Xu Xinghe slowly closed his eyes.

He leaned back on the wheelchair, pretending that the sleeping pills had worked, but pinched his left arm tightly with his right hand covered by his coat, trying to use the pain to keep himself awake and not fall asleep.

He told himself to hold on until the scarred man leaves, and hold on until he has time to call the flight attendant alone for help…

But the scarred man was obviously afraid that he would do this, so he stood beside the flight attendant and refused to leave.

He observed Xu Xinghe’s sleeping face, but found that the other party’s breathing did not become longer, but more rapid.

The scarred man’s face sank.
He turned to look at the flight attendant, and in an instant he put on a wry smile: “Sorry, my brother seems to be getting nervous.
Can you get me a glass of water? I think he needs to take another pill to survive this interstellar journey.”

The flight attendant looked worriedly at Xu Xinghe.
“Are you sure that your brother can take the spaceship in this state? We need to fly in space for 15 hours to reach Blug Fog Star.”

The scarred man nodded.
“Don’t worry about this, the doctor said that his condition is not serious, and he only needs to take a sleeping pill or two.”

“Then please wait a moment, I will pour water for you.
But also please take your seat as soon as possible.
The spaceship will take off soon.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Xu Xinghe forced his consciousness awake, barely heard this, and his heart was completely cold.

The man with scars could see that he was pretending to be asleep…

Sure enough, the next moment, he heard the man with scars’ extremely low and cold voice ringing in his ears: “If you dare to make small moves again, once we get off the spaceship, I’ll make you feel like death.”

Xu Xinghe’s eyelashes trembled slightly, but there was no other reaction.

“Your water.” The flight attendant’s voice came from overhead.

Xu Xinghe was really sleepy, and the right hand that was holding his left arm was released softly at some point.

He thought that the scarred man actually didn’t need to waste another medicine, because by then, he must have completely fallen asleep.

After taking another sleeping pill, the scarred man was a little relieved.

At the urging of the flight attendant, he gave Xu Xinghe one last look, then turned back to his seat.

After he turned around, the sleeping Xu Xinghe’s right hand that was hanging outside the wheelchair suddenly moved slightly, and fell down.

The sharp-scared man seemed to sense something and turned his head sharply.

But the flight attendant gently put Xu Xinghe’s hand back into the blanket, and then carefully fastened his seat belt.

The scarred man frowned and returned to his seat following the instructions of the flight crew.

The moment before he fell into a coma, Xu Xinghe felt a warm hand on his.

The hand squeezed back lightly, and immediately put his right hand back under the blanket.

Xu Xinghe’s heart skipped a beat, but before he could think about it, he fell into a coma under the influence of two powerful sleeping pills.

After the scarred man took his seat, he fastened his seat belt without saying a word, and then nodded to the gray-haired man beside him.

The latter looked a little dignified, as if he had something on his mind.

When people respond to some emergencies, many reactions are subconscious.

Just like just now, the gray-haired man saw that a passenger in front accidentally knocked over the cup, and was caught subconsciously by the passing flight attendant, and then handed it back to him with a smile.

There was not a drop of water in it.

The gray-haired man suddenly felt uneasy.

He looked around again.
Some passengers are whispering, some have their eyes closed, and nothing seemed unusual.

But, the flight attendant’s movements were a little too sensitive.

He turned to look at his other two companions.

The cabin door slowly closed, and a voice announcing the journey destination and safety prompts came on.

The two companions received the gray-haired man’s unusual eye signal, and cast doubtful glances one after another.

There was a thin layer of sweat on the palm of the gray-haired man.

He wasn’t sure whether his judgment based on suspicion and intuition was accurate.

Success or failure is often only in the blink of an eye, because the choice that determines success or failure is only in the blink of an eye.

If it was him who thought too much, then rashly acting at this moment will undoubtedly expose himself and push things to a point of no return.

But if the facts are as he expected, then now is the last chance.

Once missed, it is difficult to counterattack.

The roar of the spaceship engine came on.

The gray-haired man suddenly squinted and made a gesture to the other two.

The face of the man with scars changed suddenly, and the tacit understanding from hovering on the edge of life and death over the years made him decide to trust the judgment of his companion.

So he unfastened his seat belt, and regardless of the exclamations of the surrounding passengers and the dissuasion of the flight attendants, and rushed in Xu Xinghe’s direction!

At the same time, the gray-haired man also quietly pinched the sharp soft blade hidden in his sleeve.

In case Xu Xinghe is no longer in their control, then at least there are still the hostages of this plane…

The next moment, he saw the scarred man suddenly fall straight forward.

In that forward-forward posture, the tall and burly body crashed to the ground.

Blood flowed out from under him…

The gray-haired man’s pupils shrank and he grabbed the passenger on his right.
Before he could put the blade on the other person’s neck, he suddenly felt a slight numbness in his neck.

Then, the scene in front of him quickly darkened.

The third man with glasses was brought down in the same way.

Behind them, disguised as ordinary passengers, the Capital’s gold medal agents who sat behind them did not relax after they succeeded, and gave them another shot.

In the blink of an eye, everything happened too quickly and ended in seconds.

Some unknowing passengers in the cabin finally recovered from the huge shock and began to scream.

The chaotic scene only lasted less than half a minute.

The hatch of the ship opened again.

Soldiers with live ammunition rushed up and quickly began the follow-up work.

They took the kidnappers away, evacuated ordinary tourists to a safe area, and finally pushed the sleeping Xu Xinghe off the spaceship and sent him directly to another military helicopter waiting outside…




Xu Xinghe was in a dazed sleep.
He tried to turn over, but couldn’t.

His body seemed to be bound by something and could hardly move.

He kicked his legs subconsciously, trying to stretch his slender limbs.

Following his movements, several indistinct murmurs floated out of his mouth.

There seemed to be something wrapped around him, but Xu Xinghe, who was half asleep, didn’t care.

Before he was completely awake, a familiar smell around him had already made him put down all his defenses and felt inexplicably at ease.

It was a faint, sea-like breath.

Whenever and wherever the smell appears, it seems to mean absolute safety.

So Xu Xinghe shrank his body, buried his head in the smell, and decided to continue to sleep.

How can I be so sleepy… Is the medicine not over yet?

Xu Xinghe thought in a daze.

Wait a minute!

With this thought, he suddenly realized that something was wrong and suddenly opened his eyes.

The terrible experience before the stupor came back.

In an instant, his heart seemed to be caught, and cold sweat rushed out.

Xu Xinghe raised his eyes in panic.

He met a pair of quiet and deep eyes.

Unable to breathe.

“Don’t be afraid.” Ling Changfeng raised his hand, and caressed his eyes with his slightly calloused fingers.
His voice was very soft.
“It’s all right, it’s over, you can sleep a little longer.”

At that moment, Xu Xu Xinghe couldn’t describe how he felt.

Surprise, fear, a roller of emotions.
Relief that he survived such an ordeal, and a sigh towards the impermanence of life.

When he was forcibly fed the first sleeping pill, Xu Xinghe imagined where he might wake up.

It’s best to wake up in a hospital with the faint smell of disinfectant, because it means that he has a high probability of being rescued.

The worst case, he’s transported to a completely unfamiliar planet, and wakes up in a damp, musty, small dark room, facing the wrath of a group of vicious gangsters

… Unexpectedly, he woke up in Ling Changfeng’s arms.

Surrounded by the sea-like pheromone breath.

So dramatic, so lucky.

Xu Xinghe’s eyes suddenly became sore.

His body trembled slightly.

Ling Changfeng’s fingers were still in the corner of his eyes, and he naturally caught the teardrop that trickled down.

Marshal Ling was slightly startled, looked at him speechlessly for a long time, and suddenly said with a low smile: “I heard that you didn’t cry when you were tied up, why are you crying now?”

Xu Xinghe took a deep breath: “I didn’t cry.”

When he opened his mouth, his throat was still uncomfortable, but fortunately he was able to speak.

“I just have a cold and my nose is blocked.”

Ling Changfeng looked at him calmly for a moment, then suddenly chuckled lightly.

“Where is this? What time is it?” Xu Xinghe glanced at the dark sky outside the glass window and asked in a hoarse voice.

“This is the Third Military Hospital, you have already returned to Nebula City.” Ling Changfeng replied softly.

Xu Xinghe breathed a sigh of relief.

This time, he didn’t show the embarrassment he had when he woke up drunk to find them sleeping in the same bed.
He didn’t even plan to leave this embrace for the time being.
”I’m still so sleepy…”

“En, go to sleep.” Ling Changfeng’s voice was light, soft and gentle, which was very different from before.
Like he’s holding precious and fragile porcelain, and speaking carefully, for fear that a loud voice will disturb him.

He stretched out his hand and tightened the little spouse in his arms.
“Go to sleep, when you wake up, I have something to tell you.”


XXH is safe!

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