This sudden match notification not only completely disrupted Xu Xinghe’s future life plans, but also caused an uproar across the Alliance.

All major media outlets to the smallest marketing accounts scrambled to report the news.

“Shocking news! For the first time in 50 years! Marshal Ling Changfeng is on the Mastermind Match List!”

“Marshal Ling is about to get married? The spouse is actually him!”

“At present, the spokesperson of the Marshal’s Office confirmed that Marshal Ling Changfeng has indeed received the mastermind match notice yesterday.
But when asked whether the Marshal would fulfill the marriage contract in accordance with the law, the other party said that he had no comment.”

As the news spread, Rose Forum, one of the largest gossip forums in the galaxy, was also filled with speculation regarding this incident.
For a time, a large number of discussion threads appeared on the homepage of the forum.

Subject post: [F*ck!!! The mastermind finally assigned an object to Marshal Ling!]

2nd floor: [It’s terrible… Even Marshal Ling is about to get married, but I’m still single TAT]

29th floor: [I seem to have found something- Marshal Ling’s match is General Mu’s ex-husband!!!]

31st floor: [Reply to 29th floor: Oh my god ⊙o⊙! I thought this name was a little familiar.
Is it the school grass of Capital University?]

52nd floor: [How could the mastermind assign a divorced omega to the marshal? Is it revenge on Marshal Ling for always saying that it’s ‘no need to for a match’? = =]

53rd floor: [Hey, I suddenly feel that Marshal Ling is a bit pitiful This old man has never even had a scandal for decades, and this time he was directly matched with a divorced partner.
I don’t know how Marshal Ling feels now…]

55th floor: [Ummmm….
Although it may not be a good thing to say, is Marshal Ling really willing to ‘wear broken shoes’ – -? He probably won’t agree to this marriage…]

57th floor: [Reply to the 55th floor: Actually, I think so too, I vote they won’t get married!]

60th floor: [The mastermind really loves the school grass of the Capital University, right? Each object he matches is better than the other, I’m a little sour1re: jealous QAQ]

69th floor: [Reply to 60th floor: What sour? He divorced General Mu, and Marshal Ling probably won’t accept him]

73rd floor: [I think Marshal Ling will directly choose to refuse the marriage.
Isn’t he anti-marriage? Besides, the match this time is a second-hand one…]

Floor 74: [Reply to Floor 73: The one upstairs, I see your profile clearly shows that you are also an omega, why do you care about others? So much omega resentment? Even if one’s a second-hand product, is your life only worth getting married and having children?]

While the people eating melons argued about this match, the one in the center of the public opinion whirlpool lay on the bed, staring at the skylight with his eyes open, and expressed the same emotion as netizens.
“Xiaoqi, Marshal Ling won’t sign, right?”

Xiaoqi knew nothing about the outside world, but she was keenly aware of her master’s depression, so she obediently stuck to Xu Xinghe’s side and rubbed his neck soothingly.

Xu Xinghe really didn’t want to be matched to any big man, and have his hands and feet for a year.

It stands to reason that people who have been matched once have a very low probability of receiving a second match.

But this “luck” fell on him, and he himself did not have the capital to refuse.

However, Marshal Ling did.

Xu Xinghe saw a video while searching for the other party’s information.
When asked by the media “when are you going to get married”, Marshal Ling Changfeng replied indifferently: “What’s so good about getting married? A waste of time.”

Due to his obvious negative attitude towards marriage and the fact that he had no scandalous object ever, the news that Marshal Ling is anti-marriage gradually spread.

Xu Xinghe can only hope that the other party will take the initiative to reject this marriage.

Although he knew that this would make some people ridiculing online even worse, this marriage didn’t only hurt one’s face, but also the heart.
After weighing the two, Xu Xinghe would rather choose the former.

It’s a pity that god didn’t listen.

Early the next morning, he received a new notification from the mastermind—

Marshal Ling, actually, agreed!

This time, not only was Xu Xinghe dumbfounded, but everyone in the Alliance was also dumbfounded.

Public opinion exploded once more.

The rumors about Xu Xinghe evolved dramatically in an instant –

Netizen A: “Retweet Xu Xinghe, and you can also be matched to the top alpha!”

Netizen B: “Let me break the news! My friend also works at Ark, and is Xu Xinghe’s colleague.
He said that Xu Xinghe is eager for quick success and behaves poorly.
He was quickly promoted within Ark by taking credit from his colleagues.
Most people hate him! And his glands are injured! This kind of person is really not worthy of being a marshal’s wife!!”

Netizen C: “I think Marshal Ling agreed to this marriage because he didn’t want to violate the rules and provoke criticism, etc.
After one year, when the marriage protection period expires, he will definitely divorce.”

Netizen D: “I heard that this omega has always been obsessed with General Mu, and is still begging for reconciliation at this time.
Don’t know what he’ll do after finding a better golden turtle.”

Netizen E: “There is definitely something fishy! What do you think is the probability of an omega with a normal background being matched to a general and a marshal one after another? And this prospective marshal’s wife happens to be an Ark employee? Did he use his power to operate in the background? If this is the case, it is too unfair to ordinary people who are waiting for the mastermind to match them, Ark must investigate this matter thoroughly!!”

For a while, all sorts of rumors floated about.

And Xu Xinghe, who was surrounded by rumors, had no time to pay attention to these criticisms.

Thanks to Marshal Ling’s approval, this marriage was a sure thing.

What followed was a series of cumbersome procedures, as well as inspections, audits, and inquiries from all parties.

Fortunately, Xu Xinghe has already experienced it once.

After more than half a month, he finally arrived at the Marshal’s mansion on a grey, cloudy afternoon.

According to Alliance custom, the alpha would personally greet the omega home on the wedding day, even if it was just a mastermind marriage.

Because of the influence of pheromone on both parties after marriage, the probability of developing good feelings and getting together is relatively high, so most matched pairs will treat the matched object as their future partner.
Even if they are not familiar with one another at the beginning, they will treat each other with respect.

The jet black military brand vehicles drove past the empty track and lined up in front of Xu Xinghe’s courtyard.

A tall and strong alpha got off the headed car, but it was not Marshal Ling himself.

“Hello, I’m Andrew Lewis, the captain of the guard for Marshal Ling Changfeng.
The marshal has something urgent to deal with today, so he ordered us to pick you up.” After a pause, he added, “Soldiers need to be on standby 24 hours a day, please understand.”2he’s seeking forgiveness from XXH for LCF not being there

The red-haired Colonel Lewis stood in front of Xu Xinghe, quietly observing the marshal’s legal spouse.
There have been endless negative rumors about him on the Internet these days.

Xu Xinghe was rumored to be arrogant, rude, and unscrupulous, which led to Major General Mu Qingyun filing for divorce just over a year later.

There are more serious allegations.
Some people questioned whether he tampered with the mastermind for personal gain, and suspected him of violating the law.

Even though Colonel Lewis and the others possess the ability to think and judge independently, and will not blindly follow what others say, it is undeniable that those rumors will affect their initial impression of Xu Xinghe to a certain extent.

Therefore, on the way over, Colonel Lewis was still worriedly discussing with his team members what to do if the other party became angry and did something outrageous after learning that the marshal could not come to greet him in person.

After all, for many omegas, the fact that the alpha didn’t come to meet them on the wedding day is as absurd as the groom saying that he can’t be there because of a temporary event on the wedding day.

This sends a certain message to those sensitive omegas-

The other party doesn’t value them at all, and they don’t value this marriage at all.

Unexpectedly, the young man in front of him was unusually calm.

He was neither angry nor disappointed, as if he had no expectations for this marriage from the start to finish.
He just nodded lightly: “I see, please lead the way.”

A trace of imperceptible surprise flashed in Colonel Lewis’ eyes.
Retreating back a step, he turned sideways and personally helped Xu Xinghe open the car door.

Xu Xinghe raised his head and smiled slightly.
“Thank you.”

Colonel Lewis was stunned, and then re-examined the young “Marshal’s wife” in front of him.

Different from the arrogant and scheming image in rumors, Xu Xinghe himself is very handsome, and he has a very clean temperament.

This kind of temperament is especially conspicuous when he lifts his eyes and smiles.

Colonel Lewis pursed his lips, thinking to himself, this marshal’s wife seems to be different from the rumors…

Xu Xinghe is actually not surprised that his spouse did not come to pick him up on the wedding day.

A year ago, on the day of his first wedding, the guards in the Mu residence had said similar things.

Later, he learned that Mu Qingyun had nothing to do that night.
He just went to comfort the emotionally unstable Miles and accompany his lover to a candlelight dinner.

He waited until the middle of the night before Mu Qingyun arrived and made a declaration that he wanted to draw a clear line with him.

It was only then that Xu Xinghe discovered that his new husband had already had a lover.

Now, everything seems to be happening all over again.

Xu Xinghe couldn’t help but suspect that Marshal Ling was hiding someone in a golden house.
But he was so good at hiding it, which is why it wasn’t been picked up by the media, right?

Perhaps it was because he had already set his expectations to the lowest level, but Xu Xinghe didn’t feel anything in his heart.

He carried a travel bag on his back and hugged his beloved cat, like a tourist going on a short trip, and set foot on the road to the Marshal’s mansion as usual.

Marshal Ling’s mansion is located in a residential area for senior officers in the east of Nebula City.
It is a large single-family villa with its own courtyard.

There are no full-time nanny servants in the mansion, only a team of orderlies who are responsible for taking care of Marshal Ling’s daily life and guards who are responsible for protecting the safety of the Marshal.
Most of them are betas, neat in manners and well-trained.

Xu Xinghe went through two security checks and walked across the wide and tidy lawn before finally stepping into the gate of the mansion.

Marshal Ling was not in the mansion, but He Han, the steward, received him.

“Hello, I’m He Han, the steward of the mansion.
Please allow me to welcome you on behalf of the Marshal’s mansion.”

“If you have any needs in the future, you can tell me at any time, and we will try our best to meet your requirements within reason…”

The steward was very young, courteous and well-mannered.

His tone was unmistakably respectful, but when he spoke, his eyes did not stop on Xu Xinghe, which made this speech seem a bit businesslike and perfunctory.

Xu Xinghe didn’t mind this perfunctory behavior.

Because he has consciously placed himself in the position of a “one-year passerby”.

In his opinion, this year, everyone has their own plans.
It is the best ending if they can get together and leave at that time; there is no need for too much involvement.

So he comforted Xiaoqi, who was a little uneasy in his arms because she was in a new environment, and listened to He Han finish his long speech.
Then he raised his head and smiled.
“Can you take me to my room? I’m a little tired and want to rest early.”

He Han was taken aback.

The “marshal’s wife” who just arrived wants to rest without asking when the marshal will come back?

He was silent for a while, raised his hand and made a gesture of invitation.
“Please come with me, I will send someone to bring your luggage later…”

Before he finished speaking, he suddenly stopped.

Only then did He Han realize that Xu Xinghe only carried one bag.

As the “new owner” of the Marshal’s mansion, he had too little luggage.
It didn’t look like he was going to move in for a long time.

Why? Does he think the Marshal’s mansion will prepare everything for him?

Or… is he not planning to stay here for a long time at all?

The young steward forced himself to halt these thoughts that went beyond his formal duties.
Turning around, he led the way to Xu Xinghe’s new room.



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1re: jealous2he’s seeking forgiveness from XXH for LCF not being there

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