ying and decisive eyes swept towards him, he only felt that someone poured a basin of ice water on his head, and his limbs instantly became cold.

Xu Xinghe followed Ling Changfeng’s gaze, and finally remembered that there were two poor fellows behind him.

So he put his hands behind his back and made a gesture to the two of them, indicating that they should hurry back inside, and not stay in Marshal Ling’s line of sight.

However, the two unlucky bastards were already frightened by Marshal Ling’s eyes, and didn’t see his gesture.

Xu Xinghe was helpless, so he turned his head and waved at them while mouthing, “You guys hurry back inside.”

The two of them finally came back to their senses as if they had just woken up from a dream, and slipped away.

However, the direction they headed wasn’t right.
Xu Xinghe originally meant to let them go back to their respective rooms.
As a result, the souls of these two people had not completely returned to their bodies, and because they were still partially still hidden behind the door, they retreated into Xu Xinghe’s room, and closed the door lightly.

Xu Xinghe: “…”

Ling Changfeng watched the small moves under his own eyes, but didn’t say anything.
After the two heads retracted into the room, he asked Xu Xinghe lightly: “You’re still continuing to play?”

Xu Xinghe immediately shook his head: “No more… They’re probably frightened by you and can’t play anymore.”

In fact, seeing that these two were colleagues of Xu Xinghe, Marshal Ling had already weakened his gaze.
It’s just that his eyes are really not polite to those who pulling his partner to play cards in the middle of the night.

But then again, with his identity and qualifications, he wouldn’t vent his dissatisfaction with a group of young citizens.

He just looked at Xu Xinghe and said: “You are not a soldier, you don’t need to be on call 24 hours a day, so I don’t need your phone to be kept open at all times.
But there is still a difference between not answering and directly hanging up.
Next time, you shouldn’t…”

Ling Changfeng was halfway through speaking, and suddenly realized that he was in a bad mood.
His tone was indifferent, as if he had returned back to when they first got along.

Qin Yuan reminded him a long time ago that he should not speak in this way when dealing with his little spouse.

Marshal Ling’s voice paused, and he felt a little regretful.

So after a short pause, he made up and said, “If you hang up directly, I’ll be worried and I’ll think something happened to you.”

He didn’t tell Xu Xinghe that when he hung up the first video call, one minute later, the security department, the security bureau, and the intelligence department all began to operate.
If the safety of the marshal’s wife could not be confirmed in the shortest time, Qin Yuan would even directly call the person in charge of the local military region and ask the other party to bring people for a search and rescue.

“I see.” Xu Xinghe nodded obediently, and some not-so-distant memories suddenly appeared in his mind.

He vaguely remembered that one time, Miles seemed to have hung up on Mu Qingyun’s call out of anger and disappeared.
As a result, Mu Qingyun almost turned the world upside down looking for him, and even called him during his search.

In Xu Xinghe’s mind flashed a nondescript analogy that came from nowhere – if he suddenly disappeared, would Ling Changfeng also frantically search for him?




The duo returned into the room, still in shock.
Like two marionettes, they walked into the bedroom silently with both eyes open.

Seeing this, the other five people in the house quickly gathered around.

“Hey, you guys are back? Where did you just go?”

“Where’s Team Leader Xiao Xu? Why didn’t you come back together?”

“What’s the matter? Why don’t you talk?”

“Not playing cards yet?”

“Don’t play.
It’s over!” Ryan was the first to come back to his senses.
After hearing the word “playing cards”, he couldn’t help shuddering.
“Do you know… who made the call to Team Leader Xu just now?”

Everyone looked at each other in dismay.
“Who is it? It’s not really Boss Liang, right?”

“No…” The other knowing person swallowed and said slowly, “It’s a person many times scarier than Boss Liang, a big man.”

“Who? It can’t be Director Wang, right? I heard that the secretary of the director’s office called Mr.
Liang directly when Team Leader Xu asked for sick leave before!”


“Feel free to guess.”

Everyone looked at each other, exchanging glances.
After saying all of this, anyone who understands will naturally understand.

“Could it be… Marshal Ling?”

After a moment of silence, someone finally asked directly what everyone was thinking.

Ryan nodded with a heavy expression, with a look of more sorrow than death: “Marshal Ling came to check, and the team leader was caught.
And Lucas and I, we ran into Marshal Ling as soon as we went out…”

“Wow, then you two are considered to have seen the Marshal now.
This wave of blood is worth it!”2as in they lost HP when they were caught by LCF

“This wave of blood is worth it my ass! If you have the ability, go out and see! If you see Marshal Ling’s eyes, you’ll have a nightmare tonight!”

“Then what do we do now? Let’s run away?”

“Wait a minute! They should still be video calling in the corridor now… If we hear something we shouldn’t, we’ll be silenced!”


XXH gains a bit of awareness!

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1Sounds like they’re playing sheng ji.
Its quite popular these days.2as in they lost HP when they were caught by LCF

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