand and tapped the bowl with the other.
“After eating half a bowl, you’re full?”

Xu Xinghe said firmly, “I’m full.”

Ling Changfeng said nothing.

Looking at him, Xu Xinghe was inexplicably guilty.

Just when Xu Xinghe was about to give up his resistance and convinced himself with “forget it, it’s okay to take a bite”, Ling Changfeng suddenly sighed softly and put the spoon back into the bowl.
“Forget it, if you don’t want to eat it, don’t eat.”

Marshal Ling, who has always been unwavering and resolute, discovered helplessly that he really can’t do anything to his little spouse.

He sat down beside Xu Xinghe, and said with a gentle tone, “Are you still lacking strength?”

Xu Xinghe shook his head and whispered: “No, it’s much better.”

Ling Changfeng lowered his gaze to the potted orchid beside the bed silently.
Suddenly he said, “I’m sorry for making you go through all this.”

Xu Xinghe blinked: “Don’t be like this, I just wanted to thank you.”

Ling Changfeng looked sideways slightly.
“Thank me for what?”

“Thank you for saving me.” Xu Xinghe lowered his head and fiddled with his fingers.
“I thought I was going to die in a foreign country, but when I woke up, I came back to Nebula City.
Life never felt so valuable.”

After speaking, under Ling Changfeng’s complicated and unpredictable eyes, he picked up the spoon again without making a sound and quietly finished off the remaining half bowl of nutritional supplements.

Then he whispered: “I’m really full this time.”

Ling Changfeng suddenly felt that his heart softened into a ball.

As if seeing the little hedgehog in front of him put away his thorny coat, revealing his soft belly to himself.

The words that were brewing this entire time wanted to burst out.

Ling Changfeng took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“I have something to tell you…”

“How are the kidnappers?”

The two of them spoke almost simultaneously, and intertwined voices rang out in the quiet ward.

Ling Changfeng was stunned for a moment, and his expression became a little complicated.

In the evening, the colorful clouds spread across the sky, and the afterglow of the sunset sprinkled on the two of them like a dream through the glass windows.

Such beautiful and romantic scenery should be accompanied with beautiful and romantic things and beautiful and romantic words.

Talking about kidnappers at such a time is like a fly suddenly flying under the moon in front the flowers – really unpleasant.

However, when Ling Changfeng raised his eyes and met Xu Xinghe’s resolute and implicitly worried gaze, the sentence “We’ll talk about this topic later” suddenly couldn’t be said.

He knew that his little spouse, as the victim of this incident, needed an explanation.

Ling Changfeng sighed in his heart and compromised once more.
“Of the three kidnappers at the airport, one was killed on the spot, and two were captured alive.
After interrogation, they said they were sent by one of my old enemies… But I don’t think they told the truth, or knew enough.”

Due to the secrets involved, Ling Changfeng didn’t say everything.
One of his so-called old enemies was the previous commander of Capital Star, Admiral Barron Ives.

Eleven months ago, after delivering a great victory on the frontier, Ling Changfeng officially returned to Capital Star, and Admiral Ives was forced to hand over power.
But as a local snake and tyrant, he really didn’t want to hand it over.

After several struggles, both overt and covert, Ling Changfeng used an iron fist to make a big change in the defense of the Capital’s Star army, forcing Admiral Ives to retreat.
Due to Admiral Ives’ long tenure without obvious mistakes, he was helpless and couldn’t find an excuse to forcibly transfer him away from Capital Star.

Their forces reached a strange balance in this regard, and peace resumed.

After losing contact with Xu Xinghe, Ling Changfeng never considered this possibility.

Such blatant kidnapping is really not in line with Admiral Ives’ usual cautious style.
Not to mention that the two captured kidnappers confessed so quickly, as if their confessions were prepared preemptively.

Xu Xinghe asked, “Then how did you find me?”

Ling Changfeng said: “It’s thanks to your perseverance in sending out a distress signal.
People from the Security Bureau found the suspected kidnapper’s abandoned car next to the Z-98 national road, and immediately launched a comprehensive search within a radius of 200 kilometers to retrieve any surrounding surveillance.
Then I received a suspicious report from Gilles Airport, 50 kilometers away.
A young man discovered you were signaling for help; I’ve now transferred him to my personal guard.”

Xu Xinghe nodded: “En, I’ll thank him in person after I’m discharged from the hospital.”

Ling Changfeng pursed his lips: “His foundation is relatively poor, and he needs some systematic training.
You won’t be able to see him for about three months.”

Xu Xinghe continued to nod his head.
He suddenly remembered another thing, and frowned.
“Gu Nai… hasn’t been caught yet?”

Ling Changfeng shook his head: “No.
This person may know more, but he is still on the run.
I’ve issued a first-level wanted order for him across the planet.
Additionally, the deputy general manager who arranged for him to enter the Ark was found dead on the outskirts just yesterday.”

Xu Xinghe was silent, Gu Nai not being caught makes him always feel that the matter is not over yet.

Ling Changfeng looked at his twisted hands, and suddenly said, “Don’t be afraid.
I’m here, and will never let you be kidnapped by anyone again.”

Taken aback, Xu Xinghe raised his head, and faced a pair of deep and quiet eyes.

Even without his pheromones, Ling Changfeng can always give him a sense of security.
As if this was his innate ability, without a clear reason why.

Xu Xinghe suddenly smiled, leaned back on the soft cushion, and said “en” in a nasal voice.

Then he asked in a relaxed tone: “What did you want to say?”

Ling Changfeng: “…”

For the first time in his life, Marshal Ling found that he was not very courageous.

Some emotions require enough emotional precipitation and brewing in order to push through and be revealed.
Once interrupted, it is inevitable to be a little discouraged.

After all, it was because he had no confidence in a positive answer.

Ling Changfeng’s eyes drifted out of the window.
After the setting sun had already disappeared in the horizon, only the sunset glow reflected the sky.

Then he turned to look at Xu Xinghe, who yawned unconsciously.

This may not be a good time, Ling Changfeng thought.
After all, the sun has set.

He calmly sighed in his heart, and covered Xu Xinghe with the quilt again: “It’s nothing, if you’re sleepy, rest early.”

Xu Xinghe looked at him: “What about you? Going back to work?”

Ling Changfeng said, “I’m not busy, I’m here to accompany you.”

In Xu Xinghe’s eyes, Ling Changfeng was a little too easy to talk to tonight.

He didn’t know if it was because the other party saw his unease.
Having just escaped from kidnappers, he was eager to find someone to accompany him, just like after watching a horror movie – just like every time he was drunk.

Xu Xinghe slid into the bed and looked at Ling Changfeng, smiling like a little fox: “Do you know how to tell bedtime stories?”

Marshal Ling was slightly startled.
“Bedtime stories?”

“En.” Xu Xinghe He wrapped himself in a quilt, only showing a fluffy head, and looked at Ling Changfeng with wide eyes.
“I want to hear one.”

Ling Changfeng: “…”

He has lived to this age, and has never been asked to tell a bedtime story.

But he couldn’t say “no” to the little spouse in front of him.

He asked Xu Xinghe, “What kind of story do you want to hear?”

Xu Xinghe thought about it.
It seemed a bit too embarrassing to ask Marshal Ling to tell him fairytales.

“Why don’t you talk about your own experience.” Xu Xinghe said.

Ling Changfeng was silent for a while: “There don’t seem to be any interesting stories in my life.”

“How can that be?” Xu Xinghe looked at him.
“You’re the youngest among the four marshals, and everyone says your experience is legendary.

Ling Changfeng smiled without a trace.
“Which part do you want to listen to? I can tell you.
But you probably won’t like those stories of fighting and killing.”

Xu Xinghe tilted his head and said.
“I don’t know your story, but I’ve always been curious.
What did you go through to become like this?”

Ling Changfeng’s eyes flashed slightly, and he looked at him sideways.
“Become like what?”

“Fearless.” Xu Xinghe concluded, “You don’t seem to be afraid of anything.”

When Xu Xinghe said this, he lowered his eyes silently, and suddenly said: “When they fed me sleeping pills, I was actually scared.
I was afraid that when I woke up, I would be in a completely unfamiliar place and never return to Nebula City, surrounded by unfamiliar faces.”

Ling Changfeng listened, and fell silent.

Xu Xinghe thought he was thinking of something to comfort him, but just as he was about to say “I’m fine now”, he suddenly heard Ling Changfeng say, “I also have something I’m afraid of.”

“Huh?” Xu Xinghe’s interest was immediately roused.
Adjusting to a more comfortable position in the quilt, he looked up at him.
“What are you afraid of?”

Ling Changfeng didn’t answer his question directly, but instead asked: “Remember the scar on my back?”

Xu Xinghe thought of the deep and shallow scars on his back, and suddenly froze for a moment: “I remember that there are… many scars on your back.”

“The longest one starts from my left shoulder, and continues here.” Ling Changfeng pointed to his right waist, and then suddenly told a story, “That was the closest I was to death.
I couldn’t hear anything when the bomb exploded, but I could feel my temperature rapidly dropping, and my body was suddenly very cold…”

Xu Xinghe couldn’t think of any connection between this and his last question, but he was captured by the perilous experience, holding his breath, and forgot how to speak for a while.

“But at that time, I didn’t feel scared.” Ling Changfeng said.

Xu Xinghe sighed softly and asked Ling Changfeng in a low voice, “So, are you born with a lack of fear?”

After thinking about it, he refuted himself: “No, didn’t you just say that you also have something to be afraid of? “

Yes.” Ling Changfeng replied softly, then turned to look out the window.

After sunset, the sky is full of bright stars.

Nighttime had just begun.

Perhaps there is no need to be deliberate; each and every word was sincere.

“In the few hours you disappeared, I was very scared.” Ling Changfeng said slowly.

Xu Xinghe’s brain suddenly froze.
After a while, he asked dumbly, “Why were you afraid?”

Ling Changfeng turned his head to look at him, and remained silent.

Xu Xinghe swallowed, suddenly feeling nervous for no reason, and began to spew nonsense: “Are you afraid things will spread and everyone will say those who marry you will have bad luck? Don’t worry, this pot will definitely not be dumped on you…”

Ling Changfeng interrupted him directly: “I am afraid that I will never see you again, and I am afraid of losing you.”

Xu Xinghe froze and gave up thinking completely, and still stammered, “Why, why?”

Ling Changfeng looked into his eyes, as if staring at the entire galaxy1Xinghe = galaxy.
Author’s doing a play on words: “Because I like you.”


LCF confessed!

Any guesses on how the little hedgehog will respond?

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1Xinghe = galaxy.
Author’s doing a play on words

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