As a modern metropolis glowing with metallic colors, the division of the four seasons in Nebula City is not particularly obvious.

However, in the golden autumn season, one can smell the faint fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus when strolling through the park.

In this large-scale group building trip of the Ark Science and Technology Department, a total of 27 people from the third and sixth groups participated.
Except for two colleagues who were unable to come, all others assembled in the hall of Nebula East Station, and then set off for Nanga in a mighty manner.

Everyone laughed, talked, and boarded the light-speed suspension train, just like a group of elementary school students going for a field trip.

Liang was also very generous this time.
He directly reserved a carriage for them, so everyone had no scruples after getting on the train.
Eating snacks, playing cards and games, and binging dramas.

This made Conrad’s, the leader of the third group, head swell.
“Is everyone a kid? Sit down! Look at you all!”

“Team leader, we’re playing bridge and still lack a player.
Do you want in?” The team members waved at him and then pointed at Xu Xinghe next to him, “Team leader Xiao Xu is welcome too!”

Conrad: “…”

Although Xu Xinghe was also one of the group leaders in the tour group, he is still the youngest among them.
At this moment, his heart’s desire to play was also excited.
He patted the seat next to him: “Come, play!”

Conrad was defeated, and finally sighed helplessly, and sat down amid the roar of the crowd: “Who am I on a team with?”

After flying in the air for an hour and a half, the broadcasted movie reached the climax, and the train had already arrived at Nanga City on the other side of the planet.

The train stopped slowly, and someone exclaimed, “Look! It’s snowing outside!”

Team Leader Conrad instructed while holding the suitcase, “Everyone put on your down jackets and get off the bus.
It’s minus five degrees1-5 Celcius ~ 23F outside.”

In September, winter had long since arrived the northern Nanga City.

The hatch opened, and cold wind blew in.

The world was wrapped in silvery white as far as the eyes could see.
White snow covered the square below, and silver mountains loomed in the distance.

Snowflakes fell one after another, Xu Xinghe reached out and caught one, watching it melt in the palm of his hand.

Looking up again, he saw all kinds of ice sculptures and colorful lanterns all around the square, lifelike and beautiful.

Such a delightful view is always a joy.

What’s more, it is difficult to see such a scene of heavy snow in Nebula City.
Xu Xinghe raised his hand and couldn’t help taking a few pictures of the snowy scene.

Then, while breathing heat into his hands, he sent the photo to the F4 group.

Xu Xinghe: “(photo.jpg)”

Cheryl: “Yo, Brother Xu has gone to Nanga? How about it, the snow scene is beautiful, right?”

Xu Xinghe: “It’s beautiful, but it’s a little cold”

Cheryl : “Put more on, don’t catch a cold”

Xu Xinghe: “…Why do you speak like someone?”

Lin Qi: “Huh? Who is that person?”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

Vincent: “You don’t know who ‘someone’ is? Give you a chance to quit the group by yourself @Lin Qi”

Lin Qi: “Of course I guessed it! Can’t you see I asked this on purpose?”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

Cheryl: “I can’t see that Marshal Ling has such a thoughtful and meticulous side, you know I told you to wear more clothes.”

Vincent: “Sure enough, older people know how to care for people.”

Xu Xinghe: “???”

Lin Qi: “So why send this photo to us? Send it to your husband”

Vincent : “Why didn’t you post it? Maybe even post a selfie.”

Lin Qi: “Brother Xu, I want to see your selfie too!”

Cheryl: “Are you someone’s husband? If not, just think about it.

Xu Xinghe: “? Do you want to experience the feeling of being blocked by me collectively?”

Xu Xinghe: “Leaving now, see you later.”

After he finished speaking, he turned off the chat software and mumbled vaguely.

“Team leader!” At this moment, Ajia’s voice rang in his ears.
“What do you want to drink? There is a milk tea shop there.
I’ll go buy a cup of hot milk tea, and bring you one too!”

Hearing this, Xu Xinghe put down his smartphone, raised his head and smiled softly: “I’ll treat you guys, you go and ask them what they want to drink.”

“Thank you, team leader!” Ajia didn’t refuse.
Dressed in fluffy pink, she was like a pink bunny happily running away in the snow.

Different from the prosperous scene of high-rise buildings in Nebula City and the overlapping tracks above the sky, Nanga City, a tourist city that has only emerged in recent years, has maintained a relatively intact natural ecological environment.

The fog and willows on the riverside and the snowy mountains are famous local natural wonders.

Everyone held hot milk tea, chatted, laughed, and got in the car the hotel sent to pick them up, and drove off to the booked five-star hotel.

At noon in winter, with sunlight beaming down, the rays bounced off the snow, dazzling viewers.

Everyone looked out the window.
There were not many pedestrians on the road.
Some children ran across the long street with colorful balloons, disturbing the white pigeons leisurely strolling along the road.

On both sides of the street, there are a dazzling array of shops and crystal clear ice sculptures.
A variety of colors adorn the vast world, adding a bit of romance to the otherwise monotonous snow-white expanse.

The hotel they booked is relatively close to the commercial street in the city center and is one of the top five-star hotels in the area.

As one of the leaders of the trip, Xu Xinghe, together with Team Leader Conrad, managed the check-in procedures for everyone.

In the reception hall, Conrad asked: “Is there anyone else who wants to share a room? All those who have greeted me in advance have been arranged, and those who have not said hello will be randomly assigned by the front desk.
Got it?”

As soon as everyone heard this, they began to talk about it again.

“I don’t care, anyway, I can drop by at night.”

“Xinxin, let’s get a room for the two of us!”

“Who plays “Dark Alliance”? We can team up!”

Xu Xinghe turned sideways and asked Conrad in a low voice, “Is mine a single room?”

Conrad team leader heard this, his face was a bit weird: “Of course.

Xu Xinghe nodded and looked back: “Thank you.”

Conrad looked at him, hesitating to speak, and finally said: “Actually, you don’t need to say say, and you will definitely be allocated a single room.

Xu Xinghe blinked: “Really? But I used to go out in a double room with friends.”

After all, travel and accommodation costs a lot, and a double room is much cheaper.

Conrad was silent for a while, then said, “You were never married.”

Xu Xinghe was slightly taken aback: “Even if you are married, it’s okay to live with someone of the same gender, right?”

Conrad: “Yes, but not necessary.”

After that, he gave Xu Xinghe a deep look, as if to say, how can the madam of the dignified Alliance marshal share a room with other men?

Xu Xinghe: “…”

After everyone checked in and put their suitcases in their rooms, it was almost one o’clock in the afternoon.

Everyone was hungry, so they settled lunch in the banquet hall of the hotel.

After lunch, everyone unanimously decided to go back to their rooms to take a nap, rest, and then go to the riverside scenery together in the afternoon.

Xu Xinghe slept late last night, and he tossed around for another morning today, so he was quite tired.

He went back to the house and changed his clothes, then lay down on the bed and decided to take a nap.

But as soon as he closed his eyes, the smartphone on his wrist rang.

It is the exclusive notification sound for new incoming mail.

Xu Xinghe’s ears moved, opened his eyes, and clicked on the mailbox.

Ling Changfeng: [Arrived in Nanga?]

Xu Xinghe: [Well, I just finished lunch.
I’m in the hotel, I plan to rest for a while, and then go out to play in the afternoon]

After posting this sentence, Xu Xinghe’s fingertips paused on the screen.

He remembered that he had promised Ling Changfeng to send him some pictures of the snow scene in Nanga before he left.
But after those jokes from Lin Qi and the others in the morning, he suddenly felt less inclined.

However, this tangle only lasted for less than two seconds.
In the end, Xu Xinghe convinced himself: “No matter what they said, people have to do what they promised others.”

So he clicked “Add picture” in the email, and sent Ling Changfeng three pictures he took earlier.
[The scenery here is beautiful, let me show you]

There was no reply from the other end for a while.

Xu Xinghe lay down again, thinking that Ling Changfeng might be busy at this point, so he should take a nap.

Unexpectedly, before closing his eyes this time, Marshal Ling suddenly replied: [Is it convenient to answer the phone now?]

Xu Xinghe: [?]

Ling Changfeng: [Video]

Xu Xinghe: […]

Shouldn’t video calls be at night?? Nebula City and Nanga City are separated by a time zone.
It should be daytime now.
Why do we need a video call now?

After about ten seconds, a video call request suddenly rang in the quiet room, indicating that the owner of the ringtone would do what he said.

Xu Xinghe: “…”

In his impression, Ling Changfeng rarely made video calls.
All previous contact was in the form of text.

Therefore, he felt a little discomfited when faced with the sudden video call.
After  being stunned for a few seconds, he hurriedly got out of bed and walked to a well-lit place by the window, and clicked to answer.

The next moment, Marshal Ling’s holographic projection appeared on the small screen.

The mismatched pupils scanned the room layout behind Xu Xinghe and asked, “Are you alone?”

“Yeah, a big bedroom.” Xu Xinghe turned the camera to show him the layout of the room.

Ling Changfeng nodded in satisfaction, and the small emotions that had been haunting him all morning finally dissipated.

Xu Xinghe also glanced at the room behind Ling Changfeng: “Are you in the office?”

“The lounge.”

“Aren’t you busy with work today?”

Ling Changfeng was at a loss for words when he was asked, and he calmly flicked the corner of his clothes, then raised his head and replied, “Just checking how you are.”

“Uh? Didn’t you send me off five hours ago…” Xu Xinghe looked puzzled.
“Nothing will happen in five hours.”

Ling Changfeng corrected him lightly: “Five and a half hours.”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

Ling Changfeng looked up at the time, and then quickly ended the topic: “I’m going to a meeting, you should go rest for a while.
See you in the evening.”

“Ah?” Xu Xinghe was taken aback for a moment.
Before he could say anything, the video went black after a beep.

Xu Xinghe: “…”

This video call started off guard and ended unexpectedly.

So why did Ling Changfeng call??

Moreover, he just wanted to say that he doesn’t need to make two phone calls a day.

But on second thought, he hasn’t seen the cat today, so it’s better to talk at night.


Big cat misses his ‘owner’.


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1-5 Celcius ~ 23F

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