g at me?”

“Team leader, your video call is over?” Ryan asked cautiously.

Xu Xinghe touched his nose: “It’s over.
What about it? We have to climb the snow-capped mountains tomorrow, everyone should go back to sleep early.
We can play cards when we come back tomorrow…”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ryan suddenly reacted, trembling as he shook his head like a rattle.
“No more, no more! No more tomorrow!”

The people around also echoed: “It’s so late, we won’t disturb Team Leader Xu, we will withdraw immediately!”

They fled faster than rabbits.

In the blink of an eye, only Xu Xinghe was left.

Xu Xinghe: “?”

Weren’t you guys the ones who said we’ll fight until dawn tonight?

That night, the news about Marshal Ling’s video call quickly spread in various small groups inside the Ark, and many versions were reported.

The first version was relatively normal –

“I heard that Marshal Ling came to the video to check tonight??”

“Yes! The six of them said it themselves, they were playing cards at the time, and Marshal Ling made a video call.
It shocked everyone.”

“Their relationship is so good… It’s only been a long time since they separated, and have to video call.”

“I guess they miss each other.
After all, people haven’t been married for a long time, and it’s still the affectionate honeymoon period.”

Later, the various stories evolved –

“I heard that when they were talking on the video, a passing colleague walked by.
Now that colleague is very worried that he will be silenced by Marshal Ling…”

“Wait a minute, what are they chatting across the screen?”

“Maybe it’s because the tone is greasy? Or the topic of conversation is more unrestrained?”

“Maybe it’s just blowing a kiss on the screen, which is often the case when my husband and I make video calls.”

“But I can’t imagine what Marshal Ling looks like when he does this kind of action… He looks so serious on TV.”

“It’s said that the more serious one is in public, the more unrestrained they are in private!”

“How come I heard that Marshal Ling went directly to Nanga because he couldn’t help missing the leader Xu?!”

“What? It’s not so… If a big man like Marshal Ling visits a city, how can he be so silent?”

“I heard that Team Leader Xu is sick again and has a bad appetite.
This made Marshal Ling feel bad, so he had a cold face and directly contracted the five-star hotel in Linjiang to cook for Team Leader Xu.”

“Ah? The version I heard is like this…”

Finally, after going around, word of mouth continued, and the topic that had remained unchanged for thousands of years reemerged –

“Have you heard? Leader Xu is pregnant!!”

“No way!! Is it true this time??”

“I personally heard that because of the pregnancy, Team Leader Xu has already given up drinking completely!”

“But he still goes out to play while pregnant?”

“It is said that he was just diagnosed with pregnancy, and has taken the special plane of the Marshal’s mansion to return to Nebula City overnight.
He won’t be seen until next year…”

Team Leader Xu, who was “pregnant”, was unaware of the gossip rumors from the outside world.

On a snowy night in Nanga, he fell into a blissful, deep sleep.


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