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Xu Xinghe slept for a long time.

His eyelids twitched at the feel of a light shining on him, warm and dazzling.

He turned over and was about to go back to sleep when he suddenly thought of something, and he froze.

Memories of last night slowly emerged, and he quietly reached out and touched his side…

There was no one on the bed.

Xu Xinghe suddenly did not dare to open his eyes.

He remembered that Aunt Sophia once said to him that he was stronger than most of his peers.

He dares slap the table when seated with his superiors, and dares send a distress signal under the eyes of his kidnappers.
But this doesn’t mean that he can quickly come out of the shadows of being kidnapped and act normal.

When he found that there was no one by his side, he panicked for a moment.

He was afraid that the conversation with Ling Changfeng last night was actually just a dream.
A lucky fantasy.
When in fact he hasn’t escaped the danger – the scarred man’s knife is still on his neck, threatening to make him feel that life is worse than death.

He took a careful breath.

There was no deep sea-like scent, but fortunately, he smelled the smell of disinfectant unique to hospitals.

Xu Xinghe was slightly relieved and quietly opened his eyes.

It turned out that there were two doctors and two nurses in the room.

Maybe it was because he was sleeping soundly, his slight movement didn’t make a single sound.

It wasn’t until a nurse saw his eyes open that they hurried forward and called the doctor while checking his physical condition.

Although Xu Xinghe slept for a long time, he was still not in good spirits after waking up.
And felt his bodily strength lacking.

It made sense.
He was fed many messy drugs, and hasn’t been able to fully metabolize all of them yet.

A large number of people quickly gathered in the VIP ward.

The crowd gathered around the hospital bed and examined Xu Xinghe from beginning to end.

Xu Xinghe really didn’t have any strength, and was manipulated like a soft puppet at their mercy.

After the examination finally ended, the dean, Dr.
Lu Sen, smiled and told him to rest well.
When Xu Xinghe finally spoke, his voice was slightly hoarse: “Where’s Ling Changfeng?”

He replied gently, “Marshal Ling was called away by Major General Qin in the morning, saying that he had something urgent to deal with, and he would be back as soon as he was done.”

After a pause, he added, “He said he sent you an email.

As everyone knows, Lu Sen, the president of the Third Military Hospital, is not a good-natured person.

Although he sometimes shows a rare gentle side when dealing with patients, he is rarely able to speak so softly as he is at this moment.
So much so that those colleagues who got along with him day and night couldn’t help but turn their eyes slightly and secretly click their tongues.

“Oh.” Xu Xinghe nodded, his voice muffled.

He looked down at his left wrist.
The electronic smartphone that was taken away by the kidnappers was updated and replaced with a new one on his wrist at some point.

Xu Xinghe took a closer look and found that all the communication software of this new device was encrypted, and equipped with a special early warning system.
The firewall is also different from ordinary civilian smartphones.
It should be a special device distributed for military use.

He opened the mailbox, and sure enough, he saw a message from Ling Changfeng.
It explained that he had an important meeting to attend in the afternoon, and that he would come back immediately after the meeting was over.

Xu Xinghe read over each of them, and discovered that Ling Changfeng had been asking himself every hour since ten o’clock this morning if he was awake and how he was feeling.

Xu Xinghe smiled.
After replying to the latest message, he raised his head and said to the nurse, “Is there anything to eat? I’m hungry.”

After listening, the nurse hurriedly went to prepare lunch for him.

The doctor reminded him to rest more, and then left the VIP ward one after another.

Lu Sen did not leave.
He knew that for a victim who had just experienced a kidnapping, it was not just physical injuries that needed healing.

Xu Xinghe asking where Ling Changfeng was, is a sign he’s still uneasy.

Lu Sen waved his hand and let the remaining nurses go out, leaving only two guards at the door of the ward who stood by like door gods1there are 2 ‘gods’ the horse/bull gods that guard the door to the afterlife or heavens in Chinese folklore – he couldn’t remove them.
Ling Changfeng left his own guards here, and ordered that no matter what happened, Xu Xinghe could not be allowed to leave their sight.

Lu Sen took two steps forward, walked to Xu Xinghe’s bed, and said to him with a chuckle, “He accompanied you until nine in the morning, and refused to even answer the phone.
In the end, an angry Major General Qin was forced to come and arrest someone… You know, he is different from people like us who can take two days of sick leave because he doesn’t want to go to work.
No one can grant him leave, and sometimes it means he can’t take leave.”

Xu Xinghe was stunned for a while when he realized who “he” referred to.

But he didn’t know why Dr.
Lu Sen suddenly said this to himself, so could only follow up with:  “I know.
He’s very busy, and many things are waiting for him to deal with.”

Speaking of this, he paused, thinking that Dr.
Lu Sen might have mistakenly thought that he was unhappy, so he shook his head and added: “I asked where he was, just because… it feels like reality and dreams are a little mixed up.”

Xu Xinghe thought for a while, then said, “I just can’t believe that I was rescued.
So if there’s a familiar face around, it will make things feel more realistic, and make me a little more secure…”

Lu Sen said with a smile, “How about I stay with you? As long as it’s a familiar face, then I’m a familiar face, right?”

Xu Xinghe tilted his head and looked at him: “I’m afraid you don’t count.”

Lu Sen: “…”

Xu Xinghe yawned, his voice sounded tired, and a little careless: “Don’t worry, doctor.
I’ll be fine; there’s nothing major… I’ll just have to wait for my body to recover.”

Lu Sen didn’t expect him to be so sensitive, so direct, and understand what he was going to say in one look, answering his unanswered question directly.
A hint of surprise flashed in his brown eyes, and he couldn’t help but re-evaluate the person in front of him.

Despite the faint tiredness and confusion on the young face, as if he has not woken up, Lu Sen knew that it was only due to the residual drugs in his body.

Because those black eyes are still bright, like stars in the sky.

Lu Sen smiled and nodded: “Then you should rest well.
You can rest assured that your body is very healthy, but the side effects of the drug may continue for a few days.
Fortunately, there will be no sequelae.”

When evening rolled around, as the sun set in the west, a blood red hue illuminated the skyline.

The sky was full of rays of light, and red clouds enveloped all of Nebula City.

When Ling Changfeng finished his day’s work and appeared at the door of the ward, Xu Xinghe was sitting on the hospital bed, chewing his dinner.

Since he hasn’t eaten well these days and his stomach is relatively weak, those so-called “stomach-nourishing”, liquid food-like nutrients have once again become his staple food.

They’re still unpalatable to the point that he felt like there’s no more love in life.

Xu Xinghe was like a robot, numbly sending it into his mouth one spoonful at a time.

Suddenly, there was a commotion outside the ward, and then the door was pushed open with a bang.

Xu Xinghe turned his head dazedly, Ling Changfeng was wearing a neat military uniform, and stood there chest heaving slightly, as if he had hurried all the way over.

But as soon as he saw Xu Xinghe, all his impatience was instantly appeased.

The pair of mismatched pupils became very quiet again, just looking at Xu Xinghe wordlessly.

“How do you feel?” Ling Changfeng asked.

If Dean Lu Sen’s voice was so gentle at noon today that his colleagues looked over, then Marshal Ling’s voice was so gentle at the moment that everyone around him looked at him.

Xu Xinghe was still holding the spoon, but when he heard the words, he immediately put the spoon in the bowl, and pushed the unpalatable nutritional supplement far away: “I’m fine, it would be better if I didn’t have to eat this though.”

The entourage found that his commanding officer who was in a hurry just now finally slowed down.

Ling Changfeng took off his jacket unhurriedly, handed it to the secretary behind him, and disinfected his hands at the door of the ward before walking in.

Then he waved everyone else out, and told the last person to leave to close the door behind them.

He walked to the hospital bed step by step.
Glancing at the leftovers on the mobile table, he discovered he ate less than half of it.

“Not delicious?” Marshal Ling asked.

“Of course.” Xu Xinghe patted his stomach perfunctorily.
“I’m full.”

When facing the full house of doctors and nurses, he was too embarrassed to not eat – he couldn’t let a group of adults take turns persuading him.
That would be too embarrassing.

But now that the person guarding him has been replaced by Ling Changfeng, Xu Xinghe is very comfortable refusing.

Unexpectedly, Ling Changfeng shook his head.
Although his voice was much softer than usual, his words were still irrefutable.
“How can you do without eating? You can’t just rely on infusions these days—”

As he spoke, he suddenly stretched out his hand and pinched the flesh on Xu Xinghe’s face.
“You’ve lost so much weight, and have to make up for it.”

The extremely intimate gesture stunned Xu Xinghe who forgot to dodge.

When Ling Changfeng saw him shrink back, he didn’t continue chasing.
Calmly withdrawing his hand, he continued to coax: “Eat a bowl first.
If you don’t like this flavor, we can change it.

After a pause, looking at Xu Xinghe’s indifferent appearance, he said helplessly, “I’ll give you a reward after eating.”

Xu Xinghe had never heard such words coaxing him as if he was a child after graduating from elementary school.

He leaned back in dissatisfaction, pulled the quilt over him, and refused, “No, I’m tired of eating.”

A helpless smile flashed in Ling Changfeng’s eyes: “Tired of eating?”

“Of course.” Xu Xinghe leaned on the cushion and raised his hand, looked at his five fingers, and suddenly said, “I still don’t seem to have much strength in my muscles.”

The smile stopped abruptly.

Xu Xinghe seemed to sense something, and subconsciously raised his eyes to look at Ling Changfeng: “I’m talking nonsense, it’s just…”

Before he finished speaking, his hand that was stretched out in the air was suddenly held.

Xu Xinghe blinked: “What are you doing?”

Ling Changfeng held his hand in the palm of his hand, as if he was holding a treasure, and carefully turned it back and forth.

Seeing him like this, Xu Xinghe couldn’t bear to pull his hand away directly.

However, after waiting for a while, he realized Ling Changfeng had no intention of letting go.
Xu Xinghe couldn’t help asking, “Are you reading my palm?”

Ling Changfeng: “…”

Staring speechlessly at his little spouse, he finally let go of his hand.

But he made a soft “en” sound.

Xu Xinghe asked curiously: “Huh? Are you really good at fortune-telling?”

Ling Changfeng said, “I can only tell yours.”

Xu Xinghe was interested: “Then why don’t you tell me what you see.”

“Your palm says—” Ling Changfeng’s thin lips parted slightly, and his mismatched eyes slowly turned to Xu Xinghe.
“It looks like you are going to marry me for life.

Xu Xinghe: “…”

Hearing such words coming out of Ling Changfeng’s mouth is very scary.

Weird and scary.

Tinged with irrefutability.

Xu Xinghe had no choice but to give up with a dry laugh.

But before he could take that stiff smile off his face, something even scarier happened.

Ling Changfeng actually picked up the spoon in the bowl, and scooped out a spoonful of the nutritional supplement supposedly tasting like tomato and beef.

Xu Xinghe frowned and said embarrassedly, “That’s what I ate.
If you’re hungry, you can ask them to bring you a new one…”

Then he found the spoon lifted to his mouth.

Ling Changfeng: “Open your mouth.”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

He thought the topic of eating was over??


Chapter title says all – kinda.

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1there are 2 ‘gods’ the horse/bull gods that guard the door to the afterlife or heavens in Chinese folklore

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