Xiaoqi was adopted by Xu Xinghe in his junior year.

In the past two years, she’s accompanied him rushing to complete his thesis, multiple New Years, witnessed his graduation, him starting work, and marriage.
They’ve spent countless lonely nights together.

As a beautiful and sticky ragdoll cat, Xiaoqi easily captured her owner’s heart and became an important “family member” in Xu Xinghe’s eyes.

So when Ling Changfeng said that the cat would miss him, Xu Xinghe was really soft-hearted and reluctant to part.

He looked down at Xiaoqi, who was shaking her big furry tail and rubbing against his feet, as if unaware of the fact that her master was about to leave.
She raised her head and said “meow” obediently.

Xu Xinghe squatted down, and seriously considered Ling Changfeng’s proposal while smoothing out Xiaoqi’s hair.
“Okay, then I will try to have a video with Xiaoqi every night before going to bed.
But what should I do? Set up a room camera?”

He raised his hand and glanced at the time, and said tangled: “But it’s too late, I have to go out again tomorrow morning…”

Ling Changfeng interrupted him lightly: “No, you can video call me.”

Xu Xinghe was stunned and raised his head: “Ah?”

Marshal Ling explained calmly: “Xiaoqi and Aaron run around the house everyday.
It’s useless to install a camera in one room.
Why don’t I take it to video call you when I feed the cat every night.”

Xu Xinghe blinked: “Will this be too troublesome for you?”

Ling Changfeng said decisively: “No trouble.”

“Okay… then thank you.” Xu Xinghe nodded.
Since the other party didn’t mind, he had no reason to refuse.

“But, haven’t you been very busy recently?” Xu Xinghe suddenly remembered something else.
“What if you are still working in the military when I call at night?”

Ling Changfeng frowned slightly, this is true.
“If I’m doing important work, I won’t pick up.”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

He knew that Ling Changfeng said this in order to comply with confidentiality measures.
When conducting certain conversations, he can’t answer incoming calls.

But he thought about it for a while, since Ling Changfeng is already so busy, it didn’t seem very kind for him to take care of the cat, so he should ask He Han instead.

Xu Xinghe: “Why don’t we forget it…”

Ling Changfeng: “Why don’t I call you…”

The two voices sounded at the same time.

Xu Xinghe: “?”

Ling Changfeng paused, and completed the second half of his sentence as usual, “When I’m free at night.”

Xu Xinghe was silent for a moment, then tentatively opened his mouth: “Otherwise, if this is the case, leave it to He Han? You can just concentrate on your work.”

Ling Changfeng pursed his lips and said expressionlessly: “No, once He Han gets close to Xiaoqi, he will be scratched by Aaron.”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

He asked curiously, “Is Aaron really bad-tempered? Why do I think he’s okay.”

Everyone said that Aaron was not very good-tempered, but he had never seen Aaron’s claws.
In his eyes, Aaron is a very polite, good, and well-mannered cat.

Several times he even saw Xiaoqi stick her head into the other cat’s food bowl to eat its food, but he did not see Aaron’s instinctive response to protect his food.

This made him feel that Aaron had a good temper.

“That’s because its you.” Ling Changfeng said slowly.
“You can talk to Qin Yuan about Aaron’s usual temperament.
He once brought his Alaskan dog to visit–” He stretched out his hand and gestured, “This big of a dog was scratched, and has refused to come visit since then.”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

He said with a strange expression: “So, it seems that Aaron is giving me face?”

Ling Changfeng gave a light “um” and said with a double meaning: “After all, love the house and pets.”

Xu Xinghe decided not to embarrass He Han after hearing this.
“Then I’ll leave you to take care of Xiaoqi.” He was still a little embarrassed, so he added, “It’s hard work, wait for me to come back and invite you to eat—”

As soon as he opened his mouth, he suddenly thought that Ling Changfeng was not interested in eating, so he changed his sentence, “Invite you for dinner, watch a movie, or anything else is okay.”

At the words, Ling Changfeng’s mismatched pupils slowly swept Xu Xinghe back and forth a few times, before he nodded lightly.
“It’s no trouble.”

Then replied: “Wait when you come back.”

The last tone of his words rose slightly, mixed with a trace of inexplicable expectation, as if the trip had not yet begun, and he was already looking forward to the tourist’s return.

Heart settled, Xu Xinghe returned to packing his luggage.

Ling Changfeng watched from the side, and suddenly asked him: “When you go out, pay attention to safety.
Qin Yuan has already called the local security department and asked them to be more vigilant…”

“Uh? No need!” Hearing the words, Xu Xinghe hurriedly raised his head and waved his hand.
“I’m just hanging out with my colleagues for a few days, it’s not a big deal.
I used to travel a lot when I was in school.
I know what to do, so I don’t need some special care, otherwise… “

“Don’t worry, no one will follow you.” Seeing that he had misunderstood, Ling Changfeng interrupted him in a low voice to explain.
“He just greeted them.
It won’t affect your travel, you should do whatever you do.”

“Oh, that’s fine.” Only then did Xu Xinghe feel relieved.
Internally he was thinking if Ling Changfeng really sent someone to protect him, how could he have fun?

Ling Changfeng saw his expression in his eyes and asked, “Do you like going out to play?”

Xu Xinghe kept packing his luggage and replied casually, “I can’t say I love it, but I do like going out.
Yes, didn’t I often go out to play with my classmates and friends before?”

Ling Changfeng pursed his thin lips.
“But sometimes when I ask you out, you say it’s rare to have a vacation, and you want to lie at home.”

Xu Xinghe: “… “Well, that’s what he used to say.

“Well, it doesn’t seem to be contradictory that I love playing and being lazy?” Xu Xinghe thought for a while.
“I want to go home and lie down after playing too much, and I want to go out to play after lying down for a long time.
It’s been a long time since I’ve left Nebula City, and I’ve never been to Nanga, so I want to take a look.
It is said that the snow scene there is very beautiful, and I will take a few pictures for you to see.”

When he mentioned things he was interested in, his eyes were always bright.

Ling Changfeng was trapped by such eyes, and his mood seemed to improve.

So he thought: “Forget it, it’s only four and a half days, not to mention they will video call every night, it’s no big deal.”

Just thinking about this, he saw Xu Xinghe put toiletries casually in a small bag, and then put it away.
He muttered: “I don’t know if the hotel is a single room.
If it is a double room, washing may be inconvenient.”

Ling Changfeng: “…”

“Double room?” Marshal Ling repeated the words, and his voice dropped unconsciously.
“They will arrange a double room for you?”

Xu Xinghe was still concentrating on packing, completely unaware of the key point, and replied without looking up.
“Not necessarily, I haven’t asked yet.”

After Ling Changfeng heard his reply, he stood there and looked at him without saying a word.

After being watched for such a long time, Xu Xinghe finally raised his head, feeling something was off.
“What’s the matter?”

Marshal Ling replied with a blank face: “It’s not very convenient to video call in a double room.”

Xu Xinghe blinked: “True…then I’ll talk to them and ask for a single room.”

After that, he resumed packing, as if such a small issue was not worth mentioning at all.

Although he got his promise, Marshal Ling didn’t get any happier because of it.

Still staring at Xu Xinghe thoughtfully.

Xu Xinghe also felt the low air pressure around him, and raised his head again.
“What’s the matter?”

Ling Changfeng looked away.

It’s nothing.
Although his little spouse was not sad at being separated for five days, although he felt that it didn’t matter to sleep in a double room with others, and although he tried to hand over the work of making video calls every night to He Han, each of these things alone might be trivial.

It’s just that these little things piled up together, causing Marshal Ling to be slightly unhappy.

Xu Xinghe always felt that Ling Changfeng was weird tonight.

He can sense the other party’s emotions to a certain extent, but he doesn’t know where this emotion comes from.

He thought about it for a while, and asked cautiously: “Have you been under a lot of work pressure recently?”

Ling Changfeng: “…”

He was about to deny it, but he suddenly thought of something, and indifferently asked: “When you are under a lot of pressure at work, how do you usually deal with it?”

Hearing this, Xu Xinghe strengthened his guess even more, so he stopped packing.
Standing up, he picked up Xiaoqi, sat on the sofa, and very kindly began to share his decompression experience.
“When I am stressed, usually, I’ll go to eat something delicious by myself, or hide at home and play with my cat, read books and watch movies… Why are you standing there? Come and sit.”

After that, he moved to the edge of the sofa to make room..

Ling Changfeng’s eyes swept over the empty seat lightly, his eyes flashed, and he sat down.

After sitting down, he sighed softly, not too loudly, just enough for Xu Xinghe to hear.

On the treacherous and ever-changing battlefield, calmly analyzing the battle situation and then adopting the appropriate and best combat plan is the basic quality that a commander must possess.

Therefore, Ling Changfeng has gradually realized that under his little spouse’s seemingly hard and prickly hedgehog shell, the inside is actually a mess of softness.

Kind, honest, and compassionate.

Vulnerable to soft grinding, but not force.

Ling Changfeng sat down beside him like a pine tree, and asked Xu Xinghe, “Aren’t you bored when you destress by yourself?”

Xu Xinghe shook his head.
“It’s not boring.
When I’m happy, I like more people around.
When I’m unhappy, I just want to be alone.
It’s best that no one comes to bother me… By the way, when I’m stressed, I may go back to the playground of Capital University to run, run lap after lap, until I’m tired.
You can also try this exercise destress method.
Let yourself sweat a little, and you will relax a lot after going out.”

Ling Changfeng watched Xu Xinghe earnestly sharing his experience and trying to enlighten him.
He wanted to smile at his cuteness.

Although his young spouse came from a rough background, he grew up in the greenhouse of Capital Star.

So he didn’t know that when a person is really surrounded by huge pressure, he has no time to go running.

However, Marshal Ling still accepted his proposal seriously.

Then he took the opportunity to revisit an old issue.
“Didn’t you say before that you want to get up early to exercise with me?”

Xu Xinghe: “…”

He wanted to say it’s cold outside and to talk about it in the spring of next year.

But when he turned his head and saw Ling Changfeng’s long eyelashes hanging slightly, he seemed to hear a light sigh in his ear.

He suddenly felt that Ling Changfeng’s work pressure is very high.
It’s not easy for him to help take care of his cat.

So as soon as the words came out, it became: “Wait for me to come back, we will exercise together after I return.”

Ling Changfeng raised his eyes: “Really?”

Xu Xinghe gritted his teeth: “Really!”

Marshal Ling made a soft “en” sound.

He feels better again.

While the two of them were talking, Xiaoqi had already jumped out of the owner’s arms, and jumped into the suitcase for the nth time.

Xu Xinghe also remembered that he had not finished packing, so he got up and continued.

He looked at Xiaoqi helplessly and lovingly, and took her out without hesitation.
“Xiaoqi, I’ll pack my stuff first, and I’ll play with you when I pack it up.”

When he said this, his voice was soft and gentle.
His movements picking up Xiaoqi were also very gentle.

Ling Changfeng stood there, looking at Xu Xinghe’s smiling face, and suddenly asked, “Why do you like Xiaoqi so much?”

He originally wanted to ask why he was so gentle to Xiaoqi, but he thought it was a bit strange to ask.

Because he changed his question, it turned out quite strange.

“Huh?” Xu Xinghe, who was playing with the cat, was slightly startled.
He raised his head and looked at Ling Changfeng strangely.
“Don’t you like Aaron?”

Ling Changfeng: “…I like him too.”

Xu Xinghe tilted his head and said, “Of course I like the cat I raised, not to mention that Xiaoqi has been with me for a long time.”

“En.” Ling Changfeng pondered for a while, “So, you actually like the… cat that has accompanied you for a longer time, right?”

Xu Xinghe was puzzled by his question, so he blinked dryly: “You can say this.”

Ling Changfeng nodded: “I see.”

Xu Xinghe: “?”

What does he mean??

“When you come back, we can start discussing the two-week vacation.” Ling Changfeng reminded casually.

Xu Xinghe was stunned for a while.
Thinking of the two-week “honeymoon”, his heart moved inexplicably.
He was busy and lowered his head to continue packing, and then whispered, “Yeah.”

That night, the two chatted intermittently like this until after midnight, before saying goodnight to each other.

Xu Xinghe also slept late because of this, but this did not affect him going out in good spirits early the next morning.

Before going out, Ling Changfeng instructed him: “Be careful on the road, pay attention to safety, and contact me in time if you encounter an accident.”

“I know, you said this several times last night.” Xu Xinghe pushed the huge suitcase and waved at him with a smile.
“I’m leaving, bye.”

Ling Changfeng’s eyes swept across his dimpled left cheek, and paused slightly.

He knew that the travel time was set, but he still said: “Come back early, your cat is waiting for you at home.”

Xu Xinghe: “En, I will video call you.” After a pause, he changed his words, “I’ll pick up your video call.”

With a faint smile in his eyes, Ling Changfeng said quietly while sending him out: “It doesn’t matter.
You can video call me whenever you want.
As long as I can pick up, I’ll definitely pick up.”


LCF: “your cat is waiting for you at home” Aka me!

XXH: Oh, he means Xiaoqi.
“Okay, I’ll call.”



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