The direction of the horror room started.
The car drove for a while, and finally stopped in front of a three-story building in the north of the city.

After getting out of the car, Xu Xinghe asked casually, “This place seems to be a little remote?”

“Because it’s big.” James explained, “Think of how expensive the rent is for a room in the city center.”

Xu Xinghe nodded and looked up at the three-storey building in front of them.

Different from those escape rooms in commercial office buildings in Nebula City, this one has its own special building.
The venue is very large; it’s very exciting.

A clerk with a friendly smile came over, led the group into the room, explained the general rules, and then asked everyone to draw their character cards.
Finally, she reminded: “Intelligent electronics cannot be brought into the venue.
Please take them off and hand them over to me for safekeeping.
They will be returned to you after the end.”

Xu Xinghe took off the smart wristband and watched the staff lock them in the safe, but suddenly thought of something: “Wait, if someone calls me later…” Xu Xinghe struggled, “Just let it ring, and don’t answer.”

The staff smiled and said, “Don’t worry, we will not touch your personal belongings.”

The background of this horror room takes place in the Middle Ages, revolving around evil spirits and grievances in the castle, as well as the sacrificed boys and girls.

The interior of the secret room is exquisite, and the horror atmosphere is well made.
Dim flickering lights, blood on the walls, cobwebs everywhere, and spooky music playing every now and then.

As soon as Xu Xinghe stepped into this place, he subconsciously followed Ryan and Ethan and reassured them: “Don’t be afraid, there are no ghosts in this world.”

“Ah?” Ryan and Ethan looked at each other and both saw the puzzled look in each other’s eyes.
“Team Leader, we are not afraid.”

As soon as his voice fell, a cold hand suddenly stretched out from under the table, grabbing his ankle with an icy cold grip.

The next moment, screams resounded throughout the room.

“Ah, ah, what the heck!”

“Team leader, someone is pulling me!”

After a short riolent, everyone finally cracked the password contained in a book, and entered the next room.

The light in this room was even darker.
The music stopped, and the surroundings were silent.

In the darkness, someone asked, “What do you want us to do in this room?”

Suddenly, a bell rang.

Then without warning, a few pale-faced evil spirits suddenly crawled out from all directions, crawling towards the crowd.

The scene suddenly turned into pure chaos.

Xu Xinghe grabbed Ethan’s arm tightly and ran with his eyes closed.

If the lights in the room could be brighter, everyone could probably find that Team Leader Xu’s face was not much better than a ghost at the moment.

If he was given another chance to choose, Xu Xinghe would rather be rumored to be pregnant again than come to this damn secret room!

It’s a pity that he has already entered the wolf’s den, and it is impossible to quit halfway.

After a great escape chased by a group of ghosts, a ghost NPC who claimed to want to help them appeared and told everyone that they should start to complete their respective side quests in pairs.

The content of the task depends on the character card that each person draws, each teammates’ roles were also determined.

Xu Xinghe was still immersed in the last thrilling escape, and his heart was beating non-stop.

Suddenly he heard a familiar voice asking: “Who is ‘Richard’ in the game?”

He subconsciously raised his hand: “M-me-me!”

Gu Nai pushed his glasses and smiled softly.
“Let’s go to the basement together.”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

He couldn’t care about embarrassment or shame, and asked in a low voice, “Can we not do this side quest?”

The basement or something, he doesn’t want to go!

“We can.” Gu Nai nodded, unexpectedly speaking.
“We only need to complete three of the four side missions, get three keys, to get the gate of the castle tol open.
In other words, as long as the other three teams win, we can just stay where we are and enjoy success.”

“But…” Gu Nai kindly reminded him, “Even if we stay where we are, there will still be ghosts coming out to scare us.
Also, have you seen that pendulum clock? Every fifteen minutes, a parade of ghosts, just like now, will emerge.
So the task must not only be completed, but also as soon as possible.”

Xu Xinghe struggled for a moment, and finally gritted his teeth: “Then let’s go.”

Finish early and leave this ghastly place early!

On the way to the basement, Xu Xinghe asked Gu Nai, “Do you have guts?”

Gu Nai smiled a little bit flatly: “My guts, maybe I didn’t grow up like Team Leader Xu, but I’m not afraid of ghosts.”

Xu Xinghe : “…”

“How do you know that there will be ghosts parading every moment? The NPC just now said nothing except for us to complete the side quests.”

“I checked the evaluation of this horror room before coming here, and accidentally saw some spoilers.”


The corridor was dim, and the lights flickered on and off.

Xu Xinghe was afraid that something terrifying would suddenly appear in a corner, so he followed closely behind Gu Nai and walked lightly down the corridor.

“Before I came to Nanga, I went back to Capital University.” Gu Nai didn’t know if he could see his nervousness and started chatting with him casually.

“Huh? Why did you go back?” Xu Xinghe raised his head when he heard the name of his alma mater, and immediately responded: “By the way, you haven’t finished your graduate studies, and have to continue.
How long will you be an intern at Ark?”

Gu Nai looked forward intently, his voice seemed to be lighter than before: “I’ll be leaving soon.”

After a pause, he said in a very soft voice, “So I went back to have a look.”

Xu Xinghe didn’t hear what he muttered to himself, and asked, “What do you want to do after graduation? Are you considering working at Ark?”

Gu Nai turned to look at him, smiled and said, “I didn’t think about it.”

Xu Xinghe couldn’t help but have some embarrassing associations when he saw him like this.

After thinking about it, he still said, “Well, you don’t have to avoid me specially.”

With such a beginning, Xu Xinghe simply said, “None of us should be penalized due to gossip.
As long as we have a clear conscience, there is no need to avoid each other.”

Gu Nai smiled.
“I’m not avoiding you, the day we went to climb the snow mountain, I really had something to do, so I asked for leave.”

Hearing what he said, Xu Xu Xinghe breathed a sigh of relief, and asked casually, “When traveling, what else is there to do besides play?”

Gu Nai smiled but didn’t answer.

The two walked to the basement while talking.

Pushing open the rusted door, smoke filled the inside, and the sound of the music box echoed in the empty room.

“Why is there smoke in the basement?” Xu Xinghe asked quietly.

“It may be a tool of convenience for ghosts to suddenly rush out and scare people.” Gu Nai smiled, “The fog is a good shield.
You know, the scariest things are due to the unknown.
If you know the ghost’s next move, you won’t be afraid anymore.”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

F*ck! After hearing that, he feels even more nervous.

He silently moved closer to Gu Nai.

Gu Nai noticed this move, smiled and reassured him and said, “I’m joking, there are no ghosts here, it’s not scary.”

Xu Xinghe expressed extreme disbelief.

However, he was still concerned about the side quest, and asked with trembling teeth: “How do we get the key? It doesn’t seem like there is much to solve here.”

Gu Nai was silent for a while, then slowly said: “We don’t need to take the key.”

Xu Xinghe was stunned: “Huh?”

“Our mission is different from others.
Remember what was written in the script? We are the assistants of Lord Earl.
When we get to the next room, we’ll find out that we are actually in the same group as the evil spirits in the castle.”

Xu Xinghe was stunned, and blinked at the strange music from the music box.

“So, our task is to find the lock from the basement, then go through the secret room first, and put the lock on the castle gate.
In this way, the remaining six people can be sacrificed and locked in this castle forever.”

Xu Xinghe nodded and gradually accepted this setting: “It’s quite complicated.
That is to say, our role has changed from a prey to a hunter?”

“I hope the ghosts in the castle can distinguish the enemy from me, and stop suddenly rushing out to scare their own people.”

Gu Nai smiled: “The hunters also have things to worry about, such as what to do if the prey runs away.”

Xu Xinghe asked: “That’s what you saw on the Internet?”

Gu Nai shook his head: “No, the online review wouldn’t be written in such detail, otherwise the spoiler would be a bit wicked.”

“I also think, how do you know the follow-up plot?”

Gu Nai smiled: “Because I introduced this place.”

Xu Xinghe found a box and sat down.
“Huh, do you have relatives working here?”


“Isn’t it, true or false?”



Xu Xinghe felt that something was wrong with Gu Nai.
But before he could ask, he suddenly felt a little weak.

The music box stopped, and the surrounding smoke gradually dissipated.

“You…” Xu Xinghe wanted to get up, suddenly his feet softened, and he fell straight back.

Before he fell, he saw Gu Nai standing opposite him, looking down at him condescendingly.

Indifferent black eyes behind the lenses flickered in the dim basement.

The scene in front of him gradually darkened, and Xu Xinghe collapsed and fell into a coma…


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